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Session Report – Butcher’s Bill – Session 3

[This session happened March 13th, 2017.  The Other GM was running.]

[Apologies for this write-up being late.  A major project at work is nearing its release and our department is short-handed for reasons, so we’re slammed with work.  Plus, it’s allergy season here and my sinuses are trying to either explode or melt off my face, so bleh.  I’m writing this session and the next, concluding session on the same day for a dual release this week to make up for the miss last week.  Look for Session 4 on Thursday.]

Void – female night elf physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant

Baelthor – male human mage with a loud mouth, preaching the anti-corporate word

Monday, June 15, 2076
[Same day, right after last session left off.]
Void rode the motorcycle through the tunnel, which curved down and then to a more southerly direction.  After riding for 10-15 minutes [my notes don't indicate how long exactly, it might have been as long as 30 minutes], she came up to an underground checkpoint.  Judicious use of her martial arts and stealth took out the three metahumans on guard duty.  They had no ID on them nor any identifying logos or emblems on their clothing, but they were better equipped than a gang like the Disassemblers could normally manage.  Suspicious.  Searching the checkpoint, she found a selection of passports in a secured drawer [secured for normal people] and took them.

There was another motorcycle parked at the checkpoint and it showed signs of very recent use.  The main tunnel continued south, but on the other side of the checkpoint was a short pedestrian tunnel.  Void checked the camera displays to verify her bike was hidden and that the way ahead was clear.  She left the guards tied up in the back room of the check point and followed the short tunnel.  At the end was a built-in ladder, up to a hatch.  [Side Note: If I was the GM running this, I would have put an AR display of the outside here as a secure way to verify it was safe to open the hatch.  There might have been one, but Void has no AR display and so would not have seen one if one existed.]

Void climbed up the ladder and cracked open the hatch to see where she was.  She appeared to be behind a small building in a concealed alcove outside.  Not seeing anyone at all, she climbed out to get a better idea of where she was.  Quickly getting her bearings, she realized she was in the secure area on Council Island!  This strongly suggested Dawg was a NAN agent of some sort, not just a member of the Disassemblers.  [Dun-dun-DUUUUN!]


While Void had her underground adventure, Prometheus was driven [remotely] by Sin over to the Double-Tap Saloon, where Ganger #2 [later identified as Twareg, so I’m going to call him Twareg from this point for ease of reference] had gone to ground.  Inside the bar, Prometheus found Twareg and a friend sitting at a back table, drinking and somewhat celebrating.  Prometheus verified Twareg’s identity by showing the ganger a still of Twareg from the Teahouse attack and asking, “Is this you?”

Twareg busted a big grin and confirmed it was, asking Prometheus if he was a fan.  Prometheus replied he was not, but he knew a lady who was and would like to meet Twareg, would he come with?  Twareg and his friend got excited and both agreed to come with Prometheus.  Prometheus attempted to clarify the invitation was for Twareg only, but the friend insisted he was the one who “took out the guys outside.”  Prometheus paused, then apologized for attempting to exclude the friend and invited him along as well.  [Prometheus was fairly certain that Svetlana would want the person who actually killed her people to be included in “the message”, so he yielded the point.  If the fool wanted to get killed with his friend, who was Prometheus to deny him his desire?]  Both gangers wanted to finish their drinks before leaving as it was “the good stuff.”  Prometheus shrugged and sat at their table while they finished their drinks before all three left the bar and got into the car.

Once they arrived at the warehouse [the safe house used in Under the Mountain], Prometheus pulled his Ares Alpha out of the trunk and walked Twareg and his friend inside.  Twareg thought he had finally made the bigtime and was excited - Prometheus did not correct him.  Waiting inside the warehouse was The Fin and Baelthor.  Twareg recognized them from the attack and finally realized he was in danger.  Twareg drew his Ares Crusader pistol, only to have Prometheus shoot it out of his hand.  The friend raised his hands to surrender and Twareg joined him.

The Fin sat them in chairs and started questioning them about the attack on the Teahouse.  [This is when Twareg’s name was learned.]  As it turned out, they were not part of the Disassemblers gang, but wannabes.  Dawg had hired them with the promise of money and membership in the gang.

At this point, Sin showed up in person with one of his drones carrying the other “Disassembler”, unconscious.  After applying some smelling salts to wake him, the third man admitted he was a mercenary hired by Dawg for the job.  All three still had the credsticks Dawg paid them with and offered them as proof.  The Fin took the credsticks and checked the balances.  [My notes don’t indicate how much they had been paid, but it wasn’t a lot, maybe 3,000¥.]  She then commented on how little they had been paid for staging an attack on the Vory.  All three were clearly shocked to learn who their targets had been.

End of Session

[Sin captured the mercenary during this session, but I don’t have notes on the details.  The apartments he went to were where the mercenary lived.  I seem to recall Sin sent in Susan with a load of Stick-n-Shock and a load of APDS.  The Stick-n-Shock turned out to be all that was necessary.]

[There was also a discussion on where to take the gangers once we had them.  We decided that the safe house from the previous run would probably still be empty, so that’s what we used.  It is possible Twareg and the other two were ziptied to the chairs they were sitting in, but I don’t quite remember and my notes don’t say.  I need to start recording those details or do the write up sooner than a year after the game session.]

Session 1
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Session 4 [Not written yet]

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