Friday, May 5, 2017

Edits and a New Post Tonight

I finally took the time to edit Part 1 of Ludovic's Hell (and one or two other blog posts) and I'm finishing the write up of Part 2.  I hope to post it tonight, but it is Date Night with Mrs. Bugbears-for-Breakfast tonight, so I might not finish and get it posted until tomorrow.  The only thing I have scheduled tomorrow is attending Free Comic Book Day, so it will definitely get done tomorrow and posted if it does not happen tonight.  If I'm very lucky, I will be able to get Part 3 written tomorrow and scheduled for posting Thursday next week.

Tangentially, due to changes in my weekly non-work schedule, my posts will start appearing on Thursday as Wednesday night is now my primary writing night.

Future mission summaries will be for: "Monkey Burger 3", "Under the Mountain", "Butcher's Bill", and the current adventure: "Code Name: Parrot T-Rex" (a.k.a., "Flaming Wiener Dogs!".

EDIT: It will definitely be tomorrow before I post.  Work actually required "work" today and I could not slack on my own projects.

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