Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Posting Delay due to End of Year Busy-ness

A combination of work getting really busy for me and several major social events recently means it won't be until Thursday morning before I get a posting up for this week.

On top of that, the Shadowrun Co-GM is a retail store manager in the computer games industry, so he's been swamped at HIS work the last two weeks and missed the last two game sessions.  As a result, Session 2 of Sam's Run hasn't actually happened yet.

So, that means this week's post will be Chapter 3 of the Pulp HERO Parks and Wrecks adventure, titled: Three Titans.  I'm not certain what next week's will be.  We did a research session this past weekend (one of my social events) and gathered a lot of information, which allowed us to determine which way we are going next, but the GM won't be ready to run again until June or July.  This is a combo of needing to do the setting research for the high level of verisimilitude she provides plus being a high school teacher.  Either way, I'm not certain that I can spin an entertaining story covering everything we did when a research montage would cover it better.  We'll see.


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