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Shadowrun Session Report – The Third Run – Session 08

[This session happened on March 2, 2015.  It included the first real combat of the campaign.]

Player Characters

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

NPC’d Characters

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Thursday, November 29, 2075, 10:05AM

The team exited the back door of the meeting building.  The Fin, invisible thanks to Murdoc, took the actual package to the nearby docks where the Electronaut minisub waited for her.  The rest of the team (Killroy, Void, and Murdoc), openly carrying the decoy package, moved back to the Gopher minivan, where Prometheus was waiting for them.

In a last minute bit of paranoia, Prometheus drove the Gopher around the Crowley Services building and down the road that cut across the alley where the meeting was supposed to happen, stopping at the back door the rest of the team had just exited.  The person hiding behind the dumpster was still there and apparently not moving.  Prometheus asked Killroy to step out of the Gopher and check to see who was actually behind the dumpster.  As Killroy stepped out of the minivan, a sniper on top of the Crowley Services building shot at him!

Sin immediately had one of the Fly-Spies go high and spotted the first sniper and a second one moving up on the building the dumpster was against.  A quick, quiet gunfight broke out, both sides using silenced weapons.  Prometheus borrowed a Neuro Stun IX grenade from Killroy and lobbed it at the feet of the sniper directly above the team, knocking that sniper out.  Void used the roof of the Gopher as a launch platform to jump up onto the second-floor roof of the Crowley Services, ending the sniper there with a thrown knife.

Killroy stepped around the dumpster and discovered that the person “hiding” there was actually dead and our Green Mohawk contact!  A quick search determined he had been shot and his pockets were empty.  While Killroy was searching our dead contact, Void stripped the sniper on the Crowley Services building of his weapons and personal electronics.

Prometheus suddenly remembered that while talking with Mr. Jumbotron, Mr. Jumbotron had thought he was talking to Mr. Green Mohawk, but Prometheus could see (through the video link) that Mr. Jumbotron had actually been talking to the troll.  A switch had taken place!  Prometheus quickly contacted Mr. Jumbotron and sent an image of the dead guy, asking if this was the actual contact.  Mr. Jumbotron, very puzzled, said it was.  Prometheus hung up on him before he could ask any more questions.

Prometheus had Bookie check the cameras of the building where the meeting had just happened.  Bookie reported that a very live Green Mohawk, the troll, the orc, and a human in a business suit were about to leave through the front door.  Sin moved his Fly-Spy that way and spotted them just exiting the building.  Prometheus ordered an attack on them and then ran back down the alley at full speed, Killroy hotly on his heels.  Void opted to stay at roof level and leapt across the alley, moving to flank them from above.

Prometheus and Killroy cleared the corner and immediately fired on the enemy team.  Prometheus fired a long burst from his SCK Model 100 at the human in the business suit, dropping him.  Killroy fired on full auto into the troll with his assault rifle, scoring multiple hits, but failing to drop the troll.  That could be bad news.  Meanwhile, Murdoc got back into the Gopher and started driving it forward to try and flank the enemy team.  [“Try” because he does not know how to drive.  At all.]

Prometheus switched targets to the troll, his boosted reflexes giving him time to pause to aim before firing again [spent a combat pass not shooting to clear the recoil penalties].  As the remaining bad guys fired ineffectually at Prometheus and Killroy [bad rolls on the GM’s part], Prometheus fired another long burst into the troll as Void hit the troll with a thrown knife.  The troll fell dead.  Killroy switched targets to the orc, not bothering to aim [or clear the recoil penalties], and unleashed another full auto attack.  The orc dropped to the ground, very dead.

This left the faux Green Mohawk, who dropped his weapon and immediately surrendered.  Void leapt down from the roof and started clearing weapons and electronics (including IDs) from the dead guys.  Killroy tied up the faux Green Mohawk [now called Faux-hawk] and Prometheus, still brandishing his SMG ordered the guy to explain himself.

They were a rival team of runners hired to ambush our contact and plant a tracker on the package, but not stop it.  Faux-hawk was wearing an earring that was a magic focus sustaining a physical mask spell.  Once it was removed, he turned out to be an orc.  Prometheus shot the orc in the face and then ordered the team to get back into the Gopher.  The team was a little surprised at this, but did so.  The gear taken from the enemy team was put under a tarp and Murdoc made the whole bundle invisible.

Meanwhile, back in the Ethernaut, The Fin, hearing what was going on over the commlinks, checked out the package.  She found the tracking device and broke it.  She then continued on to the drop-off point.

Prometheus drove the Gopher back out of the docks area, again following his planned route to avoid any further potential ambushes.  [The GM let me know afterwards that doing so did actually avoid an ambush.]  At the gate the group checked out, claiming they needed to do some remote testing and did the gate guard know of a good girlie bar they could “spend some quality time at on the clock”.  The gate guard made a recommendation and Prometheus thanked him.  As Prometheus’ window was going back up, he could hear the alarm just going out over the guard’s radio.  Prometheus calmly drove to the arranged pick-up point to wait for The Fin to make the drop-off.

The Fin arrived at a set of docks adjacent to the drop-off location and hauled the package up, both still invisible.  She then made the meeting with Mr. Jumbotron, turning over the package [she had Murdoc drop the invisibility spell during this meeting].  She also claimed the team had achieved the “Eliminate the opposition” bonus and would shortly achieve the data run bonus.  She also explained what had happened with Green Mohawk.  Mr. Jumbotron informed her there would be a short delay in payment for verification, but he was generally satisfied with the work.

The Fin then offered to sell Mr. Jumbotron the identities of the opposing team and everything Faux-hawk had told the team.  After a short negotiation on price, she gave him all the data the team had and he paid the team an additional 14,000¥.  The Fin left the drop-off point and met up with the rest of the team at the pick-up point.

About two hours later, the pay arrived in The Fin’s account and she dispersed the funds to the rest of the team.  The team also established a “group fund” to cover incidental expenses for future runs.

End of Session

[So, yeah – combat in Shadowrun 5th Edition is very deadly, especially with heavily-cybered combat specialists like Killroy and Prometheus.  Prometheus was built lean and fast and was averaging three combat passes each combat round, as was Void.  Killroy was averaging two combat passes, but mostly due to poor rolls.]

Session 1

Session 7 (The previous session)

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