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Shadowrun Session Report – The Third Run – Session 07

[This session happened on February 23, 2015.  We scrolled time a couple days, just touching on what the group was doing to prep for the run so we could start the actual run this session.]

Player Characters

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

NPC’d Characters

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Monday, November 25, 2075

Sin continued the check-out and maintenance of the Electronaut to make it ready for use on Thursday.  Prometheus got a Toyota Gopher though his mechanic contact, Wheels.  Wheels required a 3000¥ deposit in case of bullet holes - he knows Prometheus pretty well.

Tuesday, November 26, 2075

Bookie hacked the system of Crowley Services, a business near the planned meet.  He inserted a work order for a service call on Thursday into their schedule, listing the work group as Mike Nelson, Joel Robinson, Tom Servo, and Gypsy Rose-Lee.  He created temporary IDs under those names in their system for Prometheus, Murdoc, Killroy, and Void, respectively.  After that he changed the icon for the truck to one for a Crowley Services service vehicle.

Sin put the Electronaut in a lake to verify there were no water leaks and that the rigger controls worked correctly.  It checked out perfectly.  The Fin spent the day practicing her Scuba skills and verifying all her gear worked correctly.

Wednesday, November 27, 2075

After lunch, Prometheus collected all of the video recordings from the squat apartment and then watched them on fast forward to get a feel for the workings of the docks.  He plotted on a map where ambushes would be very effective and then mapped a route in and out to avoid those locations.

The Fin continued her Scuba practice.

Thursday, November 28, 2075, 9:00AM

The team loaded up into the Gopher.  Bookie suppressed or changed the icons for the teams’ gear to appropriate (or at least non-threatening) icons.  The Fin was in a full-body, insulated dive suit, carrying an emergency air tank and flippers.  Her regular air tank was secured inside the Electronaut.  The rest of the team were wearing jumpsuits with Crowley Services patches on them, concealing their normal gear.

Murdoc cast invisibility on The Fin and tasked a bound spirit to maintain it.  The Fin was also carrying a collapsible duplicate of the package, based on images provided by Mr. Jumbotron.  Sin was elsewhere, putting the Electronaut into the bay, but he left two Fly-Spies with the team.  Bookie was with Sin in Sin’s nondescript panel van.

The entry team (everyone but Sin and Bookie) arrived at the Harbor Island security gate in the Gopher with Prometheus driving.  Prometheus handed over the printed work order and the four visible members of the team showed their (fake) ID badges.  The security guard saw that they were on the schedule as an expected group and waved them through.  Prometheus drove through the port facilities slowly, so as to arrive at the meeting spot 10 minutes early.  He kept to his planned rout to avoid ambush points.

The team arrived at the meeting point, an alley between two buildings, one of which was the Crowley Services building.  Prometheus parked perpendicular to the alley so he and Killroy (in the passenger seat) could see down the alley.  Also at this time, Sin moved the Electronaut into position at the foot of the docks, right by the nearest ladder.  [This put the Electronaut about 40 m from the meeting spot.]

The contact has not shown and there might be a person hiding behind a dumpster down the alley and across the backstreet where the alley resumes between a different two buildings.  [It was confusing for us, too, until we had the GM sketch out a map.]  Prometheus called Mr. Jumbotron, reporting the contact was no-show.  Mr. Jumbotron stated there had been an issue and the meeting was now inside the building to the right, plus the contact had friends with him.  Prometheus negotiated a 5000¥ bump in pay for the last minute change of venue and then directed the team into the building.

The back door was adjacent to the alley, but not in the alley.  Prometheus stayed with the Gopher while the rest of the team exited the vehicle, walked down to the far end of the alley, and then around the corner to the right, to enter the building.  Prometheus kept one of Sin’s Fly-Spies and the other went with Void.

Inside the building, the backdoor opened on a multi-vehicle garage.  No one was visible, but there were some bloody rags on the floor.  Prometheus, being fed the video from the Fly-Spy on Void’s shoulder, called Mr. Jumbotron again, stating the contact was not visible and needed to step out or the job was done.  Mr. Jumbotron put Prometheus on hold for a minute and then the contact (a human), plus an orc and a troll, stepped out, weapons ready.  The contact was obviously wounded.  Mr. Jumbotron came back on the line and asked if Prometheus needed anything else.  Prometheus said they needed to point their weapons somewhere that wasn’t at his team.  Prometheus saw the troll take the order over a commlink from Mr. Jumbotron and then the contact’s team lowered their weapons.  Prometheus told Mr Jumbotron that contact was made and hung up.

While still tense, the meeting happened.  The troll retrieved the package from a storage room and Murdoc healed Mr. Green Mohawk (the contact), which bought some trust.  Once the team had the package, Killroy told the contact and his people to go back into the rooms they had come out of and close the doors.  With minor grumbling, they did so.  Bookie then killed the cameras in the building so Killroy could give the package to the invisible Fin and she could hand over the collapsible decoy version.  Killroy unfolded the decoy to its full size.

In the meantime, Prometheus was keeping an eye on things outside and felt too stretched, so he set the Fly-Spy with him to face the alley and had Sin feed the video to his him directly.  Prometheus then got out his SCK Model 100 SMG and readied it, one hand on the Gopher’s window controls.  Paranoia was starting to ride high again.

Inside, the team prepared to leave the building: The Fin to make for the edge of the docks and the ladder down to the Electronaut with the actual package, while the rest of the group would carry the decoy.

End of Session

EDIT: Corrected the dates.
Session 1

Session 6 (The previous session)

Session 8 (The next session)

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