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Shadowrun Session Report – The Third Run – Session 06

[This session happened on February 16, 2015.  We are now on target and in focus as a group and got the job done, despite a major left curve thrown at us.]

Player Characters

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

NPC’d Characters

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Saturday, November 23, 2075, 4:00PM

Sin contacted Kaylee to arrange for a truck with a trailer hitch for the job.  She came through again, providing a loaner vehicle for the job,  The team had it from 9:00PM until 4:00AM and then it must be back.

Now, the plan was to paint the truck a solid shade of green, so Bookie could edit it out of the front video camera feed like a reverse green-screen effect.  The side cameras could be looped, but there was traffic on the road going by Cap’n Freddies and an inopportune vehicle would tip off how and when we did the job.  Murdoc was to use physical mask to turn the Electronaut and its trailer the same color so they would not appear on the camera on the way out.  Cap’n Freddies closed for the day at 5:00PM and the team planned on doing the heist at Midnight, so they had time to get the truck painted.

At 11:00PM, Prometheus took position in a tree on an adjacent empty lot so he could provide overwatch and a warning if something started to go wrong.  The Go/No-Go point for the job was set at 11:50PM and Prometheus settled in for what should have been a quiet wait.

At 11:30PM, the lights went on inside the offices for Cap’n Freddies, despite no one approaching from outside and the building being empty.  Prometheus alerted the rest of the team.  There were no video cameras inside the offices for Bookie to hack into, so they had no eyes inside, but the job was still tentatively on.

At 11:50, the lights were still on and Prometheus was thinking it might be a timer switch.  After a short radio conversation with the team, they decided to wait another five minutes to see what happens.

At 11:51PM, Prometheus heard the sounds of an argument in the office [his Bose cyberears are tweaked for this sort of thing].  The argument got loud and then a guy came running out the front door.  Freddie then stepped out of the door and shot the guy down in the parking lot.  Bookie could see Freddie’s arm doing the shooting, but not his face on the front camera.  Freddie then went back into the offices and closed the door.  WTF?

Prometheus immediately called off the job.  Something else was going on here and they did not want to get caught in the middle of something they don’t understand.  The team completely agreed – plus they could try again in a day or two.  Sin returned the truck to Kaylee early for cleaning.

Prometheus then used his burner commlink to call Knight Errant and report a shooting.  The operator was somewhat blasé about it until Prometheus forwarded a copy of the video from his Nikon cybereyes.  The operator became much more serious and asked Prometheus to stay on the line.  Within a few minutes, two police cruisers arrived and four officers got out of the cars.  Prometheus had an excellent view of the whole thing and was broadcasting it back to the team.  Two officers checked the body and two others knocked on the door.  All four officers had weapons drawn.

There was some yelling through the door from both sides and then one of the officers pulled a stun grenade.  They then stormed the offices, leading with the stun grenade.  There were a few shots inside and then two officers came out, announcing on the radio an unconscious suspect, a dead victim, and requesting more back-up.

Prometheus then started hearing words like “ladder down” and “tunnel”.  When four more Knight Errant officers and an ambulance arrived, Prometheus could hear some of the officers searching the inside of the offices a bit, but not all of them.  In the meantime, the ambulance guys pulled an unconscious and shot Freddie from the offices and put him in the ambulance.  After 10 more minutes, all eight officers exited the offices and called for a full SWAT team and enough officers and support for a full raid on a posh house at the far end of a tunnel that started here and followed the shore of the small lake about a mile.

This was when Prometheus decided to leave the area before he was spotted carrying a hunting rifle.  He ditched the burner commlink down the first sewer drain he came across.

Sunday, November 24, 2075, 7:00AM

The morning local news was all about a successful Knight Errant raid on a posh house in a nice neighborhood, completely breaking up an extortion, racketeering, and blackmail operation.  The criminals apprehended were all part of the Ghost Shadow Syndicate, a part of the Triads in Seattle.  It was the only thing on the local channels all morning long.

The team talked about what to do.  The Electronaut was now inside a crime scene and would be stuck there for quite a while.  Sin volunteered that he was friendly enough with a desk sergeant to get small favors, but nothing like getting the Electronaut released.  The Fin said, “Just make the introductions.  I’ll take it from there.”

The two of them went to talk with Desk Sergeant Frank Sipowitz.  After some discussion [and the exchange of 900¥ and a good bottle of Scotch], The Fin came out with papers showing that the Electronaut was hers, was not part of the investigation, and could legally be removed from the scene.  She, Sin, and Killroy went over to Cap’n Freddies with a pickup.  The site was somewhat quiet as all the glory was over at the other end of the tunnel.  The Fin presented the papers to the two officers on duty and then had Sin and Killroy load up the minisub while she chatted with the officers.

Once the minisub was loaded, the three of them drove away with it.  They took it to Sin’s garage, where he started checking it out and prepping it for the run on Thursday.

End of Session

[So this was not what was planned or expected by the players.  The GM had set up the timing on the argument at Freddies before hearing our plan and then just let things play out.  I think all the players felt this was way better than what we had planned, but I will admit that at one point I thought I had messed up calling in Knight Errant.]

[I'm not going to list links to every Session as this run took nine sessions to complete.  Once they are all posted, I'll go back and add the link for the next session forward to all the posts.]

EDIT: Corrected the dates.

Session 1

Session 5 (The previous session)

Session 7 (The next session)

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