Monday, July 25, 2011

Greyhawk: Wars! The Rules Re-written

I'm planning on using the Greyhawk: Wars! rules for a home campaign as a way of dealing with a continent-wide war in a way that several years of warfare can be handled over a long afternoon.  I tracked down my copy of the rules and, after not reading them for nearly 20 years, I realized they are pretty poorly written.  So, being an editor by profession, I took their rules and started editing them.

Half way through, I realized they were too far gone for that, so I started over.  I re-wrote the rules, jettisoning their text and replacing it with my own.  I also moved stuff around so it was easier to learn how to play the game from the rules.  I completed that and have decided to post it here for folks to see and comment on.

There are some hooks in it for expanding the number of sides.  GH:W is essentially a two player wargame writ large for two factions: good and evil.  I need the opportunity to run 3-5 different factions, so I've switched "alignment" for "faction" or bracketed in "faction", but it is still playable with the original components.

If you are interested, please take a look and leave me some feedback in the comments of this post on how I might improve the text or if I missed anything.  I'll have a new version up by the end of August, earlier if I get feedback.

The link to the file is HERE and I'll put one in the side panel on the main blog page.

Thank you for your time and interest.


  1. Nice - that's already clarified a few things for us, thanks! Did you ever get the 'August' version done?

  2. Hey the rules looked pretty clear. I think I noticed one 'of' when it felt like it should be an 'or' but other than that great.