Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New SR Log Posted Later Today

My wife and I are getting back into painting miniatures after a five or six year hiatus.  Last night we went through our paints, adding distilled water to ones that dried out to see if we could save them.  Most reconstituted, but a handful were inert and will need to be replaced.

As a result of this activity, I did not get any writing done last night.  I have my notes with me and will get the next Southern Reaches adventure log written up during my lunch break and posted early this afternoon.

Tonight is The Aldelle Group, so there will likely be no post tomorrow, but Thursday should have a post and most likely Friday as well.

Tangentially, Xin's player has moved out of town due to (a lack of) work reasons and may be Skype-ing in along with Sal's player and Alys's player (the inestimable Erin Palette).  This will give me three online players and four players at the table, assuming all the local players are able to make the game.  At this rate, I may need to look into virtual tabletop software.  Three of my "local" players actually have to drive 45-60 minutes to get to the game and the same to get home.  As a result, two of the players (Tycho's and Agnes's players) have not made the game for several weeks.  If we went to a virtual table top, preferably one compatible with Hero Lab, they could make the game more often without the long drive and we could start the game earlier, even allowing time for the getting of dinner.  Something to give some thought to.

That's it for now.  Later!

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