Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Aldelle Group – Session 23 – Sleeping Wednesday

This session happened Tuesday, April 19, 2011.  This campaign used the Dyson’s Delve dungeon pages on A Character for Every Game as a starting point, but has now moved on to new material from the DM-in-training.  I heartily recommend Dyson's Delve as a beginning adventure.

Adventuring Group:
Harkaitz of the Red Soul (male human cleric of Ra)
Wednesday (female elf rogue)
Sahar (female human fighter)
Tre-ba Bel a sheer (female elf alchemist)
Luna (female elf sorcerer)
Frankie Hu, Master of the Distracting Fist (male dwarf monk)

Evening, April 12, Year of the Earth Rabbit
Praise Ra, for leading us out of danger.

While I was updating my journal and the others were going through the belongings of the drow guards (mostly empty), Luna finally arrived.  After briefly bringing Luna up-to-date, we moved to investigate the doors the first group of drow were guarding.  (At this point I learned Aziz had already opened one of the doors and been hit by a javelin trap.  Hopefully he has learned now to appreciate the skills Wednesday possesses, even if he may not approve of their use sometimes.)

Wednesday checked the three doors and disabled another javelin trap on the third door.  While Sahar, Aziz, and I stood guard against a drow counter-attack, the others investigated the room Aziz had opened and the one Wednesday had cleared.  They were both dorms for the drow guards, each room containing beds for five individuals.  Unfortunately, the middle door, which Wednesday had declared safe, was also trapped with a poisoned javelin, which she fell afoul of.  The poison was a soporific and she seemed to be vulnerable to it, falling into a deep sleep from which she could not be awoken.  The room beyond was another dorm.

With Wednesday unconscious, this left us in a difficult position.  We knew there would be more traps and we would need her skills, but the barkskin elixirs we were under still had nearly an hour to go before lapsing and it would take two days for Tre-ba to make more.  Rather than give up the initiative in this incursion, we decided to press on.

The tunnels split and split again in every direction.  Pausing to listen, we heard furtive movement down two of the tunnels.  We dispatched Frankie to go stealthily investigate and report back.  When he returned, he reported a single drow sniper with a bow down a side passage that seemed to link up with another passage near us (he could see the light from my sunrod).  Sending Aziz, Sahar, and Frankie down the first tunnel, I and Tre-ba and Luna prepared to advance down the second once the fighting started to flank our opponent.

This did not work out exactly as planned.  There were more drow (there are always more drow) and Aziz was immediately flanked by their skirmishers.  But, due to some luck and a fireball from Luna, we were able to flank the drow party and defeat them.  Aziz was heavily wounded and I used the wand of cure serious wounds on him twice to return him to health (I having used most of my Ra-given spells in the earlier encounter).

Exploring further, we started linking up the various tunnels on our map and found the drow crypts.  Suspecting them of being heavily trapped, we decided to return to our camp and wait for Wednesday to return to consciousness.  Short John is now preparing a dinner for us.  Wednesday awoke a short while ago and is mostly over the poison.  Frankie wanted to test out the elixir of thorn body Tre-ba gave him at the beginning of the day and is "experimenting" with it by attacking trees.  He's stopped and I hear yelling.

Mid-night, April 12, Year of the Earth Rabbit
Praise Ra, for keeping us safe in the night.

Frankie's "experiments" seemed to have attracted the attention of a drow patrol.  They attacked him and we responded in kind.  We had to kill them all to keep them from reporting our camp's position, but one of them, a mage, escaped while invisible.  We tracked him and gave chase, but he was not heading to the barrow, like we thought, but to a drow encampment on the other side of the clearing.  We nearly caught him anyway, but were moments too late as he achieved the protection of their camp.

As a result, we have spent the last several hours rapidly moving our camp and hiding our trail.  We are exhausted and yet unable to sleep for fear of the drow.  After I am done writing this I will recite prayers to Ra to calm my mind and find some sleep before the dawn.  All praise to Ra.

*End of Session*

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