Monday, April 11, 2011

Adventure Log Schedule and Level Titles

Now that The Aldelle Group is mostly caught up (still need to type up last weeks notes), I'm catching up with the Southern Reaches game. In the future I will be making a stronger effort to keep both campaign logs up-to-date while still posting material for the Hero Traveller game. Not certain how it will play out, but there will be at least two posts per week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday. Additional material will post when I have something ready.

There has been some discussion on level names recently (I can't remember exactly where - if I do or you remind me I'll provide a link). My junior high school group never used them when playing AD&D, so I have no memories attached to them. Thinking on it, I've decided I like the use of something similar as a way of describing character levels in-game without getting all clumbsy about it. When I do the reboot of the Southern Reaches, one of the things I want to incorporate is a nomenclature for character levels certified by institutions ingame.

Sal wants to establish a university with a magical college, which would be good for covering arcane power levels. Su Bel wants to establish a temple, which would cover the divine. If Thorngrim's player has Kainen establish a training school for his signature whip and shield fighting style, then I would have something for martial characters (something like martial art belts). Fifty to seventy years later, each of these could become fixtures in the campaign background, providing certifications or at least a common set of terminology for each group, so when new players and/or characters join the game, they have a way to indicate what they are capable of without breaking character.

This is something I'll need to file away for now and bring out later when it is time to advance the Southern Reaches as a region.


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