Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family in Town

I've had family in town, so my posting schedule is a bit off this week - you may have noticed.  Today I'm doing some prep work for the two games I'm running this week (Southern Reaches on Friday and Naze Valley Rangers on Saturday), so I might not get a chance to write a proper post this week.

In the meantime, work continues on creating a PDF of the two Traveller Hero books.  The copies I'm borrowing were in pristine condition and we are being extra careful to avoid creasing the spine.  We should have Book 1 copied and scanned through some OCR software this week and Book 2 by early next week.

Finally, last Saturday was Go-Go-Godzilla Day! at my place.  We watched seven Godzilla movies back to back and had a blast.  I'll be writing a post about it later, including a listing of which movies we watched.  It was such fun that I've decided to run another movie day in July: The Day of Sevens.  I don't have all the movies picked yet, but I know the first four: The Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven, Battle Beyond the Stars, and A Bug's Life.  The astute among you may notice what these movies have in common.  If I can find three more to match the theme, I'll have a perfect Day of Sevens.  If not, I'll add Yojimbo, Fist Full of Dollars, and Last Man Standing.  Again, you may see a theme...

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