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Shadowrun Session Report – The Pickup – Session 03

[This session happened on December 29, 2014.  Murdock’s player missed the session but told us to put his character to use as necessary.  We had his character sheet, so that worked.]

Player Characters
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

NPC’d Characters
Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm

Thursday, November 14, 2075
Prometheus spent this day in the Redmond Barrens practicing with his brand new grapple gun.  He located two points representative of the shot he was going to make in order to practice.  After a day of doing so, he felt confident he would be able to make the shot the next morning.

Sin contacted Kaylee, a mechanic he works with, to see if she could find him a vehicle for the run.  She asked for the specifics and when he needed it and then told him she’d get back with him.  While waiting, Sin spent the morning doing a few time trials to get a feel for the traffic he would be driving through to make the delivery.  He was confident that there would be enough time to make the delivery time with time to spare.  He also scouted out a few places to park the getaway vehicle that would not draw attention.

Kaylee called Sin back and said she could not get a vehicle for purchase in time.  She then asked how long he’ll need the vehicle.  Sin told her he just needed it for a couple of hours.  She indicated she might be able to work with that and needed to make a few more calls.

At Noon, Kaylee called with good news and bad news.  Sin asked for the bad news first and Kaylee said the vehicle is Cherry Red and covered in easily identifiable marketing images.  The good news is that she can get it spray-painted matte black in time and she can guarantee it won’t be reported stolen any earlier than 1:00 PM on Friday.  She also recommended avoiding pulling up next to any police vehicles as the paint might not be completely dry yet.  Sin said he could accept that and they made arrangements for the vehicle to be available for him to jump into at 7:00 AM on Friday.  Sin contacted The Fin and let her know the vehicle was arranged.

Friday, November 15, 2075
4:30 AM
Void, Murdock, and Killroy arrived at the back door to the cathedral across the street from the high school a little early, but did not find Prometheus there.  They were wearing the agreed-on jumpsuits with their equipment in backpacks.  They waited a bit and at exactly 4:30, Prometheus opened the door from the inside, pushing a wheeled trash barrel.  He was dressed as custodial staff, wearing a similar jumpsuit to the others and had an ID badge that opened the door.  Prometheus emptied the trash from the barrel into the dumpster and then had the others follow him back into the cathedral.  Inside, he left the barrel by the door and led the others to a set of stairs that went all the way up to the top of one of the bell towers.  Meanwhile, Bookie hacked into the school’s computer system and quietly placed enough marks to control it.  He then jacked out to avoid gaining too much attention.

5:00 AM
Prometheus fired the grapple gun, anchoring the stealth line onto the roof of the high school across the street.  Void, Murdock, and Killroy ziplined down to the roof of the school.  There they applied the catalyst stick to the line, starting it dissolving.  They then set up a tarp as a low tent adjacent to the roof access hatch.  Murdock magically disguised the tarp as part of the roof and the three of them crawled underneath it to wait.  Bookie was online and kept them off camera.  Prometheus, after verifying the stealth line had completely dissolved, left the cathedral and moved to a different vantage point on the opposite side of the high school.

6:00 AM
O’Dea High School faculty started arriving for work.

6:45 AM
O’Dea High School students started arriving for classes.

7:00 AM
Kaylee contacted Sin and gave him the access codes and identification for the painted GMC Bulldog.  Sin jacked in and then jumped into the painted Bulldog.  After a quick systems check, he drove it to a waiting point he had selected the previous day.  Once the painted Bulldog was in position, he jumped over to his Fly-Spy drones and moved them into positions around the school for additional surveillance.  Sin’s body (along with Bookie’s) was in Sin’s personal Bulldog near the drop-off point, with The Fin keeping them safe and watching the monitors.

8:45 AM
Sin moved the painted Bulldog from the waiting point to a location one block away from the school.  The vehicle was more exposed here, but for the relatively short time it would be here, he felt it should be OK.

8:50 AM
Bookie jacked back in and entered the school’s computer system.

8:55 AM
Murdock made Void, Killroy, and himself invisible.  Void and Killroy dis-assembled the tarp-tent and packed it away, allowing Murdock to drop that spell.  Maintaining the three invisibility spells would be effort enough for this run.  At the same time, Bookie started a tape loop for the security camera covering the access hatch.  Shortly after the loop was in place someone else removed it!  Bookie spotted another person also running on silent mode.  Bookie unlocked the access hatch maglock and then went after the other decker.  Void, Murdock, and Killroy knew something was happening as they heard the maglock unlock early, but received no confirmation that the library was clear.  Bookie tussled with the other decker, hacked that person’s deck, and shut down the deck, forcing dump shock on that person.  He then checked the library cameras and gave Void, Murdock, and Killroy the all clear.

9:00 AM
Killroy opened the roof access hatch on schedule and a bell immediately rang!  Oh – it was the class bell, not an alarm.  [Just the GM being evil here – nearly gave the players heart attacks.]  Void, Murdock, and Killroy quietly entered the hatch and climbed down the access ladder.  They were now in the 4th floor library of the school.  The only other person in the library was the librarian [no, not The Librarian], so they slowly made their way over to the elevator.  They could hear the noise of students moving between classes in the stairwells

9:01 AM
After moving the empty elevator to the 4th floor and setting it to wait there for Void, Murdock, and Killroy, Bookie decided to check his Overwatch Score.  It was 31!  He rebooted his deck to clear it.

9:03 AM
Bookie got back online just as Void, Murdock, and Killroy were ready for the elevator.  Bookie opened it for them and sent it down to the third floor.  While this happened Bookie was suddenly tagged in the Matrix – the other decker had returned!  After a tense sub hunt for each other, Bookie gained control of the other decker’s deck and shut down the other deck again.  Dump-shock Mark 2!

9:04 AM
While Bookie was busy in the matrix, the (very slow) elevator finally arrived on the 3rd floor.  Two students were waiting to get in, trapping Void, Murdock, and Killroy in the elevator.  Killroy thought quickly, slid to the side, and tripped the first kid to enter the elevator.  The kid’s friend immediately broke into laughter.  While the two students argued, Void, Murdock, and Killroy slipped out of the elevator.

9:05 AM
The runners arrived at the door to Room 305 just as the teacher was pulling it closed.  Void and Killroy, operating on the same impulse, both rolled a Neuro-Stun IX grenade into the room.  Due to the noise of the students inside, no one noticed the quiet sounds of the grenades dispersing the Neuro-Stun.  Void pulled the door closed and held it closed for one minute and 15 seconds.  During this time, Void, Murdock, and Killroy heard the sounds of the students succumbing to the gas and slumping to the floor asleep.

9:06 AM
Void, Murdock, and Killroy entered Room 305.  They found that the gas had indeed dispersed and they were able to quickly find their target and bag him.  At the same time, Sin put the painted Bulldog into motion, heading to the rendezvous point at the back door.

9:08 AM
Three things happen: Sin put the painted Bulldog into position at the back door of the high school, right next to the elevator lobby; Void, Murdock, and Killroy finished bagging the target into the extraction bag and were ready to leave; and the school’s computer system suddenly went off line, dumping Bookie.

9:09 AM
School alarm system went off, signally intruders in the school.  Void, Murdock, and Killroy were in the elevator, luckily just exiting at the ground floor.

9:10 AM
Void, Murdock, and Killroy loaded the target into the back of the waiting painted Bulldog and then piled in themselves.  Killroy heard the distinctive whine of a rapidly approaching AV and told the others.  Murdock dropped the three invisibility spells and used physical mask to make the GMC Bulldog look like a SMART car.  Sin drove away along the backside of the school, which blocked line-of-sight with the AV long enough for the team to escape the area.  Prometheus observed the AV land and a HRT team exit.  They were wearing Gentry Astronetics patches on their shoulders.  Prometheus decided to leave before they spotted him.

9:30 AM
The team arrived at in Joseph Foster Memorial Park for the drop off.  Sin backed the painted Bulldog next to the waiting Swift Wind Deliveries truck in the parking lot and the exchange was made.  Killroy heard a woman’s voice inside the truck asking what was wrong with her son, but then the door to that truck was closed and it drove off.  Sin drove the team to his Bulldog, where they transferred vehicles.  Sin then drove the painted Bulldog to the agreed upon abandonment location and left it there.

10:00 AM
Payment for the job was deposited into Void’s account.  She dispersed 9000¥ to each member of the team.

End of Session

The Pickup - Session 1
The Pickup - Session 2

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Shadowrun Session Report – The Pickup – Session 02

[This session happened on December 22, 2014.  Two of the players missed the session due to work (they work retail and it was the week before Christmas, so they were crazy busy) but we decided to play anyways as it was a planning session for the run and the missing players were not heavily involved in the planning.

Bookie’s player and I continued learning how the matrix part of the rules worked.  As we played, we discovered what areas we still needed to learn better and read up on.  I winged a few areas and decided I needed to diagram out how things work as the rules are not very search friendly on the spur of the moment.  It is clear that they were written to conserve space, which can cause issues when looking for a particular sentence or phrase in a dense paragraph.]

Player Characters
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser

Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm

NPC’d Player Characters

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

[Still] Wednesday, November 13, 2075 – 4:00 pm in Ebey’s Bar in Exile
Deciding that more information was needed before planning the run, several things were done at the same time.  Bookie started a net search for information on the target (Perry Fuller) and the target’s parents.  Sin sent some Fly-Spies to the high school to get closer looks at parts of the school’s security, particularly the windows and skylights, at Void’s request.

Bookie learned that the target’s parents both work for Gentry Astronetics, a leading research firm in orbital sciences, but his parents divorced several years ago.  Perry’s father died four days ago in an accident and now Perry was living with his mother.  Insider business-news sources speculated that Zenith AstroTech (ZAT), a Gentry Astronetics competitor, might be planning a hostile takeover of, or be employee poaching from, Gentry Astronetics.  This news calmed some of the team's nerves about all the corporate bodyguards with the parents visiting the school and seemed to explain what the run was about – The Fin decided that Perry was being grabbed to put pressure on his mother to leave Gentry and go to ZAT.

Sin’s Fly-Spies allowed Void to get close views of the school’s windows and skylights, allowing her to evaluate the school’s physical security.  The skylights were bullet-proof materials and both the skylights and the roof-access hatch had R4 maglocks.  The classroom windows (including those on Room 305) were also bullet-proof, but had manual locks instead of maglocks.

Feeling they had enough data, Void and The Fin started planning the actual run.  After discussing all the possible ways to enter and exit the school, they decided a roof entry was best.  With the low level of security on the roof, they decided a team could use a zipline to get to the roof from a neighboring building.  Asking Prometheus what he had seen while investigating sniper positions in the area, Prometheus presented three different access points and what issues each came with.  Taking that data into account, Void and The Fin selected the bell tower from the adjacent cathedral as the best option.  They thought to ask Prometheus if he could use a grapple gun and Prometheus said he could.

[Actually, he couldn't as he didn't have the necessary skill, so he lied about it, thinking, “How hard could it be?”  Once Killroy secured a grapple gun through a contact, Prometheus took the next day (Thursday) to find a location in the Redmond Barrens with similar relative altitudes and practiced with the grapple gun until he had basic proficiency (spent the necessary Karma and time to purchase the skill).]

Void and The Fin next discussed various ways to get to, grab, and move the target.  They decided that a Neuro-Stun grenade to knockout the classroom would be the simplest way to make grabbing the target easy.  That said, they needed to know if there were cameras in the classroom, so they sent Bookie back into the school’s computer system.

Getting back in was easy for Bookie and it took very little time to locate the files he was looking for.  He grabbed the school security system file, the student medical records file, and the faculty personnel files.  Unfortunately, he failed to disable the data bomb on the security system file and it went off.  Working through the feedback, Bookie was just able to squelch the alarm triggered by the data bomb.  Deciding to cover his tracks as best he could, Bookie triggered a system reboot of the school’s computer system.  Doing so set off another alarm, but Bookie caught that alarm signal as well and the whole event ended up looking like an unscheduled, but normal, system reboot.  [Bookie spent an Edge on the roll to squelch each alarm, but felt they were points well spent.]

With the layout of the school’s entire security system now available, Void studied the schematics and noticed something unusual: there were hidden layers in the file.  Triggering them to display, she found there were hidden cameras in all of the classrooms, each centered over the teacher’s desk.

With this new data, Void identified all of the cameras that Bookie would need to loop to keep the intrusion team off camera.  She and The Fin also decided that Murdock would need to go along to make the infiltration group invisible.  Void would need to lead the infiltration team to deal with any security issues that might crop up and Killroy would need to go as he was the only one strong enough to lug around an unconscious body, even with an extraction bag.  [Sort of a body-bag with air holes and various straps for easy carrying.]

The Fin had Killroy track down a grapple gun with stealth line and a catalyst stick through his contacts.  While Killroy was doing that, The Fin placed a call to Svetlana, a fixer contact of hers who specialized in wetwork.  The Fin asked Svetlana for some Nero-Stun IX grenades.  [Neuro-Stun IX disperses one minute after deployment but is very difficult to get, whereas Neuro-Stun VII is fairly easy to get but persists for 10 minutes.]  Both Killroy and The Fin were able to find what they were looking for and arrange delivery by dawn on Thursday.

Once the necessary gear was ordered, the plan was formalized.  The team spent another couple hours going over it and looking for gaps.  Finding none, they went home to get sleep.  Thursday would be for final preparations.

End of Session

[At the end of the session I had the players tell me the plan one last time, from start to finish, and wrote it down as they told me.  This way I knew what they were expecting to do in the next session.  Also, this put us all on the same page so no one would be blind-sided by anything and we would be able to remember what the plan was the following week.  Several of the players also wrote it down so they wouldn’t forget and could tell it correctly to the players who missed this session.  I planned when the complicating incidents would happen when I originally wrote up this run, so now I had the PC plan to match up to my own timeline and I wouldn’t miss any events as I ran.]

The Pickup - Session 01

Monday, December 29, 2014

Shadowrun Session Report – The Pickup – Session 01

This session happened on December 15, 2014.  I’m a bit behind in getting the sessions posted, but we are actively playing.

Player Characters
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser

Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm

Wednesday, November 13, 2075

Void was called shortly after 7:00 am by Shisou Tomodachi, a fixer she’s worked with.  He needed a team on short notice for an extraction job with good pay – could she put together a team and meet with him by Noon?  Void said she should be able to do so and would call him back shortly.

Void immediately called The Fin to see if she would get a group together to do a rush-job extraction.  The Fin agreed to do so, but had a few additional questions, questions Void did not have the answers to.  So, while The Fin called people to see who was available for a rush job, Void called Shisou back to get some more details.  Shisou told Void that the job is on Friday with a tight timetable and good pay – nearly ¥50,000 with a possibility of bonus pay, but that’s all he could say until he met the team and did she have a team?  Void told him she was having one put together even as they spoke, but she needed the additional details to get the right people.  Shisou accepted this and told her to meet him at Marfreles in Renton, no later than Noon.

Meanwhile, The Fin had received positive availability from Bookie, Sin, Killroy, Murdock, and Prometheus (although he will be unavailable on Saturday due to another job).  When Void called back with the meet location, The Fin updated her on who was available for the job.  The Fin then texted the team with the meeting location and time.

[Prometheus is my (the current GM) PC.  We have two GMs for this game and each needs a character for when they are playing and not running (Killroy is the other GM’s character).  This is not something I like doing (running a game with my own character in it) and he is only available as I think they’ll need a sniper.  Prometheus in NPC mode is mostly a sniper and not the sharpest tack in the box.  He will not volunteer any insights and needs to be asked for them if he has any, but he is as competent as his character sheet lets him be when given a task.  I chose this personality on purpose so he would not take the spotlight while I’m running the game, but he is a known factor to the other PCs when the other GM is running.  He was not available for the previous run as there was no real need for a sniper and I just had him say he was on a different job at the time.]

Marfreles is a bar for discrete meetings of various sorts.  The lighting is low and the classical music is just loud enough to make listening to other conversations impossible.  The furniture is comfortable sofas and chairs clustered into groups around coffee tables.  Seating is available upstairs and downstairs with the main bar area open to both levels.  Drinks are classy and the bouncers are discrete and heavily muscled.

Void was one of the last to arrive and found the rest of the team clustered at the bar instead of seated.  She tried to not roll her eyes too obviously as she approached.  She noticed Shisou sitting at a large round table next to the stairs up (with a wall between it and the stairs to foil listening attempts).  Void gathered the group by simply telling The Fin their where her contact was sitting and walking over to the table.

Shisou was working three different commlinks as the group approached, but all three conversations were shut down by the time the PCs sat.  Shisou introduced himself, stated he knew Void, but none of the rest of them and he only did business with people whose names he knew.  The team introduced themselves to Shisou.  The more sharp-eyed runners noticed that Shisou was entering their handles into one of his commlinks and possibly accessing a database.  Once satisfied with whatever the commlink showed him, Shisou laid out the terms of the job:

  • The target is Perry Fuller, a 15-year-old at O’Dea Catholic High School in the First Hill neighborhood of Downtown.  The week has Parent-Teacher meetings in the afternoons, so there is an abbreviated school schedule.
  • The target must be taken Friday, between 9:00 and 9:15 am from his high school.  Taking the target early results in no payment.
  • The target is unaware he is being distracted and must not be injured (although some bruises are acceptable).  If the target is found to be injured at drop-off, payment will be halved.
  • Neither the school nor the target can be tipped off or the job is cancelled with no payment.
  • The target is to be dropped off at the playground in Joseph Foster Memorial Park in the Tukwila neighborhood of Downtown by 9:40 am.  There will be a Swift Wind Deliveries panel truck there for pick-up.  Be discrete to avoid attracting the attention of potential witnesses.

Once the team accepted the job, Shisou provided a picture of the boy for identification.  As this was a rush job, there were no blueprints for the school – the team has to get them on their own.  Shisou suggested they get working immediately, clearly suggesting they should now leave his table.  The team did so.

The team went someplace to start planning.  [I either forgot to ask where or forgot to write it down in my notes.  This is something I need to improve on as a GM.]  The Fin told the team to start gathering data on the high school.  She asked Bookie to hack the school’s computer system to get class schedules and floor plans   Void went and walked the neighborhood while Sin sent out some drones to scout the area from above.  Murdock used a physical mask spell to appear as an Aryan preppie to blend inwith the neighborhood and found a good spot to summon an air spirit to send into the school to scout.  Prometheus was sent to find a good place to observe the comings and goings at the school and find a good sniper spot or spots.  Killroy decided to go shopping for some non-lethal ammunition.  While everyone was gone, The Fin made arrangements for an extraction bag [a bag large enough to hold an unconscious person and having enough straps to be able to easily carry them].

Bookie found the schools firewall a bit more of a challenge than he was expecting, but he was able to get into their system and make it his.  The school schedule was available in the public area.  Floorplans for floors 2-4 were available, but not for the 1st floor.  This confused the team at first as the school only appeared to have three floors.  When Bookie went to grab a file on the school’s security personnel, he set off an unexpected data bomb.  A bit spooked, he dropped out of their system before anyone came looking.  While waiting for things to cool a bit on the school’s computer system, he and The Fin discussed fake ID’s and whether or not Bookie could make one.  The Fin felt she could use one to go look at the school herself.  Bookie decided he could, but not before the job had to be over.

Murdock’s air spirit scouted the high school interior.  The spirit was able to confirm no wards on the school.  It ran into one warded locker in the principal’s office and found cameras in the stairwells.  Up on the third floor, it was able to locate Room 305, the room the target would be in between 9:10 and 9:15 on Friday (according to the class schedule).  In Room 305 was a teacher grading papers who noticed the air spirit.  The spirit fled the building when “the guy started getting pushy” and left the school.  Murdock had the spirit check the elevator area and then released the spirit.

After scouting the area with drones and working out the travel time from the school to the drop-off point, Sin contacted a mechanic he knows, looking for a “loaner” vehicle that would blend in better in the neighborhood than his panel truck would.  In the meantime, the rest of the team returned with photos of the school from multiple angles so they could get a feel for the structure.

The Fin asked Prometheus what kinds of parents were arriving for the parent-teacher conferences.  Prometheus said they looked corporate and many had bodyguards and armored luxury cars.  This was concerning to The Fin and she asked Bookie to look into Perry Fuller and who his parents might be.

End of Session

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shadowrun News Reports - November 7 to November 13

This is a listing of news blurbs that happen between the last run and the next one.  The next run starts November 13 (in-game), so the final news item is a little early, but it will come out during play and I don't want to list it in the actual session report.

Astute readers will notice that AIPE appears in a previous post.

Thursday, November 7, 2075

(Seattle Metroplex) Alvarez Integrated Power Equipment (AIPE) announced today a new line of micronized power cells, the Energin line of products.  Providing twice the power over the same lifespan, the new line will provide greatly expanded possibilities for cybernetics and many types of portable electronics.  Pricing on these new power cells is “commensurate with their expanded capabilities”.  No word on how this will affect manufacturers who use AIPE power cells.

Monday, November 11, 2075

(Seattle Metroplex) Knight Errant announced today several raids on organized crime fronts in the Everett District took place over the Veteran’s Day weekend.  Unnamed sources say the raids were against several known Triad fronts and were triggered by the anonymous delivery of evidence in the form of financial records belonging to the Eighty-Eights criminal organization.

Tuesday, November 12, 2075

(Seattle Metroplex) Alvarez Integrated Power Equipment (AIPE) announced today the pricing schema for the Energin line of micronized power cells.  The pricing is slightly higher than their previous line and rumor has it that they have also eliminated their discount system for cyberware manufacturers.  AIPE stock values increased significantly after the announcement.

Wednesday, November 13, 2075

(Seattle Metroplex) gang violence flared up overnight in the Everett District.  The Knight Errant Gang Taskforce reports that members of a Vietnamese gang known as the 19 Hatchets were targeted by an unknown group and many of the gang members were killed, including their leader, known as Buddy Mak.  Many, including Buddy Mak, were killed at a “party house” the gang maintained at 1905 Hoyt Avenue.  “Someone was surely angry at the 19 Hatchets,” a member of Knight Errant said, speaking anonymously as they were not authorized to comment on the case.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Session Report - Mak Attack 03

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Tuesday, November 5, 2075

The team met at later the same night at Ebey’s Bar in Exile in Everett to plan.  Having thoroughly scouted out the target site (Golden Arms Massage), the best option seems to be a quiet insertion with Void breaking in on her own.  Murdock had spells to make Void invisible and the center of a small zone of silence.  This should get here in and out without being seen or heard.  He would need to be in a place where he could keep an eye on things magically, so it was decided he would be at the What the Pho food cart cater corner from the target.

In order to improve Void’s odds at not being interrupted, The Fin decided that a distraction in the front lobby to pull in the bouncers from the security room would be a good idea.  No on in the current crew would be able to do the job correctly, so she called in a street samurai she knew, Killroy.  She offered him 1000¥ to cause a scene in the lobby for 10-15 minutes.  He eagerly took the opportunity.

[Killroy’s player missed the first two sessions but was here for this one, so we meta-talked out what would be the best way to integrate him and this plan is what came of it.]

To support Killroy and keep better eyes on things, Sin would now place his Fly-Spy drones to observe the security room and the window to the counting room.  The Fin would keep an eye on his body while he was jumped into his drones.  The panel truck would be parked a block west of the target, out of sight but allowing access to the team if they needed to run for it.  Go Time was set at 7:15pm, Thursday.  The team then dispersed to rest and make final preparations for the run.

Thursday, November 7, 2075

Murdock and Void arrived at “Hobo Alley” at 6:30pm.  Murdock ate some psyche, a designer stimulant prized by magicians.  Once it kicked in, he cast an improved invisibility spell on Void, making her unseeable.  He then cast silence on her, setting the radius to 2 m [Force 2].  Murdock then wandered over to What the Pho to get some pho, concentrating on maintaining the two spells.  Void waited in “Hobo Alley” until it was time, observant yet detached due to the psyche.

Sin and The Fin were in position in Sin’s panel truck at 7:00pm and Sin’s Fly-Spys were in place by 7:10pm.  The video output from the drones was displayed on monitors in the panel truck so The Fin could track things and provide updates to the team via Image Links.  [The updates had to be visual, i.e., text, as Void would not be able to hear anything and Killroy did not have an internal commlink.]

On his way over to the target, Killroy picked up some cheap vodka and splashed it on him.  [A shot may also have been imbibed.]  He then took walked over to Golden Arms with a slight stagger in his walk.  He timed things so he arrived just before 7:15pm.

Void left Hobo Alley, made her way across the busy street [gracefully avoiding vehicles that could not see her], and leapt from the sidewalk to atop the fence to atop the neon sign just in front of the windows to the counting room.  Sin was aware of her arrival when his drone’s audio feed suddenly went silent.  Void started slowly bypassing the windows security.

Down in the lobby, Killroy started boisterously asking for “services”.  The staff tried to work with him [they spotted a potential sucker], but as he started getting louder and handed over an empty gold credstick to pay for the services, the matron discretely pressed a button to summon the bouncers.

Sin, through his drones,  saw the bouncers set down their mahjongg pieces and head downstairs and warned The Fin.  The Fin updated Killroy and Void via text messages that the bouncers were deploying.  Killroy stopped escalating the issue in the lobby, maintaining his current level of belligerence to keep the bouncers focused on him but not ready to pull out their hatchets.

By this point Void had bypassed the window security.  She opened one of the windows and entered the empty counting room.  She closed the window behind her and then stepped over to the locker.  She used a maglock passkey to easily open the maglock on the locker [the maglock critically glitched].  She spent just under 30 seconds swapping out the good credsticks for tampered ones.  When she went to re-secure the locker, she discovered the maglock was now broken.  She quickly and expertly opened it, cleaned out the filthy interior, and reassembled it.  This fixed the maglock and she was able to re-lock the locker.  Void then exited the room through the window, re-closed it, and reset the window security.

Once Sin’s drones showed the counting room’s window open and close again, The Fin texted Killroy that he could now wind it up and leave.  Killroy stopped being so belligerent and let the bouncers “convince” him to leave.  Sin recalled his drones to the panel truck and prepped to drive the team away.

Void’s exit was delayed due to an inopportune pub-crawl group of 30 civilians moving by on the sidewalk Void wanted to jump down onto.  Void was not concerned about them seeing her, but the two-meter radius silence spell would likely cause a ruckus amongst the pub-crawlers and might draw attention, so she waited.  Murdock could see her astrally waiting and updated The Fin on Void’s situation.  Void waited for five minutes for the small herd to pass and the sidewalk to clear.  She then hopped down from the sign to the sidewalk.  She then made her way to the panel truck.  Murdock slurped down the last of his pho and then made his way to the panel truck as well.

The team rode back to Ebey’s.  The Fin took a taxi from Ebey’s to the Helping Hands Thrift Store over in Snohomish while the rest of the team got pre-celebration drinks.  At the thrift shop, The Fin directed the taxi to the back of the building, where she delivered the goods to the orc with chromed tusks, providing the correct pass-phrase.  She then took the taxi back to Ebey’s.  On the way, 16,000¥ was deposited into her account, 12,000¥ for the job and 4000¥ as a bonus.

Back at Ebey’s, The Fin paid Killroy his 1000¥, paid Void, Sin, and Murdock 3333¥, and pocketed a cool 5001¥ herself.  Drinks were then purchased and consumed by the team.  Repeatedly.

End of Session

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Session Report - Mak Attack 02

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Tuesday, November 5, 2075

Having spent the previous day gathering information on the target, the team met at Ebey’s Bar in Exile in Everett at 3:00 pm to share what they learned.  [Sin’s damaged Fly-Spy eventually returned to him and he dropped it off to get it repaired earlier in the morning.]

The Fin was able to get a basic blueprint of the massage parlor through one of her contacts.  Using that schematic, the rest of the team added the details of what they had learned.  The recorded video feed from Sin’s drones provided important data, identifying the upstairs room looking out on 19th Street as a counting room for drugs and money.  In that room was a standing locker, anchored to the floor and wall, with a quality maglock.  Void was able to identify the model of maglock and is confident she can crack it.

Void shared that the back of the building was not thermographically shielded and that she had identified a bathroom and a massage room downstairs and a locker room upstairs.  She also confirmed that the external security for the second floor was tighter than that of the first floor and she saw some opportunities to get in close and not be seen.  She was also planning on going to the site for a massage to get a feel for how busy the place would be when the job went down.

Murdock related what he learned through the air spirit, identifying over half the rooms on the first floor.  He suggested he send another spirit in to look at the second floor as one of the rooms up there was still unidentified (the front room, overlooking Hoyt Street).  The Fin agreed and set the time for the next meeting at 11:00pm that night.

The Fin wanted to put eyes on the place herself, so she rode over with Sin in Sin’s panel truck.  She would provide some additional security for Sin’s body while he was jumped in to his drones.

The team (minus Void) was in position shortly after 6:00pm.  The Fin (dressed down for the neighborhood) walked the two blocks from Sin’s truck to the food truck cater-corner from the massage parlor.  [The food truck specialized in Vietnamese food and was named “What’s That Pho?”]  As the sun had already set, she was able to notice the lights were on in the front upstairs room.  She observed them shut off after a bit, but saw no one in particular leave the building besides a massage customer or two.

Void meanwhile was exiting a taxi at a bar near the naval station.  She walked over to the corner near the exit from the Administration Building and caught a different cab to take over to Golden Arms Massage.  She was dressed in civilian clothes, but had her hair done up to meet UCAS Naval Regulations.  At the massage parlor, she stated this business had been recommended to her and she wanted to sample the services as she would be stationed here for a couple years.  This lit up nuyen signs in the staff’s eyes and, after reviewing the options, Void received a quality massage treatment lasting an hour.

Having observed Void arrive, The Fin finished her pho, grabbed some to go for Sin, and walked back to the truck.  Sin was glad for the pho and after slurping some down, sent out his remaining Fly-Spy drone.  Once it arrived, he investigated the windows for the front upstairs room.  He located a spot where the mirror treatment on the windows was spotty and was able to get an idea of what was in the room.  He saw a business desk with a chair in front of and behind it, a carpet, and not much else as the room was dark and his drone had no light amplification.  He recalled the drone to wait for Murdock to do his thing.

Returning to the hobo alley, Murdock summoned an air spirit.  He was in better form [i.e., he spent a point of Edge] and was able to command three services from the spirit.  He sent the spirit over to the house to investigate the upstairs rooms.  Murdock was able to confirm the room overlooking 19th Street was the counting room and the locker contained the credsticks the team was hired to swap out.  The front room turned out to be an office with a large oriental dragon painted on the wall facing the desk.  The desk contained some pistols and ammunition, some shotgun shells, a data terminal, and some miscellaneous office supplies.  While the spirit was there, the four bruisers from the security room headed downstairs and Murdock expended a second service to get the air spirit to follow them.  He was nervous someone had noticed the spirit and the goons were coming after him, but they were just responding to a belligerent customer of the massage parlor downstairs.

Having checked the upstairs rooms (and the attic spaces – where the spirit found a long dead body), Murdock expended the third and final service having the air spirit investigate the shack outside.  IT appeared to Murdock to be a private party room with one man being entertained by two women.  There were also stashes of novacoke and deep weed.  Completing the last of the required services, the spirit returned to its home realm.

End of Session

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Session Report - Mak Attack 01

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Monday, November 4, 2075
Aswari Rai, known as The Fin in shadowrunning circles, received a call from Oreg Zabin, a local fixer she has worked with before.  Oreg asked if she was busy.  When she said she was not, he asked her to meet him at the Frelika Tearoom in the Bothell neighborhood in Bellvue at 4:00 pm.  After looking up the location on GridGuide, The Fin dressed appropriately, then hired a private car to take her there.

The Frelika Teahouse is a stand-alone building in a boutique area in Bothell, near the Bellvue border with Snohomish.  Aswari used astral perception to see what there was to see and found little in the way of magic in use.  Going in, she noticed a watcher spirit inside the front door, apparently keeping an eye on the register area, but no other magic.  She also spotted Oreg across the main room, sitting in a booth in the far corner, where she joined him.

After Aswari placed her order for a chai tea, Oreg started explained the job in broad strokes to see if it was a job The Fin was interested in.  The job was a “switch” – replacing one thing for another – in this case one set of credsticks with another, doctored set.  The job would pay 12,000 nuyen, with a possible bonus and had to be done this Thursday, between 6:00pm and 10:00pm.  After the waitress delivered her tea, Aswari said she was interested, so Oreg started providing the particulars.

The chips to be taken were in a massage parlor in Everett named “Golden Arms Massage”, run by a street gang.  There would be 30-34 standard credsticks full of money on the premises.  Aswari and whatever team she assembled were to replace the full credsticks with a doctored set with no one the wiser.  If push came to shove, taking the full credsticks was the priority, but there would be no bonus.  The full credsticks were to be delivered to the Helping Hands Thrift Store in the Kennard Corner neighborhood of the Snohomish District, “just up 527 from here.”  The credsticks must be in a sealed, opaque container and given to an orc with chromed tusks along with the pass phrase “These are Mahjong pieces for Carlos.”  Payment would be deposited in Aswari’s account no more than two hours after confirmation of delivery.

After trying unsuccessfully to talk Oreg up on the price, Aswari agreed to the terms of the job.  Oreg slid a decorative chocolates box across the table to Aswari, containing 36 doctored credsticks.  The two then finished their tea, making non-business related small talk.

Relatively new to Seattle, Aswari put in calls as The Fin to the team she previously worked with on a job for Oreg.  She was able to contact Void, Murdoc, and Sin and arranged a meeting, but Prometheus and Killroy were both unavailable, leaving the team without combat specialists.  Maybe the job wouldn’t need them.  The group of runners met at the restaurant Harajuku in Renton.  It had private tables with screen doors, so they could speak with some privacy, even if Aswari knew she’d have to tip well due the personalities being invited.

Once the four runners were assembled, The Fin explained the job and the details.  The only thing she changed was the pay-out: she quoted the job as only being 10,000 nuyen and the other three took her at her word [no one made the check to spot the lie].  Having two and a half days before the job could be performed, they agreed to each investigate the target and meet again at a place in Everett tomorrow [Tuesday].

Looking up the address, the group was able to get both a satellite view and a street view of the building the massage parlor was in [which I provided as handouts, using screen shots from Google Maps].  The massage parlor is built inside a refurbished small two-story house on the corner of 19th and Hoyt.  Knowing what to look for, Void, Sin, and Murdoc went there to individually scout out the site.  The area is five blocks off of the naval yard and full of establishments catering to off-duty sailors: massage parlors, bars, cheap food places, and rooms available by the hour.

Murdoc fit in well with the local low-life and took up a position cattycorner from Golden Arms Massage.  He could see that there was steady traffic for the business through the front door, with parking out front.  Gang-sign on the building indicated a gang known as “The 19’s” or something ran the place, but he couldn't remember their affiliation.  He also noticed that there seemed to be more discrete business happening at the back gate.  The building also had no visible wards, but a watcher spirit sitting atop the shed inside the fenced in backyard.

Void circled the building at a distance, using her enhanced goggles and contact lenses to get a look at the building’s physical security.  The lower floor did not seem to have much in the way of security other than heat shielding in the walls so her thermographic vision could not see to the interior.  There were also two goons at the front door acting as bouncers.  The upstairs was also shielded on the front and sides and she was able to spot security on the upstairs windows.  While moving to investigate the back yard area she was spotted.  The goon at the back gate, an orc, called her over and demanded to know what she was doing there and was she a cop?

Void stalled and used the time to get a slightly better view of the back of the building and the back yard.  She noticed the heat shielding was not present on the back of the house and she identified the back room upstairs as a locker room and the two back rooms downstairs as a massage room (on the left) and a bathroom (on the right).  She then answered the goon with, “Do I look like a cop?”  The goon said “I dunno.  Turn around.”  She did so and sensed the danger she was in as the goon pulled a club to hit her over the head with.  She immediately bolted and ran.  The guard was not expecting that and could do nothing as she was out of sight before he even took his first step.

In the meantime, Sin had found a relatively private spot to park his vehicle and sent one of his MCT Fly-Spy drones to go scout out the target.  He observed Void’s run-in with the goon at the back gate, but saw her get away and continued with his scouting.  He recognized the gang-sign on the building as belonging to “The 19 Hatchets”, a Vietnamese gang.  Flying around the building, he had the drone approach from the south, so he could look at the side of the building not exposed to a street.  He started checking the two windows near the back and found each opened onto a different, small massage room, each barely larger than the massage table and both in use.  He then flew up to the upstairs set of windows.  These were treated to be reflective, but he lucked out and found a corner where the glass was still mostly transparent.  The room he could see into contained four burly men sitting at a table playing mahjong and a fifth person jacked in to a small security station.  The monitors at the security station showed camera views from inside the house, but Sin could not see enough detail to work out exactly where in the house they were.  He parked his drone there to keep an eye on things.

Sin then launched a second drone to scout further.  He decided to try the upper window on the north side of the house (facing 19th St.).  He clearly spotted the security system, but while looking for a gap in the window treatment, he apparently had drawn the attention of people inside.  The window suddenly opened and a ganger with a shoe was poised to smash his drone.  Sin glanced at the room and then was barely able to get out of the drone in time to avoid dumpshock when the drone was smashed.  He had been recording the entire time, so he still had video of the room interior, showing a counting table, two gangers, and an equipment locker with a fancy lock on it.

At about this time, Murdoc decided to summon an air spirit and send it in to scout out the interior of the building.  He looked around to find a secluded spot to perform his summoning, but the best he could find was an out of the way spot occupied by some hobos willing to share an overturned milk crate with him.  Murdoc took what he could get.  His first to summonings failed [I rolled the limit resisting him on the first try and he rolled poorly on the second try, barely matching my single success].  This seemed to confirm to the hobos that Murdoc was a harmless crazy and they stopped paying him any attention.  On Murdoc’s third try, he got an air spirit to respond and sent it in to scout and report what it saw while it was inside the massage parlor.

The spirit reported the two goons at the door.  Just inside the door, it reported a lobby area with two couches, a register, a person at the register, and a watcher spirit watching the register.  This spooked Murdoc a bit, not knowing what the watcher spirit was orders were, he had the air spirit just move in a straight line through the building and out the back, as if going through the building was incidental.  The spirit agreed.  The next room back was a massage room where the customer was getting more than a massage.  The next room was a massage room, also occupied.  Next was a set of stairs going up, then a very small massage room, followed by another very small massage room, and then it was out the back and done with its service, so it took off.

End of Session