Monday, September 21, 2015

Shadowrun Report – St. Valentine’s Day Monkey Burger Massacre and BBQ

[This session happened on September 14th.  We missed a week playing due to Labor Day activities, after missing a week because I wasn’t ready to run due to Real World Issues, so it was good to play again.]

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

NPC’d Characters
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm

Thursday-Friday, February 13-14, 2076
At Midnight, The Fin received a phone call from Svetlana, a fixer contact who specializes in shopping around wetwork opportunities and odd jobs.  [This was going to be an odd job.]  Svetlana had a rush job where the client was looking for “the Monkey Burger team.”  Svetlana vouched for the fixer brokering the job and claimed the job appeared to be real.  Was The Fin interested?  After thinking it over for a moment, The Fin said she was willing to accept the job.  Svetlana then asked The Fin to meet her at Olga’s Tea House in Tacoma as soon as possible.  The Fin said she would be there in an hour.

Forty-five minutes later, The Fin was at Olga’s, make-up and clothes fashionably perfect, hair in that “I just kicked someone out of my bed to be here” style [because she had].  Svetlana was sitting at a table in a back corner, her two bodyguards occupying the two tables in front of Svetlana’s table.  The crowd in Olga’s was giving them a wide berth.  The Fin was recognized by the bodyguards as she walked up and allowed to sit at Svetlana’s table without any hassle.

After the pleasantries of greeting each other, Svetlana got down to the point: the job was to destroy as many free-standing Monkey Burger operations as possible in the Seattle Metroplex in the next 36 hours…oh, 35 hours now.  The Fin was nonplussed for a moment and then asked Svetlana to repeat herself, not certain she had heard correctly.  Svetlana repeated what she had said and then provided some additional details:

  • 8 of the 16 Monkey Burger locations had to be destroyed by 6:00 AM, Saturday, February 15, or there would be no pay.
  • Each location destroyed paid 3000¥.
  • There was a 10,000¥ bonus for destroying all 3 Flagship locations.
  • There was a 26,000¥ bonus for destroying all 13 drive-through locations.
  • “Destroyed” meant “it would cost more to fix it than tear it down and start over”.
  • The deadline was 6:00 AM, Saturday morning.
  • Payment would be made upon verification of destruction, but no later than Noon on the 15th.

And that was pretty much it.

The Fin immediately sent a “We’ve got a job – get to the office ASAP” group message to the team and then attempted to get more money out of the deal.  Svetlana was firm on the price for the job and The Fin recognized this, so she left to bring the job to the team.  [The Fin rolled 6 hits on Negotiation, but so did Svetlana, giving The Fin 0 net hits and no extra money.]

Friday, February 14, 2076
By 2:00 AM, everyone but Prometheus and Bookie were at the Pleiades Group offices in the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood.  After The Fin laid out the job, the group immediately started planning.  Pretty much the entire team agreed that they would have to hit all the locations at once and preferably when they were closed so no employees or customers would get killed.  This was a job for explosives!

Sin put his engineering skills to work and went over the plans of the Monkey Burger locations the team had acquired the last time they were paid to attack them.  [See the blog entries for the Monkey Business run.]  He located the perfect locations in both the Flagship and drive through locations to maximize destruction with the minimum amount of commercial grade explosives.  [He used Edge and rolled 10 hits on his Engineering roll, which I allowed to be used to reduce the quantity of explosives.]  The rest of the team then started calling their contacts, looking for 10 kg worth of explosives as soon as possible, with cost being no option.  [This meant they were willing to pay the 400% maximum extra dice on the availability roll.]

Killroy’s arms dealer contract, Leona Kinkou, came through first.  She was able to locate and deliver the first 10 kilo package by 7:00 AM [I rolled the necessary successes plus two more, with the extra hits each reducing the time by half].  She also lucked into another package after Killroy stated he needed more if she could get it.  The second package arrived at 10:00 AM [this time three extra successes], but she couldn’t get any more for a full day [zero extra successes], which Killroy accepted as it would replace the 10 kg he started with.  He then set to wiring up the 30 kilos of explosives as demolition charges [20 kg plus the 10 kg explosives he already had from a previous run that ended up not needing them].  The Flagship locations would take 4 kilos each, while the drive through locations would only need 2 kilos, allowing him to make packages for the three Flagships plus 9 of the 13 drive through locations.

At the same time, Void’s asked he fence, Sarah, if she had access to 10 kg of commercial grade explosives.  It was a long shot, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.  Sarah said she happened to know where to get ahold of 10 kg of commercial explosives, no questions asked, but it would take nearly 24 hours before she could get it – did Void still want it?  Void said yes and arranged delivery.  Meanwhile, The Fin was able to locate another 10 kg of explosives through her “acquisitions” contact, Aung San, who commented that there seemed to be a run on the explosives right now, so she could not secure and deliver the explosives until 2:00 AM Saturday morning.  After checking with Killroy that 2:00 AM would be soon enough, The Fin asked Aung to get the explosives and deliver them.

After contacting Sarah, Void spent some time checking out the Monkey Burger locations to see if security had been upgraded.  It had.  There were three times as many cameras in place and more security goons in place.  The windows now all appeared to be bulletproof and all the external doors and locks had been upgraded.  Not so high that Void couldn’t bypass them [the corporate work recently had challenged her with higher grade locks], but noticeably better.  Void reported this information back to the Group.

The team planned out the delivery route, planning to hit the Flagship locations first (as they closed at 9:00 pm), and then the drive through locations in Bellevue, Downtown, Tacoma, and finally Renton (all of which closed at Midnight).  After the Downtown drive through locations, the last 20 kg of explosives would be available and Killroy could make the last four demolition charges for Void to place.  To keep things as safe as possible, Murdoc would make Killroy and Void (the delivery team) invisible and Sin would remotely drive one of his rigged vehicles with the delivery team (and the explosives) inside.

Then the team went to their respective homes and rested until the run, except Bookie who spent some time to find appropriate music to record the explosions to.


At 8:00 PM, Void and Killroy loaded the demolition packages into Sin’s car. Sin then remotely drove them on the planned route, observing all speed limits and warning signs.

Against all odds, there were no major traffic accidents nor gang wars anywhere along the route.  Void and Killroy were able to bypass the improved security measures and plant all the charges with little difficulty, including stealing a shake machine and a crate of strawberry-banana shake mix at Murdoc’s request.  By 4:00 AM all the devices were in place and awaiting Killroy’s signal to detonate.  Sin placed several of his aerial drones around town to “just happen” to be in the right place to record the explosions across the city.

At 4:30 AM, Saturday, February 15th, every standalone Monkey Burger establishment in the Seattle Metroplex, all 16 of them, exploded, assuming foolproof disguises as piles of burning rubble.

It was not long after that that the first news stories about fires at fast food restaurants started appearing on the local news channels.  By 5:00 AM the news channels realized that ALL the Monkey Burger establishments in Seattle were destroyed and started reporting that fact.  By 6:00 AM, the national news started reporting on the unusual news story, speculating on what it meant and who might be responsible.

Watching the media frenzy slowly start up, the Pleiades Group sat in their office, eating pop corn and watching the music video Bookie had created with Sin’s video footage and the 1812 Overture.

At 7:00 AM, full payment for the job was deposited into the Pleiades Group’s bank account.  The Fin subtracted the expenses from the job [buying all those explosives] and split the remaining money with the entire team, putting the rounding amount into the Group kitty.

End of Session

[This one wrapped up pretty quick.  I wasn’t certain how the players would face this challenge and was ready for a one-by-one approach if necessary.  They wisely chose the explosives route, but even that would not have covered all the locations if Sin had not had that amazing roll and reduced the amount of explosives needed at each location.  I played a little fast and loose with the explosives amount needed, but it provided just the right amount of tension as the team scrambled to track down enough to do the job.  Killroy’s contact rolled well for the first two batches of explosives and all the other rolls made just the necessary number of hits to deliver in one day.]

[Next session, September 21, we are just doing character maintenance as no one has updated their characters in Hero Lab since we started, just keeping track of things on paper.  This will let me print out updated characters for everyone and make certain no one missed any Karma.  We may also play board games or watch Sneakers as most of the group hasn’t seen it.]

[After that, I’m running the next run (on September 28th) as I have an idea.  Due to my Day Job picking up, it’s taking me longer to prep for the run, so another week off is welcome.  Then the other GM needs to run a couple runs.  So expect the next real session report on October 5th.]

Monday, September 7, 2015

Shadowrun Report – Implants – Session 2

[This session happened on August 24th and is directly related to the metaplot of the campaign.]

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

NPC’d Characters

Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm

Monday, February 10, 2076

Sin sent several of his drones to the target building, timing their arrival to just after sunset.  With the darkness he could now see inside and watched the corporate wage-slaves finish their day.  Gradually they left, taking the elevators up to the corporate housing in the floors above.  At 8:00 PM, security guards started patrolling the floors.  The team, watching the video feeds from Sin’s drones, realized that there was only 10 minutes between patrols when no security was on any particular floor, not the 20 minutes they were told to expect [by the GM who goofed the timing originally].  This meant their available time to move and do what needed to be done was tighter than anticipated, but still usable with their current plan.  They also noted that occasionally employees would return to their workstations after hours, sometimes for just a few minutes, sometimes for as much as two hours.  This was something they would need to watch for during the job.

Sin also spent time investigating the roof or the building across the street from the target for security, as this is where the team would start their infiltration.  The building was a 5-story office building with offices leased by numerous small businesses.  This meant security overall was not as tight and Bookie would be able to loop the roof cameras during the run.

Tuesday, February 11, 2076
The team arrived at the launching roof at 8:00 PM, with Bookie easily hacking the security cameras and looping them.  Scouting the 4th and 5th floors of the RiddleNetics building across the street from this vantage point allowed the team to notice a few things.  Murdoc could now see that the rooms with four interior walls were magically warded.  He could not see the server room on the 4th floor as it was on the far side of the building, but it was likely warded as well, meaning the invisibility spell Void would have on her might not survive her crossing the barrier or worse, warn the mage who cast the barrier that someone just broke into the server room.  Murdoc and Void discussed how to handle it and decided Void would attempt to push through without breaking the barrier.  If the invisibility spell dropped it wouldn’t be a disaster, but it would require more work to keep her off any cameras.

Second, several members of the team noticed that the cubicle directly facing the Archival Records room on the 5th floor was occupied by someone working late.  This was going to be a stickier problem, especially if Void was no longer invisible once she attempted this room or lost the invisibility spell while trying this room.  With too many variables to work it all out, the team decided to go forward anyways and trust to luck and improvisation to get the job done.  Plus, they had to be done by 5:00 AM, so they didn’t have time for a new plan.

Watching the first security patrol make its rounds, Prometheus fired his grapple gun just as they finished walking the 4th floor at 8:28 PM.  The grapple caught the railing of the corner pocket balcony on the 4th floor and Prometheus tightened the stealth rope on a high point on his end.  Murdoc then cast invisibility on Void, Killroy, and Bookie, who only now learned he would be making the crossing in a body bag, carried by Killroy.  At first Bookie refused, but then Killroy said, “C’mon, man – don’t be a Sin.” [This was a reference to Sin nearly dying on a previous run.]

Faced with this argument, Bookie had to agree it would be safer for him, so he climbed into the bag and zipped it up.  Killroy then shouldered the bag’s strap, attached his zipline hook, and swung out across the street on the line.  As the line was descending at a shallow angle, it seemed to take forever to make the transit across, but eventually Killroy arrived at the far end and climbed up into the pocket balcony with Bookie in the bag.  [Killroy is the physically strongest member of the team.]  Void followed across immediately after.  Once she was safely across, Prometheus applied the catalyst stick to the stealth rope, which dissolved.

Void was able to bypass the maglock securing the [bulletproof] glass door and the three of them entered the corner office.  The decorations were typical corporate middle management, with an animated image on one wall showing a ship in storm-tossed seas, the captain (who looked suspiciously like the CEO of RiddleNetics) steering the ship with a firm hand.  Back across the street, Prometheus, Murdoc, and The Fin kept watch on the areas inside the RiddleNetics building they could view in case something unexpected happened.  [Prometheus’ implanted commlink was a high enough rating that it could get a message through the jammers and anti-Wi-Fi paint, even if no one on the intrusion team could answer back.]

Bookie accessed the terminal built into the office desk.  It was significantly less effective than his cyberdeck, but it was hard-wired into the buildings matrix systems and registered as belonging there, allowing Bookie a freedom of action he would not have had otherwise.  He immediately started looking for the requested paydata.

Once Bookie was inside the system, Void exited the office and made her way to the server room, leaving Killroy to keep Bookie safe.  Void arrived at the server room well before the next security patrol stepped out of the elevator.  She bypassed the card-reader maglock easily and then slowly started pushing through the magical barrier.  She could feel the barrier resisting as it flowed across her, but she passed through it without breaking it and with the invisibility spell on her intact. [She rolled a single net hit against the barrier, but that was all she needed to get the single spell on her through.]  Void let out a quiet sigh of relief and then located the terminal she needed.  She plugged the datastick with the first computer agent into the terminal and hit the Run button.  Then she settled to wait the five minutes it took to the agent to run.

Three minutes into her wait, Void heard the beep of someone accessing the server room door with a passcard.  Three human males wearing what could only be described as “movie ninja costumes” hurriedly entered the server room, shushing each other.  Not certain what was going on but recognizing non-professionals, Void backed up against the wall between the two banks of servers she was standing by.  The three “ninjas” started setting up a microcamera, an AR projector, and a motion sensor in front of the row Void was hiding in.  They were clearly setting up some sort of prank, but Void was concerned they would either accidentally bump into her or make enough noise to draw the attention of the guards.

They almost alerted the guards, shutting up just as the guards were passing the door.  One of the two guards paused to listen and then opened the door to look in.  The “ninjas” hid and each held their breath until the guard decided it was his imagination and resumed his patrol.  The “ninjas” started to laugh until they shushed each other again.  Void was contemplating stabbing them, but decided she didn’t want anyone wondering what a shadowrunner was doing in the server room.  Still, these clowns offended her sense of professionalism.

Once they were done setting up their prank, the “ninjas” left, making way more noise than they thought they were.  Void waited until she was certain they weren’t coming back and had not been spotted by the security patrol before studying the problem in front of her.  The “ninjas” had set up their prank right in front of the banks Void was hiding between.  Looking it over, she realized she could reach the power switch of the motion sensor without triggering it as she knew exactly where it was [she watched the “ninjas” activate it].  Once the computer agent finished running, she retrieved it, turned the motion sensor off, pocketed the AR projector, stepped past the motion sensor, and then carefully re-activated it.  Following the path of the “ninjas” out of the room, she then made her own way across the 4th floor, returning to the corner office where Killroy and Bookie were waiting.

While Void had been dealing with the server room, Bookie had toured the local matrix and located the bonus paydata on RiddleNetics bid for Aquamatics.  Bookie also located evidence that one of the account executives was skimming money from the company.  He copied that evidence as well to see if Mr. Johnson would pay extra for it.

With half the job done and the bonus paydata secured, Void went back out to the pocket balcony.  Balancing on the balcony railing, Void focused her chi into strengthening her legs and then ran up the outside of the building to the balcony on the next floor.  [Void used the Strength Boost and Wall Running adept powers plus some Edge to accomplish this feat.  It was impressive.]  She then tied off a rappelling line that she, Killroy, and Bookie would take to the ground when they left.  [She did not toss the rope down at this point to avoid a pedestrian noticing the line and alerting security.]

Void broke into the corner office on the 5th floor (which had better quality decorations than the one on the 4th floor – this executive was clearly more self-confident).  She could see the cubicle lights from whoever was working in the cubicle facing the door to the Archival Records room, but did not have the angle to see who it was or what they were doing.  Void waited until the next security patrol passed by.

Once the patrol passed, Void left the corner office and approached the cubicle, staying low to avoid being seen.  She used her endoscope to peek into the cube without having to look over or around the cubicle walls.  Sitting in the cubicle was an elf woman playing a MMO on the company server.  There was also a timer counting down that Void realized was timed to when a security patrol would next pass by – what Miss Elf was doing wasn’t corporate approved!

As Miss Elf was wearing headphones and AR goggles and clearly involved in a large combat online, Void realized Miss Elf probably wouldn’t notice anyone or anything that walked by behind her, hence the timer.  Freshly emboldened, Void stepped over to the Archival Records door and bypassed the lock on the door.  She slowly pushed through the magical barrier and again the barrier gave just enough to let Void and the invisibility spell through.  Void closed the door just as Miss Elf’s warning timer went off.  Looking [invisibly] through the door window, Void could see Miss Elf switch her video display over to a spreadsheet full of numbers and curves [with a small window still showing the battle] just before the security patrol passed.  Once the patrol passed by, Miss Elf switched the battle back to the full-screen.

Inside the Archival Records room, Void located the needed terminal and ran the computer agent.  Just over five minutes later Void exited the Archival Records room with Miss Elf none-the-wiser.  Void then exited the office to the pocket balcony and signaled for Sin to drive up the getaway vehicle.  She then dropped the rappelling line down the side of the building and rappelled down to the street.  Killroy and Bookie, who were waiting to see Void go by on the rappelling line, exited the 4th floor office and followed Void down the line to the street where Sin’s vehicle drove up.  Killroy and Bookie climbed into the car as Void applied her own catalyst stick to the stealth rope rappelling line.  As the line dissolved, Void entered the car and then Sin (remotely) drove the trio away.

Meanwhile, Murdoc, Prometheus, and The Fin left the staging building, taking a separate vehicle away to the offices of the Pleiades Group.  There Murdoc and Prometheus transferred to Sin’s vehicle while Void passed the datasticks over to The Fin.  Bookie supplied a third datastick with all the embezzlement evidence on it, explaining what it was to The Fin.  The Fin then took a nap in one of the side rooms as the meeting with the client at Jack’s Box Seats wasn’t for another eight hours.  The rest of the team dispersed.

Wednesday, February 12, 2076
At 6:00 AM, The Fin arrived at Jack’s Box Seats.  In the dawn light and without all the AR illusions, the area looked sparse and disreputable.  There was a single vehicle parked by the front door to the sports bar.  The Fin parked her car next to it and got out of her car.  As she approached the other car, the front door of the sports bar opened and an orc woman in a suit leaned out and asked her business.  The Fin indicated she had a meeting and the orc woman waved her inside the sports bar.

Inside the closed sport’s bar, seated at the only table without chairs on it, was a human male in a an expensive but off-the-rack business suit [the type of things The Fin notices], a Shiawase Cyber-5 cyberdeck and a Fairlight Caliban commlink sitting on the table.  The Fin approached the man who asked her if she had the datasticks.  The Fin slid the two computer agent datasticks across the table  and the man slotted them into the cyberdeck.  After checking some AR readouts, he picked up the commlink and said, “We’re good.”

At that point every screen and display in the entire sports bar activated.  On every one of them was the grinning face of a troll in a tailored business suit that The Fin immediately recognized – it was Mr. Jumbotron.  He congratulated The Fin and the Pleiades Group on a job well done and asked if she had any additional information.  The Fin told Mr. Jumbotron she had the entire RiddleNetics bid package, plus evidence one of the account executives was embezzling.  This caught Mr. Jumbotron’s attention.  He and The Fin negotiated a while before settling on a good price for this additional paydata.  The Fin slid the third datastick with all the paydata across the table to Mr. Jumbotron’s flunky.  Mr. Jumbotron then had all of the agreed upon money transferred to the Pleiades Group’s company account.  After a few pleasantries, The Fin left the meeting.  On the way home she split the money and paid the team their shares.  When she got home she immediately went to sleep – she was still short on sleep.

Later that day, the local news channels broke a major story about RiddleNetics using the homeless in the Redmond Barrens to test their anti-nerve gas filters.  Evidence had been leaked by “unnamed internal sources” at RiddleNetics, including videos of the failed tests.  Many of the test subjects died without ever being told what they were really testing.  Shortly thereafter the story went national and RiddleNetics had to start performing major damage control.

Thursday, February 13, 2076
At midnight The Fin received a call from Svetlana.  Svetlana had a rush job from a client who was asking for “the Monkey Burger team”.  Was The Fin interested?  Thinking on it a bit, The Fin asked, “When’s the meeting and how much are they offering?”

End of Session

[Next run: The Saint Valentine’s Day Monkey Burger Massacre and BBQ!]

[Also, I'm back on a project at work with a major client,so my writing time is back to being a little crimped.  Therefore, session notes might not get updated as promptly as I'd like.  On the plus side, I'm still employed and I can't argue with that right now.]

Session 1

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shadowrun Report – Implants – Session 1

[This session happened on August 17th and is directly related to the metaplot of the campaign.  See the Timeline.]

Player Characters

The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

NPC’d Characters

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm

Monday, February 10, 2076
At 8:58 in the morning, The Fin received a text from Prometheus, warning her he had given her phone number to his uncle, who would be calling soon.  She asked back which name Prometheus had given his uncle and Prometheus replied “Pleiades”.  The Fin immediately told her bed guest to get out.

At exactly 9:00 AM, The Fin’s commlink rang and she answered.  A voice with a Mediterranean accent stated he was Zeus and he had work for The Pleiades Group – could she meet him at Kovac’s Delicatessen in an hour.  The Fin said she could and Zeus hung up.  While she dressed, The Fin had her commlink locate Kovac’s Delicatessen and plot the fastest route there.

The Fin arrived at Kovac’s Delicatessen just before 10:00 AM, finding the delicatessen closed.  As she approached the door, a 12-13-year-old boy opened it and asked her business.  The Fin stated she was from the Pleiades Group and had a meeting here.  The boy smiled, but then remembered this was business and put his serious face back on before saying, “Please, come in.”  His name turned out to be Marco.

Inside, The Fin was escorted to a back room between the seating area and the kitchen, where she found an older gentleman in a well-worn suit going through a physical ledger.  The man was human with a debonair Mediterranean look, his once dark hair mostly white.  He closed the ledger before rising and introducing himself as Zeus.  The Fin introduced herself as Aswari Rai.  Zeus then got immediately to business.

His client had requested the Pleiades Group by name for the job, so Zeus was giving them first crack at it.  The details were:

  • Insert two computer agents into two terminals inside a corporate office building without anyone knowing the terminals have been used.
  • The terminals are in different rooms on different floors of the same building.  The building has heavy anti-WiFi defenses so it cannot be done at a distance.
  • The agents are on two different data sticks.  Both take about 5 minutes to run and will tell you when they are done.
  • The job has to be completed by 5:00 AM on the 12th (Wednesday), so they have 42 hours to get the job done.
  • Payment is 65,000¥ upon return of the datasticks and verification the agents ran successfully.  Delivery will be at 6:00 AM on the 12th.

The Fin wanted more details, but Zeus would not supply them until she agreed to the job.  Not pleased by this, The Fin eventually relented and accepted the job.  Zeus immediately gave her the rest of the details:

  • The target is RiddleNetics, maker of HVAC air quality and filtration systems.
  • The location is one of their smaller facilities on the border of Renton with Redmond: 1700 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, Seattle
  • Zeus provided maps of the relevant floors of the target building.  They were marked with the locations of the two target data terminals: in the Server Room (4th floor) and the Research Archive (5th floor).  The maps also showed the patrol routes of the guards and their nightly schedule.
  • There is also a bonus job that pays 65,000¥ if any significant paydata on the RiddleNetics bid for Aquamatics is delivered.  The data is minimally useful if RiddleNetics knows it has been taken, so if the team gets caught, pay is only 10% for both jobs.
  • Payment will be made at Jack’s Box Seats, a sports bar in Bellevue at 3179 156th Ave SE.  Payment is AFTER the client has received the datasticks and verified the agents ran properly.

The Fin spent some additional time negotiating for additional pay due to the short timeline and was able to increase the pay for the primary job to 67,100¥.  Negotiations on the payout for the bonus needed to wait until they actually found something.  Marco escorted her back out of the shop.

After the meeting finished, The Fin texted the entire Pleiades Group, telling them the group had a job and to immediately meet at the office.  The entire group was assembled at the office by 11:00 AM (although Murdoc was somewhat groggy and Bookie smelled of whiskey).  After explaining the job, The Fin tasked Bookie with assembling a quick file on the target, RiddleNetics.  Sin sent some of his drones to go scout out the building and the area around it.  He noticed that floors 2-5 had jammers active, creating more noise than he could cut through, even after optimizing his rig for that.  Additionally, those floors had tempered glass and he could not see in during the day, although he got reasonable images of the handful of exterior balconies and the maglocks on the access doors.  The vents he would have normally sent a Fly-Spy in through had high-tensile steel meshes protecting them.  Murdoc headed out to the building to check it for magical defenses and later reported they appeared to be minimal.

At this point planning of the run started.  Sin suggested a HA-LO (High Altitude-Low Opening) jump from a commandeered passenger jet.  Killroy quickly vetoed that as too complex.  The group quickly focused on using a zipline from an adjacent building to access a corner pocket balcony on the 4th floor [pocket balcony = a balcony that is barely larger than one square meter, almost decorative in nature].  As the tallest buildings in the vicinity were only five stories tall, the ride on the zipline would not be the quickest.  To avoid being seen during the slow ride, Murdoc would make those going in invisible.  This mandated a small insertion group [due to the cost of maintaining multiple spells by Murdoc], which eventually was fixed to Bookie, Void, and Killroy.  Bookie to access the RiddleNetics system from inside to look for the requested paydata, Killroy to keep him safe [and out of self-inflicted trouble], and Void to actually deploy the computer agents.

For minimal time traveling in building, after Void handles the agent insertion on the 4th floor, she will run up the exterior wall of the building to the 5th floor pocket balcony and re-enter the building there.  The Records Archive is very near the 5th floor office and after dealing with it Void can drop a rappelling stealth line down from the 5th floor pocket balcony that all three can use to escape the building.  Sin will pilot up a vehicle to the corner at just that time [but not his panel truck – it is starting to be recognized].  Application of a catalyst stick will eliminate the incriminating rappelling line and the team can leave the area quickly.  Meanwhile, the observation team (Prometheus, Murdoc, and The Fin) will decamp from the building across the street and leave via a second vehicle.

With a reasonably solid plan ready, the team dispersed and went about handling necessary preparations.  [Notably, Prometheus took Void to a place in the Redmond Barrens where she can practice running up a wall from one balcony to the next.  Adept powers or not, this was a move she wanted to practice before performing it at height.]

End of Session

[Next session will probably be the entire actual run as this run is not very complex.  This is due to it being a metaplot run where the goal is very defined and requires leaving no evidence.  This is the first hostile action in what becomes the 4th Corporate War.  Things will start heating up and getting bloody after this.]

Session 2 [Not Yet Written]

EDIT: corrected day of week from Friday to Monday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Parks and Wrecks - Arrival and Start of the 1934 World’s Fair

Chapter 0 – Dramatis Personae

May 25, 1934, 20:09, Chicago
We are pulling in to Chicago now on the fastest train on which I’ve ever traveled, the Zephyr.  We left Denver this morning at 7:04 AM and have arrived slightly over 13 hours later!  A day-and-a-half to two-day trip shortened to one day – very impressive.  Additionally, according to the reporters onboard, we arrived nearly two hours earlier than expected!

I was originally put off by riding on a promotional run from Denver to Chicago, but the timing was good due to our late start back in San Francisco.  The train is impressive and extremely clean, this being its first public run, traveling from one end of the CB&Q lines to the other.  It was much more comfortable than any of the air transports we would have flown on and faster as well.  I even had time and quiet to catch up on my correspondence.

We should arrive at the Ambassador East Hotel in time for a late dinner at The Pump Room, the in-house restaurant.  Helen and Simone seem eager to see Chicago’s nightlife, but I am more concerned with how Adventure Earth has arranged our rooms at the hotel so I can avoid rooming with Kurt and his snoring.

22:28, Ambassador East Hotel
Mixed news – we each have our own room at The Ambassador, but Miss Decker has made this a working vacation.  Envelopes were awaiting each member of the team at the hotel (although Helen received a second letter as well – apparently personal in nature).  Over the next three days we are to attend the World’s Fair and hand out company flyers to prospective clients for the company’s services.  Miss Decker has decided to make the request Jack, Kurt, and I made for access to the Fair as part of our vacation into a promotional effort for the Adventure Earth Company.  I cannot really fault her for this nor complain – employment with the company has directly benefitted me and my family plus brought me into contact with the love of my life.  The least I can do is promote the company when they are enabling our hunt for Mr. George Parks.

Speaking of whom, the hotel has copies of the official guide book for the fair in the lobby and I secured one.  Looking through it, there are two entries I feel compelled to follow: the Temple of Solomon and the Solomon Industries presentation.  Mr. Parks made off with Ring of the Djinn, the Seal of Solomon, and the Key of Solomon from the tomb of Emperor Menelik, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.  With no less than two Solomon references here at the fair on top of Menelik’s actual sarcophagus on display, I feel certain we will meet Mr. Parks again and this time he will not escape us.

May 26, 1934, 8:14 AM, Ambassador East Hotel
The team discussed our plans over breakfast.  We all agreed that the first thing we should do is present ourselves at the Adventure Earth Company Pyramid (the company pavilion at the fair) and meet with Miss Decker.  The last telegraph I have from her indicates we are to discuss the team’s standing with the company and I very much want to discuss whether or not delivering Mr. Parks (albeit trussed up by Kurt) will repair our reputation and standing within the company or merely seal it.

I attempted to suggest the team plan on meeting again at 3:00 PM, but Helen indicated she has a personal meeting at 2:00 PM and is taking Simone with her to it.  When I asked for an alternate time, Helen stated she was not certain how long her meeting would take and so she could not commit to a specific time.  I am very curious and puzzled by this, but Helen does not seem willing to share what this personal matter is and I must respect her privacy.  If it becomes something I or the rest of the team might help with, I trust she will ask.

9:28 AM, Lobby of the AEC Pyramid
Our meeting with Miss Decker was brief, but not perfunctory, which is good.  We took separate paths to get to the meeting and Kurt never arrived.  I entered through the 23rd Street entrance, but missed the exhibitor’s side entrance, so I was delayed by the crowds pressing in through the entrance.  Girls were handing out commemorative stamped pennies on chain necklaces to everyone entering, which explained the turgid entry.  I was afraid of being the last to arrive, but the others rode the Sky Car across the park, which delayed them enough that we arrived mostly together, minus Kurt.

I will admit that I did not miss Kurt until Miss Decker explained we would all be representing Adventure Earth Company while attending the fair and should be on our best behavior as a result.  Once those words left her mouth, I immediately looked for Kurt to see if he had been drinking and discovered he was missing.  Miss Decker rather unfairly ribbed me for losing another person, but I wisely avoided rising to the bait.  When I asked Miss Decker if there was any value to bringing in Mr. Parks, she said the company could use the good press of recovering one of the three clients lost over the last year, so please do so if the possibility exists.  This also means we have to do so in a way that will not reflect badly on the company once the press finds out, so I have to remember to tell Kurt we want Mr. Parks alive and with no obvious injuries.  He will be most disappointed.

11:02 AM, Hall of Science
Jack, Riley, and I went into the Temple of Solomon exhibit, which is directly adjacent to the AEC pyramid.  (Helen and Simone went off together and Bak Mu headed towards Soldier Field, perhaps to locate Kurt.)  Inside the temple, the lecturer was just starting a tour, so I tagged along.  As things progressed, it became clear he has a very strong knowledge of Biblical Scholarship, but his actual historical knowledge was lacking.  I politely corrected some of his lecture based on my own experiences in the Middle East, doing my best to add to his lecture, not weaken it.  After the lecture we fell to talking and I ended up staying longer than planned.

Jack took the time to look around the exhibit more thoroughly than normally allowed (he looked behind the displays and such) and reported back nothing we were looking for was here.  Mr. Stein asked what we were looking for and I admitted the sarcophagus of Solomon display.  He informed us it was in the Hall of Religion, which has better security than the Midway, where the Temple of Solomon display was located.  We exchanged contact information and he invited me to “break in on” his lectures any time.

Our plan from there was to pass through the Hall of Science, letting Riley investigate that location, while Jack and I made our way to the Hall of Religion.  That plan was delayed once we walked into the courtyard in front of the Hall of Science – there was a giant robot standing in the center of the courtyard, painted Army green.

The robot was obviously modeled on the one we fought in Svartalfheim (see Halls of the Mountain Kings for details).  Jack and I stopped in our tracks and started commenting on it.  Riley quickly realized we had seen one of these before and asked questions about it.  I answered his questions (mostly) however I wasn’t really paying attention to him but to the robot.  It was taller than the Iron Man of Svartalfheim and the head was different in shape and had a thick bundle of cables emerging from it that went over to a gas generator and control panel carried by an Army specialist standing to the side.  The three of us went over and talked to the young soldier.  After I accidentally indicated I knew more about the robot design than the engineer assigned to operate it, he and Riley fell to talking about it.  This was a prototype and wasn’t completely finished, hence the control panel and separate generator.

The Army fellow is now running the next demonstration for the crowd and Riley is watching how he controls it.  Part of me is very worried that this might be necessary knowledge.  That said, I’d rather not steal property of the United States Army from the center of the World’s Fair – I’m certain Miss Decker would very much consider that reason for termination of our employment contracts.

11:28 AM, Outside the Hall of Science
After the demonstration, we went into the Hall of Science (with Riley demanding he and I discuss the robot in detail this evening).  Just before we were to take our leave of Riley, Jack and I spotted a workman with a tattoo of the Black Sun on his arm step into a service door between two exhibits.  A Schattenkreis agent in the Hall of Science while a robot based on their stolen plans was on display outside the Hall was too much of a coincidence.  After a short discussion we went in pursuit, Riley tagging along behind us.

The door led to a service corridor behind the exhibit displays.  There were many people wearing the service uniform of the Fair going to and fro, but Jack and I spotted our quarry exit an exterior door down to the left.  We moved in pursuit, but were stopped by a service manager asking why we were there.  We explained we were AEC employees looking for the Solomon exhibit and were a bit lost – with all the witnesses, what more could we do?  He escorted us over to a wall map and took the time to explain how we could get to the Hall of Religion from there.  We thanked him and then exited the building through the door the Schattenkreis agent had exited.

This door led to a service bay for unloading…whatever needed to be unloaded.  We could no longer see the agent.  We could see a service truck slowly leaving the area, heading towards the Midway.  Jack has left to give chase while Riley and I wait here in case the agent merely ducked aside.  I’ve lost sight of Jack and the truck in the crowds.

UPDATE: Jack lost the truck in the Midway area.  We have no trail to follow, so we have to revert to our original plan.  This event is still ominous.

2:07 PM, Lagoon Theatre
We (Jack, Kurt, Bak Mu, Riley, and I) are sitting at a table in the Lagoon Theatre, waiting for the Solomon Company presentation to begin, so I’m updating my journal while I wait.  Kurt, of course, is drinking the free beer.  I’m pretending I didn’t notice Bak Mu pass his own beer coin to Kurt.

Our trip inside the Hall of Religion was somewhat chaotic due to the large crowds inside.  Lacking any signage indicating where the Solomon exhibit could be found, I had Riley give me a lift so I could see over the crowd.  There seemed to be a larger crowd in one direction and, deciding that the “actual” sarcophagus of King Solomon would be a big draw, we headed in that direction.

The crowd turned out to be for the Hall of Wonders inside the Hall of Religion.  A sign outside listing the “wonders” inside included the Tomb of Solomon.  There was a large crowd around a display in the entrance to the Hall of Wonders, so I worked my way in to see what was drawing the crowd.  I had feared it was the sarcophagus lid with the Key of Solomon ur language displayed, but my fears were unfounded – it was just the Antioch Chalice being touted as the Holy Grail.  Having recently held the chalice the myths are based on in my own hands a little over a month ago [see Big Trouble in San Francisco], I was overly, and verbally, dismissive of the Antioch Chalice, which drew the attention of a member of the crowd.  He started asking questions and I…I slipped into professor mode and started answering his questions (I kept to “official” history, avoiding any mention of the secret history I’ve learned while working for Adventure Earth).  Riley herded me along, but the man kept up and asked me what I knew about the displays as we went past them and I kept answering him.  (I skipped the part where we planted the Crystal Skull in the Mayan ruins in British Honduras.  Miss Mitchell-Hedges still does not know that her father paid us to plant it for her to find and she will not learn it from me, even indirectly.)

Once we arrived at the “Tomb of Solomon”, I will say I was impressed.  The Adventure Earth Company had created a very believable facsimile of the actual tomb, right down to the hieroglyphs on the pedestal.  The English translations were well done, but noticeably omitted that this was actually the tomb of Menelik, Solomon’s son by the Queen of Sheba, and not Solomon himself.  Showmanship at its finest.  To my eternal thanks, the sarcophagus lid was closed on the sarcophagus, the secret language hidden away.

The hanger-on from the Antioch Chalice was still with us and asking about the tomb, so I resumed answering his questions, which drew the attention of others in the crowd and I spent the better part of an hour and a half lecturing and answering questions.  During this time I occasionally noticed Jack taking pictures with a camera.  He’d been there when we discovered the tomb, so I knew he wasn’t taking pictures of the exhibit.  I eventually realized he was taking pictures of the people in the exhibit (which he later confirmed).

Eventually Riley, who had been paying attention to the time, herded me out of the Hall so we could make the Solomon Company demonstration.  When we arrived at the Lagoon Theatre there was already a long line.  We spotted Helen and Simone at the head of the line (they do tend to stand out).  The fact that they were at the head of the line was not surprising at all, but that Helen’s personal meeting was here was surprising.

Just inside the doors, those entering were given beer coins to redeem at the bar for the promised free beer.  Attendees were also asked if they wanted to join a mailing list to be kept up to date on the Solomon project, which is a building project in Arizona.  I choose not to give my name and address, but Kurt and Bak Mu did, so I should be able to keep up to date through them if it becomes necessary.

Speaking of Kurt, he arrived mostly on time and only slightly inebriated.  Apparently he roped himself into signing up for events at the rodeo – I mean “the ranch and farm exhibition” – after discovering his rival was already signed up for them.  Said rival then offered to buy lunch and drinks at the lunch break, probably knowing Kurt’s weakness to alcohol.  I’m not surprised that Kurt was distracted by this and am pleased it wasn’t just the opportunity to drink, but I’m still disappointed he failed to show at the meeting with Miss Decker.

The presentation is starting.  More later.

2:30 PM, Lagoon Theatre
Well, that was…interesting?  The Solomon Company is building a very tall building with residences, stores, offices, and other necessities like gardens inside of it.  The speaker, introduced as the Voice of Solomon, made numerous Biblical Tower of Babel references in his speech – a suspicious number of them.  To say the building is oddly shaped is an understatement – it is very tall and thin, built on the edge of a canyon, has a twist to it so the top is 45° off-set from the base, and the top is a tall, pointed pyramid with slightly concave surfaces.  Riley says there are so many things wrong with it as a building he doesn’t know where to start.  This leads me to think that maybe it isn’t a building but something else.  Kurt asked Riley if it could be spun and launched like a bullet, paralleling my own thinking.  Riley is still flabbergasted from the question.  I’m glad Kurt asked it.

There is a commotion outside – we’re going to investigate.

[The game session did not end at this point, but it also did not end at a point where Andrew could make another journal entry.  Therefore, the following happened, but Andrew won’t get a chance to actually write it down until sometime next session.]

(Shortly After)
The commotion outside was people screaming over by the Hall of Religion – screaming loud enough that we could hear them while inside a building over 2000 feet away.  Many people were milling about, so I climbed a lamp post to get a better view, looking towards the Hall of Science.  I was very concerned the Schattenkreis were stealing the Army robot, but from my new vantage point I could see the robot where it belonged and immobile.

Looking elsewhere, I could just see people in motion near the Hall of Religion, apparently fleeing the building.  As a group, we all started heading towards the Hall of Religion, Helen and Simone joining us again.  Kurt stole a bicycle and headed on with the rest of us following as best we could.

Once we cleared the Hall of Science we started facing people running in the opposite direction, away from the Hall of Religion.  The crowd was sticking to the promenade, so I circled to the left and ran along the edge of the South Lagoon, behind the exhibition buildings lining the lagoon.  This provided me with an excellent view of a storm materializing over Lake Michigan.  Not forming – materializing.

Then things got worse.

A giant copper-colored robot surfaced from the lake, directly under the storm.  It was nearly identical to the Iron Man of Svartalfheim, but larger, marking it as a new collaboration between the Dark Elves and the Schattenkreis.  And this time operating on US soil – this would not stand!  Also, the reports in the papers of missing cobalt beryllium copper and other exotic metals now made sense.

I had stopped running at this point, between the Christian Science Monitor building and the South Lagoon shore when Kurt rode back up.  His words were, “The Cat says we have to break the star and the lamps because the pointy-eared varmints are up to it again.”

By “The Cat” he meant Long Ears, the horse-sized black cat that assisted us in defeating the Dark Elves (who he was referring to when he said “pointy-eared varmints”) back in Svartalfheim.  I knew what he meant when he said the star – the Fair had touted the Arcturus Beacon, lit by the star itself and shaped like a star, sitting on top one of the support tower of the Sky Car.  I didn’t understand “the lamps” so I asked and he indicated decorative lamps of a particular style that were scattered all across the acres of fairgrounds.  I asked how many we had to destroy and he said “As many as we can.”  I don’t doubt it needs to be done, but it looking like random vandalism afterward concerns me.

Masks are going to be a necessity.

End of Session

[I'll have discussion of which dates were modified in-game for story purposes in a later post.]

Chapter 2 [Not Written Yet]

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Parks and Wrecks - Chapter 0: Dramatis Personae

Main Characters

Andrew Ezekial Crawley – red hair, blue eyes, average height, Andrew is a Ph.D. and teaches part time at Boston University.  He has worked on many archaeological digs over the past five years and has more field experience than most professional archaeologists.  Andrew has access to a secret language of power, but only minimal control.  So far.

Jack Thompson – tall, short blonde hair, safari clothes and boots, Jack is a Big Game Hunter and ex-French Foreign Legionnaire.  He excels at tracking and his quarry rarely escapes, man or beast – especially when he transforms into a mountain lion.

Kurt Morison – brown hair, tall and lanky, Kurt is the quintessential cowboy, from his beat up hat all the way down to his well-worn pair of boots.  He is quick with a gun and able to ride any beast that can support his weight.  He is also surprisingly adept and blending in and tailing people.

Simone Chevalier – a light skinned, blonde, blue-eyed bombshell pretty woman, always dressed most fashionably and her hair is never mussed.  Simone is a natural skeptic, having learned how charlatans and stage magicians performed their tricks at an early age.

Bak Mu Suzhen – a white-haired, grey-eyed Chinese man and ancient master of Bak Mei Kung Fu.

Helen A. V. B. Whitney – Medium height, red hair, green eyes, and always fashionably dressed.  Helen is one of the first women to graduate from Oxford, one of the first women to earn a Ph.D.  Her family is some of the oldest money in the United States and she has social contacts to spare.

Riley Burrell – a very good looking man with dark hair and rogue-ish smile.  He is a small legend in the aircraft industry and prides himself on his ability to drive or pilot any craft.

Supporting Cast
Colonel Yarborough – Owner of the Adventure Earth Company, the Colonel is apparently well-connected and has extensive resources at his command.  His company provides safaris and excursions to exotic parts of the globe for the wealthy, usually with a twist or a side-job for his employees.  He is rarely seen by the employees of his company, usually only on their first day with the company.

Amanda Decker – A young, shapely, blonde woman, she is Colonel Yarborough’s personal assistant, and employee’s main point of contact.  She also introduces the clients to the team that will be arranging whatever excursion the client is paying for.

Pamela – Secretary at the New York Office of Adventure Earth Company

The Chrysler Building – location of the New York Office of Adventure Earth Company

The Client
None – but this is a working vacation.

Chapter 1 [To Be Posted]

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shadowrun Skip Week

There's no session report this week as there was no game last week.  We took a week off to watch BIG HERO 6 and RED.  We watched Big Hero 6 as one of the players missed it the last time we showed it for those who missed it in the theater.  It is a very enjoyable movie and good superhero idea fodder, especially the city of San Fransokyo.

We watched Red as it is very relevant for Shadowrun inspiration and most of the group had not seen it.  I consider it part of my Gamer Geek Educational Series of movie showings.  I host one or two a year, taking a whole Saturday to show movies based on a theme and all relevant source material to gamer culture (and here I mean pen-and-paper RPG games).

Later this week I'll be posting a recap of the latest session of Pulp Hero game I'm in.  I used to post session reports for it on a couple different forums (Paizo and Fear the Boot) and then the GM didn't run for three years for valid reasons.  She resumed the game early this year, but I'm just now getting back into writing up session reports as in-character journal entries.  You can read an early one here: The Kilimanjaro Safari.  That adventure is relevant to the current one, Parks and Wrecks, and will explain the older characters' motivations.  [I'll make that a link once I have the blog posting up.]  Also, I usually make the names for the adventures as the GM doesn't always tell us what they are as they have clues in them, so if the adventure name seems corny - that's probably me, not her.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Shadowrun Report – Clean Up, Aisle Sin – Session 2

[This session happened on August 3rd and is the end of the run.  Read on for the odd happenings.]

Player Characters

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

NPC’d Characters

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)

Friday, January 10, 2076
The group started sorting through the data files Bookie and Coldpulse had lifted from the Knight Errant Forensics Lab.

Going through Detective Mannix’s notes, the first thing we found was a not saying: “Meet me at this chat room at 2:00 AM” and a Matrix address.  The timestamp implied it was added DURING the time Bookie and Coldpulse were stealing the file.  Paranoia levels were starting to run high at this point.

The group quickly worked out that Knight Errant's leading theory is that the incident at the Tacoma Ferry Terminal was somehow gang related.  The dwarf was shot by the person on the Boathouse roof, who also shot the person meeting with the dwarf.  They think the person meeting with the dwarf was able to shoot the sniper despite being seriously wounded and then escaped in a vehicle.  None of the security cameras at the ferry terminal covered any of the action nor which vehicle the third person left in as several vehicles left at that time and none of those have a wounded person driving.  They clearly have no idea Prometheus was involved.

Concerned that the sniper might have cybernetics that would allow a recording to be stored on him, the group shifted focus to the case file from the coroner’s office.  It was immediately clear (if you know what to look for) that the report has been altered, redacting the cybernetics listing and identity of the sniper.  Bookie checked the file and worked out that Detective Mannix himself had altered the file.  This suggested some level of corporate involvement, probably by Federated-Boeing, to avoid being publicly involved.

The file on the dwarf had also been tampered with.  The name listed was Donald Micsapper, and most of the rest of the data from his SIN has been deleted.  This was both disturbing and comforting – neither corporation involved wants to be linked to this and would rather it disappear as gang activity.  They have the pull to get evidence squashed and altered by the investigating detective.  This means they will probably not push Knight Errant to actually find Sin.  We hope.

The group started discussing options on how to eliminate the blood evidence.  It was quickly decided that the most certain method was to infiltrate the Forensics Office and do it ourselves and by “ourselves” we meant “Void would do it”.

Bookie hacked back into the system and retrieved a floorplan of the Forensics Office and secured access to the security camera system.  The offices close at 5:00 PM, so we decided to wait until 7:00 PM before breaking in.  Things would be quiet and the security guards would be settling to some serious slacking by then.

7:00 PM
Void, now invisible by way of a spell from Murdoc and with one of Sin’s Fly-Spies riding passenger, ran up a side wall of the Forensics Office and lightly jumped down into to fenced off back area of the building.  She picked the lock to enter the back door, with Bookie looping the video feed so the door opening by itself was never recorded.  Void then made her way into the evidence storage area (bypassing a guard walking the hallway).  The only trouble she faced was opening the mag-locks in order to bypass them – it had been so long since they had seen maintenance that they tended to make popping noises when the case was removed [which was the only reasonable explanation for the very low Sneaking checks Void made].

Once in the lab, Void found all of the blood evidence for Sin’s case and dumped it into a sink, along with any other vials that happened to be on the same sample rack.  She then poured ammonia down the drain with the blood and spritzed the inside of the vials themselves with ammonia.  Satisfied she had spoiled the DNA evidence, she then went about obscuring exactly which case she was interested in by swapping labels on a couple dozen vials.  She refilled the vials she had emptied with tap water and put them back.  [Life would suck for the lab technicians in the morning.]

After relocking the cabinets, Void exited the lab and attempted to leave out the back.  Unfortunately, three of the five guards on duty were loitering in the hallway here, chatting about sports.  Void would have to walk right among them to get by and she was not confident the invisibility spell would hold against that kind of direct observance.  Looking at the AR map of the building (provided by Bookie), she backed around a corner and debated attempting the front doors.  There was a guard at a desk there and he’d notice the door opening as she left, assuming the door was unlocked.  If the front doors were locked there was no way she could pick one without that being noticed and all five guards going alert.

Speaking of the fifth guard, at this point he walked in through the front door.  This indicated the door was unlocked, so Void started psyching herself up to boldly walk out through the front door.

Then the fifth guard shot the desk guard with a heavy pistol!

The rest of the Pleiades Group was watching the video feeds as Bookie was streaming them to the team.  This made everyone sit up.  Prometheus recognized non-lethal Stick-n-Shock ammunition being used and he relayed this to Void through Bookie.  The Fin then told Bookie to focus in on the fifth guard’s face.  She and Prometheus recognized him as a Mafia hitter (in fact, Prometheus had worked with him before and had his phone number).  Prometheus told Void to stay out of the guy’s way as he was not police.  Bookie asked if he should delete the close up video of the guy’s face and Prometheus said yes and please loop the data so he doesn’t appear while in the building.

The mob hitter (Rocko) made his way to where the guards were loitering in the back hallway.  He chatted at them as he approached and then shot them all with the Stick-n-Shock ammo.  Void then walked towards the front to exit the building.  Prometheus texted Rocko to let him know a friendly was leaving the building and that the video was being looped so Rocko would not appear on camera.  Rocko texted back “Thanks”.  Void walked out of the building, recovered her motorcycle, and drove away.

Saturday, January 11, 2076
2:00 AM
Bookie went to the chatroom the note in Detective Mannix's casefile had indicated.  Coldpulse was backing him up.  With paranoia running high, Bookie stealthed into the chatroom while running silent.  The only thing in the chatroom was an ARO sign saying, “That was a mistake.”  Its timestamp was right after Void exited the Forensics Lab.  Bookie immediately jacked out.

End of Session

[So, that wasn’t suspicious at all.]

[The players think that the ARO in the chatroom suggests that the other decker is corporate, not Knight Errant, but we don’t know who the decker might work for.  As this was the end of this run (by the other GM) and I’m running the next run, the PCs won’t find out for some time, if ever at all.]

[As I’ll be running the next run, I asked how much time the players want to scroll forward.  They were all interested in letting at least a month go by so they could heal/finish initiating/get restricted gear that was on order.  Therefore, the next run will occur on or after February 11th, 2076.  This works for me as well as the meta-plot with the 4th Corporate war will enter a new phase at the end of January when RiddleNetics starts counter-bidding against FHM’s acquisition of Aquamatics, a water filtration company with large contracts in the Middle East but suffering from inadequate funding to update and expand its facilities.  FHM, newly flush with cash, doesn’t like this at all - time to hire shadowrunners!]

[Also, there will be no game next week as we are taking a cultural break to watch Movies Gamers Should Know.  Most of the group hasn’t seen the movie RED, starting Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich, and really, it’s a movie about retired government shadowrunners so it should be required viewing for anyone playing a cyberpunk-style game.  After that we’ll watch Big Hero Six as one of the group hasn’t seen it and the rest of us are very willing to see it again - it's good fun!.  As a result, I’ll have to write up something else for the post on the 17th.  I think I still have a cheat sheet I haven't typed up yet, so that may be what gets posted.]

Session 1