Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Status Update

So last game session was a character making session for a hiatus campaign during the hiatus in the previous hiatus campaign from the Barrowmaze campaign hiatus [see the sidebar to download the Barrowmaze Using ACKS Session Notes or here to read through on this blog].  We will be playing through the Shattered Star adventure path using Pathfinder 1E.  I think we will play through the first part of the adventure over the next month or two, possibly 3, until I can get ahead on my adventure writing for the Delvers Guild campaign.  I need to write up the remaining available gate locations and some other stuff before the players get to them and that will take more time than I have on a weekly basis right now.

Did I mention we're all playing Ratfolk?  More on that in later posts.

As we didn't actually play last week and might finish character builds this week (two of the players were missing last week), I didn't want to leave y'all hanging with no posts.  If you'd like something to read in the interim, please try my other blog Adventures in the Green, where I'm chronicling a monthly campaign I'm running while fiddling with the OD&D rules.  I've returned to Dyson's Delve as most of the players in this group were not part of the group that played through it nearly 10 years ago.  Session 1 has been posted in two parts and Session 2, Part 1, should post later this week.

I'm writing my own OD&D clone (called Adventures in the Green, naturally), highlighting the odd aspects of what is actually in the original rules and adding some additional bits that seem like natural fits (like the Fatality Table and the Tampering with Mortality tables from Adventurer, Conqueror, King System).  The first part of what I'm doing is re-organizing the existing rules because, dear lord, they are a mess.  Greyharp's Single Volume Edition [Google it - I'm not certain about the propriety of posting a link directly to it] is helpful here, but I'm also adding some things from the Supplement I and Greyharp only did the three LBB.

Finally, I'm giving serious thought to turning on the Google ads feature on this blog.  I've resisted doing so for a long while, but to be frank, I could use a little extra income right now, even if it is just a trickle.  I'll be investigating the options and controls over the next couple of weeks, but I will likely activate the ads sometime in November.  Let me know if you have any opinions on the subject, especially if you've done the same.  I'd like to hear if there are any pitfalls to avoid.


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