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Session Report – Barrowmaze – Session 25

[More explorations in search of the captured mongrel men leaders…right into a patrol!]

[Also?  SPOILERS!  This series will spoil what’s in Barrowmaze, so take that into consideration before reading.]

PCs (The Revengers)
Godric – male Dwarven Craftpriest (3nd level Craftpriest)
Daphne – female human Blade-Sister (5th level Bladedancer)
Boris the Fighter – male human Exemplar (5th level Fighter)
Adam – male human Magician (4th level Mage)
Hrglclxin [pronounced her-gull-klack sin] – male human Outrider (2nd level Explorer)

Dergos – male human guide, still sold on the glory of adventuring, hired by Boris
‘Len – professional torchbearer, full name is Morgullen, but he never uses it, hired by Boris
Vorgand – female human porter, a university student earning coin, hired by Daphne
Nolig – male human porter, hired by Hrglclxin
Proximo – male human Footpad, Godric’s henchman
Verya [pronounced Vir-uh] – female human Woman-at-Arms (1st level Fighter) , hired for 1/3 share of any treasure

Hernesday, July 22nd, 1st year of the reign of King Vladik the Gamesman
Wanting to get more information on the pool of black water [Barrow 7], Boris went to the Shrine of St. Ygg shortly after dawn.  This early, only the half-orc acolyte Gamdar was in the shrine.  Boris showed Gamdar the vial of black water and explained where he retrieved it.  Gamdar took the vial and briskly told Boris the shrine will get back to him tomorrow.  Boris accepted this and headed over to the Mercenary Guild to meet up with the rest of the Revengers.

At the guild building, the Revengers met up with Dergos, ‘Len, Vorgand, and Nolig from the guild and Verya, who recently joined the group for a third of a share of any loot found.  The expedition headed south, into the Barrowmoor.  On the way to the barrows, 12 giant vultures started circling the group.  This made the adventurers uneasy and they attempted to evade the vultures to little avail…until the vultures were drawn away by something already dead and ripe.  [The players failed their evade check, even with an Explorer in their party, but the vultures rolled a 1 on their pursuit check.  I ruled they were distracted by something else they could eat.]

Arriving at the field of barrows, the adventurers made their way directly to Barrow 35, taking the stairs in the pedestal down into Barrowmaze itself.  With their path through Room 207 cut off by the portcullis, they opted to search elsewhere.  They took a northerly corridor, taking the first passage to the right, hoping to find a long way around the portcullis.  This passage ended with a door on the right and the left wall.  They opted to open the door on the right [to Room 195].  The octagonal room beyond the door was empty except for detritus, with a passage out the eastern wall.  Boris borrowed Hrglclxin’s staff and used it to prod the floor as he moved through the room and down the far passage.

This passage eventually split, with a massage heading south while the main passage continued east a bit and then ended with a bricked up passage.  Not wanting to open up anything just yet, Boris to the southern passage, continuing to probe ahead of him, which is how he discovered the hidden pit trap.  As the pit was the width of the passage [and no one had planks to cross it], the group decided to check out the bricked passage now.  Boris broke out the sledge hammer and started bashing the brick wall.  After 10 minutes, he was just breaking down it down and getting a glance into the chamber beyond, when a patrol of necromancers and undead arrived in the room behind them!

Boris dropped the sledgehammer and charged back down the line of adventurers, drawing his enchanted axe as he ran.  He chopped the lead zombie in half, but failed to connect with the next one.  Half the acolytes cast Magic Missile at Boris while the other half cast Shield.  Hrglclxin shot one of the leaders with an arrow spoiling his spellcasting, but the other leader cast web, entrapping Boris and Godric inside it.  The rest of the party used ranged attacks to get past the webbing.  Adam cast Magic Missile at the necromancers…which also lit the Web on fire, burning Boris and Godric severely.  The gambit paid off when Boris charged into the middle of the necromancers and started cleaving them.  Eventually, only the patrol leader was left and he bolted…or attempted to bolt, but was run down and subdued.  [First use of non-lethal damage in the campaign.]

The adventurers split tasks, some looting the bodies of the necromancers, the others healing the injured [Boris and Godric were both heavily injured].  Any robes that were still in good condition were taken for later use infiltrating the necromancer temple.  Once those tasks were done, the necromancer patrol leader was woken up and questioned.  He gave them the rough location of the mongrel men slaves and the password for the temple in exchange for being escorted to the surface and let free.

Down on spells and healing magic and full of loot [because I mis-read how much the patrol should have had while on patrol], the group decided to return to Helix.  In town they sold the gems and magic items looted from the necromancers [which provided enough experience for everyone but Boris to level].  Adam sent a letter to the bookshop in Ironguard Motte, requesting a scroll of Web be located and held for his purchase.  Godric talked with Karg at the Axe and Barrel, asking for him to locate an enchanted mace or Warhammer or an enchanted set of platemail for him.  Karg agreed to this.

End of Session

[Not much to say about this, other than the fight with the necromancers was more involved than recorded here, but my notes were not as detailed as I was running the fight.  A couple days later I located how much treasure the necromancers should have had on them, so I know for later.  No regrets.]

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