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Session Report – Under the Mountain – Session 6

[This session happened January 30th, 2017.  The Other GM was running.]

[This is the first half of the actual run – the extraction!  It does NOT go according to plan.]

Void – female night elf physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Moondance – male street samurai with an Ares fetish and a sniper specialization
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
Wasabi – young male human mage with more than a touch of ADHD
Ezekial Tee – male human mage of the Zoroastrian tradition

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser

Sunday, June 1, 2076
9:00 PM
Prometheus arrived in the Puyallup neighborhood where the underground lab was located.  Prometheus took his time cautiously and slowly getting up on top of a building that overlooked the street in front of the hidden labs cover building.  It also had a view of the separate Aztechnology security building a block away from the lab location.  Once on the roof, he set up a concealed sniper’s nest and took position.  By 10:00 PM he was ready and watching.  [This was run as an extended Stealth test and generated 9 successes.  The location of the security building was provided by Hercules Mulligan in the meeting in Session 4.  It wasn't in my notes in that session as the GM gave us a handout map of the area with important areas labeled, so I missed listing it.]

10:00 PM
Hercules Mulligan's shift at elevator security started.  Once the three-person security team was settled in, Hercules Mulligan plugged the remote access he'd been given into the lab's security system at his workstation and activated it.

Monday, June 2, 2076
2:00 AM
The rest of the team arrived at their respective trigger points for the run.

2:40 AM
Ezekiel Tee cast Improved Invisibility on himself and walked over to a residential building across a field from the lab’s cover building.  He then proceeded to slowly spray paint graffiti on the residential building.  This triggered the Aztechnology watcher spirit on the roof of the lab’s cover building.  It focused all of its attention on Ezekiel Tee and reported his activity to its master.

2:42 AM
Hercules Mulligan signaled that Ezekiel Tee’s distraction was working.  Security was aware of Ezekiel Tee and monitoring him, but otherwise not particularly alert.  Bookie sleazed his way into the lab’s camera system [using the remote access point] and started quietly looping the lab’s cameras.

2:45 AM
The infiltration team of Void, Wasabi, Moondance, and Killroy moved up to the front door of the Verizon commlink store that was the cover for the lab’s entrance, each carrying a dirt board and their gear.  It took Void 12 whole seconds to pick the lock due to higher quality interior security electronics than the cover suggested [this really was the longest it had ever taken her to pick a lock in game].  The team carefully avoided the pressure plate in front of the door as they walked in.

Void worked her way past the interior locks to the back room of the store.  There she deactivated the security on the concealed elevator down to the lab.  Hercules Mulligan signaled the elevator was clear. [He was watching the cameras devoted to the elevator in the security office, per his cover.  He just wasn’t mentioning to the other two guards that a team of shadowrunners had infiltrated the building.]

Void forced open the elevator doors and entered the elevator car while Killroy held the doors open.  She then opened the emergency exit hatch and climbed to the roof of the elevator car.  The rest of the team followed her to the roof of the elevator car while she hotwired the controls from the roof.

2:50 AM
Ezekiel Tee finished painting graffiti and walked away.  He spent the next 10 minutes performing counter-surveillance maneuvers to avoid being tailed before heading a waiting escape car.  He waited there for Prometheus to join him later.

Inside the elevator shaft, Void triggered the elevator controls to take the elevator down to the lowest floor of the lab, the third floor, so the team could easily exit from the roof to the second floor of the lab.  The elevator descended to the first floor of the lab and stopped cold.


Concerned about this [in a panic that they’d been caught, really], the team looked around and down past the elevator car to see what the problem was.  Welded into place were stops, preventing the elevator from descending any further – those were NOT on the provided map, which clearly showed the elevator having access to all three floors of the lab.  

Peeved that Hercules Mulligan [cough, the GM] had failed to mention this [the GM swore he'd mentioned it during the first session A MONTH AGO], the team climbed around the outside of the elevator car to get to the second floor doors.  Where the second floor doors should have been there was a wall instead.  Great.

Improvising, Wasabi cast a Sound Barrier encompassing the area where the doors should have been.  Killroy started cutting through using the monofilament chainsaw he had with him.  [It was for later, after the target was grabbed, which is why he had one on him.]  The rest of the team was on edge, hoping the debris being spit out on the other side of the wall wasn’t noticed before they broke through and could do something about it.  In this case, the team was lucky – no one was walking about the hallways of the residence level of the lab.  [Bookie had already looped the cameras in this area as this was part of the planned route for the team.]

Once through the wall, Wasabi sent the plant spirit with him to locate the target.  While it was doing that, Wasabi concentrated on erasing his astral signature from the Sound Barrier spell.  The spirit reported it couldn’t enter the target’s room, it was warded.  Wasabi reported this fact to the team.  Void had the team be quiet and listened carefully.  She heard no one else moving around in the hallways.  She led the team to the door of the target’s residence.  Moondance prepped his pistol loaded with tranq bullets.  Once he was ready, Void used her autopick on the door and popped it door open.  Moondance rushed into the room and tranqed the only person he found in the room.  It was the target, Dr. Zoe Berganza.

Wasabi checked the target out for magic on her person.  He found no spells but spotted a focus on her person.  He removed that from her and set it on a nearby table.  Killroy set the mage bag down outside the warded area and entered the room.  Inside he picked up the target and carried her out of her residence and into the hallway.  He then placed her into the warded mage bag, placed the rebreather mask over her face, activated the NeuroStun feed, and zipped up the bag.  He then slung the bag over his shoulder and adjusted it until he was satisfied it wouldn't fall off.  [Killroy is very strong.]

With Bookie looping the rest of the cameras in the hallways, the team made its way around the floor to the back stairs [instead of cutting through the interior walls to avoid the cameras].  As they headed down the stairs to the third floor, Bookie contacted the team and reported the security spider had finally noticed the camera loops and was in control of the camera ahead of them in the lab.  Luckily, there was a low wall partially blocking the camera’s view of the exit point.  Mostly.  It would notice if Wasabi cast Looking Glass to find the exact spot above the lab’s outflow air vent, so they were going to have to make a best guess.

Wasabi cast Improved Invisibility on Killroy, who then slid the portable door charge over the estimated location of the outflow air vent.  Wasabi then cast Silence Barrier over the charges and ordered the earth elemental with him to muffle the blast waves as much as possible.  Moondance readied the lube grenades to drench the stairs behind the team, making them impossible to safely use.  Killroy then triggered the portable door.

While silent, the blast wave was poorly muffled and triggered an alarm [it probably tripped several alarms, but as far as the infiltration team cared one alarm was enough].  Moondance tossed the lube grenades on the landing and stairs behind the team, making them nigh frictionless.  Killroy moved forward through the dust cloud from the blast to see if the charge had cut through to the outflow air vent.  It mostly had [it was just a bit off-center] and Killroy could jump down into vent!  He did so and then deployed his dirt board.  The vent was a little over 1.5 m in diameter and Killroy was taller than that, so boarding down the vent was easier and faster than walking hunched over.  [The other plan for the dirt boards was to pile unconscious PCs on them to be towed if it came to that.  We were just as happy to not need to do that.]

The rest of the team piled into the outflow air vent, which was sucking the dust cloud into it.  Moondance tossed a smoke grenade and the last lube grenade on the approach to the breach to slow down the approaching security guards he could hear.  He then jumped down into the vent and started boarding forward, carefully listening behind him for the guards.  There was little room to dodge bullets in the vent if the guards found it and decided to shoot rather than pursue, so he was a bit "concerned".

Up on the surface, Prometheus noticed an Aztechnology HRT deploy from the security building to the end of the street that ran in front of the target building [and was the infiltration teams planned exit route].  When they started pulling a large spike strip from the back of their vehicle, Prometheus fired an anti-vehicular missile from his Onotari Interceptor at them, ready for just this eventuality.  The missile took the HRT team [and their vehicle] out with a direct hit.  Prometheus then switched over to his Ares Alpha and started looking for other hostiles [missiles are freaking expensive].  He also warned Sin that an alarm had obviously gone off.  Sin put the escape vehicle into motion from its parked spot a couple blocks away.

Underground, the team reached the HVAC facility.  Killroy used the monofilament chainsaw to cut his way out of the vent as speed was of the essence.  Void was right behind him, with Wasabi immediately following.  Moondance was firing some suppressive fire back down the air vent when he arrived, doing his best to make the guards hesitant to follow the team.  The team switched over to the correct surface vent and started climbing.

When the team reached the concealed exit for the surface vent, two things happened: Prometheus saw an Aztechnology sniper step out onto the roof of a nearby building with a clear line of fire on the team and an air elemental boiled up out of the air vent and started attacking the infiltration team.

Prometheus and the sniper exchanged shots before Prometheus launched two thermal smoke grenades onto the roof near the Aztechnology sniper, blocking his line of sight.  Down on the ground, Killroy and Moondance fought the manifested air elemental.  They managed to send it back to the spirit world just as Sin remotely drove the getaway car up next to the infiltration team.  The team piled into the car and it took off past the burning wreckage of the HRT vehicle.

While making his own escape, Prometheus was shot by the sniper [for 9 Physical Damage!] when he was caught out between points of cover.  Prometheus slid down the backside of the building he was on using a prepared rope.  He slapped a patch over his wound and took off on foot to where Ezekiel Tee was waiting in their escape vehicle.  Once Prometheus was in the car, Ezekiel Tee took off and drove the car through a roundabout path to the safe house.  During the ride, Prometheus attached his [Rating 6] Medkit to himself and let it do its thing to stop his bleeding during the ride.  [Hope they doesn’t get ambushed!]

End of Session

[You might notice that Prometheus was originally on the infiltration team in the planning phase, but isn’t here.  At the last minute, we realized that if both sniper characters went inside the lab (Moondance and Prometheus), there would be no one available to provide over watch.  So we subbed Killroy in for Prometheus and put Prometheus on over watch.  Good choice as it turned out.]

[Yes, Wasabi could have used the earth elemental to assist in placing the portable door charge for the air vent.  In the heat of the moment, no one thought of that.  In fact, I only thought of it while I was typing this session up.  Hindsight is 20-20.  Something to remember for next time.]

[Next session the teams make their separate ways to the safe house and hole up to withstand whatever onslaught Aztechnology will unleash.]

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Session 7 [Not Yet Written]

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