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Session Report – Under the Mountain – Session 1

[I’m reaching back into my notes archive for this one.  This session happened December 5th, 2016.  The Other GM was running.  As it has been a year since we played, I might be missing some details, but that’s life.  Also, it is short.]

[I have skipped one run since the last session report I posted.  I might go back and write it up later, but the odds are low, mostly due to the skimpy-ness of my notes and the amount of time that has passed.  I only bring it up for two reasons: we did a character re-spec before it and we swapped out some characters.  The Fin was replaced by Wasabi, and Bookie was made an NPC and replaced by Moondance.  Wasabi’s player reverts to playing The Fin almost immediately after this run, but Moondance hangs around.  Also, Void is now an actual elf with body-shaping PA powers and Sin and Prometheus received equipment upgrades.  Also-also, Murdoc’s player moved away and had to drop from the game, which we all regret.]

Void – female night elf physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Moondance – male street samurai with an Ares fetish and a sniper specialization [new character]
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
Wasabi – young male human mage with more than a touch of ADHD [new character]
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)

Monday, May 25, 2076
Moondance was contacted by his father, Sundance, who is a Johnson for Ares [referred to after this as The Johnson].  The Johnson wants a target extracted by the Pleiades Group from a corporate facility on June 1st.  The target’s brain must not be damaged as data is to be extracted.  The pay was high [430,000¥ plus a 10,000¥ expense account] due to the target being unaware and located inside a secret, underground, Aztechnology lab in Puyallup!  On top of this, while it was recommended that the extraction happen after 2:00 AM, the drop-off will happen at 8:00 PM in a park in Bellevue, meaning the Pleiades Group will have to sit on the target until the drop while Aztechnology magically scours the city for retrieval of their personnel and revenge.  No pressure.

Moondance accepted the job and brought the job particulars back to the Pleiades office [located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Downtown].  He consulted with Prometheus and the two of them put together a team and started sketching out a plan.

Additional details on the job include:

  • Details on the lab (two floors above ground, three floors below, ~50 personnel)
  • Map of surrounding area (most secretly owned by Aztechnology)
  • Name of the target, with picture (Zoe Berganza – female human Awakened researcher)
  • Name of inside contact (Hercules Mulligan – male human on security team)

We spent the rest of the session trying to get a grip on what we didn’t know but needed to know.  We decided we needed more information about the HVAC system for the underground lab.  We also needed to contact our inside man (Hercules Mulligan) about connecting an external access point to the lab’s matrix systems so Bookie could hack in and get us some floor plans and the security layout.

Tuesday, May 26, 2076
We sent Hercules Mulligan an external access point via a courier drop.  He agreed to have it up and running during his next shift, Wednesday night.

End of Session

[So a hallmark of this run was a lot of planning and brainstorming on how we were going to pull this one off.  We were very concerned with the fact we would have to sit on the target for a while, during which time Aztechnology would be actively searching for her and us.  As the megacorporation with lots of magic and the most fearsome reputation on revenge, keeping our involvement secret was our highest priority, followed only by keeping the target hidden and alive.]

[One other thing: it took us a couple of sessions to put the pieces together, but we (the players) are fairly certain that the Johnson on this run (Sundance) is the same guy Prometheus shot at the end of the Urban Surfin’ run for intercepting the delivery of the case.  We very much hope this run is not his revenge on us.]

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UPDATE: Corrected some formatting to match my style guide and changed meeting with Hercules Mulligan to sending him the access point.  Reading in later notes I realized we don't meet face-to-face until later in the run.

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