Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Novel Status Update and Resumption of Blog Posts

So I reached an agreement with Atlas Games on licensing their Over the Edge IP for Getting Educated, the novel I'm writing.  More accurately, the novel I started in 2009 and set aside until earlier this year when I finally returned to it.  I finally worked out where the story was going after a particularly knotty wall of writer's block on the subject and resumed writing.  I'm now over 45,000 words total, with a target of ~70,000 words by the time I finish the first draft.  I've set myself a deadline of the end of April 2018 for draft completion, which is very do-able.

When I get closer to 60,000 words (or the end of January, whichever comes first), I will start releasing it in ~1500-word chunks per week on Royal Road Legends.  I'll post links here as things go live there.  I have an account set up, but I'm not certain I want to keep that user name or use something closer to my actual name or something based on this blog's title.  I'll hammer that out by the end of this month.

My plan was to open a Patreon account when I started posting content on Royal Road Legends, but with the current kerfluffle about their new patron fees, I find I need to review that decision.  I may start on Patreon and then move to a different service when a good replacement becomes obvious.  Patreon looks to provide value to me by showing me what I need to do for that style of interaction, but they don't seem to really understand their own value or how people use their service.  I'm still evaluating options.  Push comes to shove, a PayPal tipjar might do in a pinch.

UPDATE: Patreon has reversed course on the new fees.  Read more here.

To avoid getting stalled on writing, when ever I hit a block with Getting Educated I switch over to a series of fantasy short stories I'm writing on the side.  It's D&D 4th Edition fan-fic using an original character named Epikydes and is fun and light.  Bouncing between that and Getting Educated helps keep me writing on my writing days.  I might post the Epikydes stories over on RRL.  We'll see.

Finally, I will resume posting my Shadowrun session summaries mid- to late-next week.  I don't have the exact day set, but Thursday seems likely to be accurate.  I have notes to work from for two complete runs and the run we are currently working, so there is plenty of material for me to write up, which is good as the holidays have been playing havoc with our gaming schedule.

That's it for now.  See you again on no later than the 21st!

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