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Shadowrun Report – A Dwarf in Need – Session 5

[This session happened on June 1st.  So those ethics questions in mention last time?  The group doubled-down on the stakes this session.]

Player Characters

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Murdoc – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

NPC’d Characters

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat (and apparently machineguns)

Sunday, December 29, 2075
7:00 PM
The grenade in the moving truck exploded with great force, (mostly) contained by the walls of the truck.  A gout of flame and fury erupted from the rear of the truck, but Prometheus was well under cover and not affected.  Sin’s duelist drone inside the hidden compartment in the truck was slightly scorched but the damage was all cosmetic.

Realizing that with the team deployed to protect Sam and find the threat in the garage, Bookie in the group’s HQ was exposed, The Fin ordered Sin to send Susan (Sin’s Steel Lynx tank drone, armed with a machine gun) to protect Bookie.  Sin ordered the drone to do so immediately and, with a squeal of tires, it rushed through the underground passage between the underground garage and the under floors of the home, sending house staff scrambling out of the way.

Sin ordered Prometheus to search the garage for any more intruders.  She also sent Void to assist in the search and to avoid having Prometheus damage the collection of expensive cars in the garage.  [The Fin was already considering some of those cars hers.]  Prometheus, backed up by Sin’s duelist drone quickly searched the other three moving trucks parked in the garage by entering them and slicing the back of the cargo areas open.  Finding no hidden compartments, Prometheus was ready to start searching the sports cars.  Void arrived just as Prometheus was about to smash open a window on a Bugatti to access the truck release lever.  “Wait!” she called out.  Prometheus paused and Void tried the door handle.  It was unlocked.  “Hunh.  You’re good,” was Prometheus’ only reply before reaching in to pull the truck release.

Meanwhile, Sin launched his Lockheed Optic-X2 (with thermographic sensors) to look for unexplained heat sources in the large, cavernous garage.  After several minutes of searching he located a person-sized heat source deeper in the garage.  Sin informed Prometheus and Void of this and the three-member search team (Prometheus, Void, and Sin's duelist) started moving toward the heat source.  Moving his flying drone to get a better look at the heat source, Sin was able to determine it was underneath one of the vehicles in the collection.

Prometheus stopped advancing and laid down between two cars in the row to get a line-of-sight on the heat source.  With the telescopic and low-light modifications in his cybereyes, Prometheus was able to recognize the person hiding as a decker [who was busily rebooting her deck after jacking out at the end of the duel with Bookie].  Prometheus took aim and fired a short burst from his SCK Model 100 submachine gun.  Prometheus hit the decker, but failed to kill her.  [I made a lousy roll and barely hit.]

The decker, realizing she was exposed, scrambled up from under the vehicle and took cover behind one of the tires.  [The car was jacked up similar to a monster truck, but without the grossly over-sized tires.]  Sin’s duelist drone and Void rushed the place where the decker was hiding and the duelist quickly killed the decker.  By the time Prometheus caught up, Void had searched the body of the elf woman, finding a Hermes Chariot cyberdeck, a Fichetti 600 Security pistol, some chewing gum, and the empty wrappers of some power bars.  Prometheus reported this back to The Fin and then he and Void resumed searching the garage to clear it of threats.

Elsewhere, Killroy had located the steward and attempted to question her.  Long-story-short, she ended up unconscious and Killroy had to carry her back to the group HQ.  The Fin had Killroy come swap guard position on Sam with her so she could wake up and question the steward.  The Fin attached a med kit to the steward and let it do its thing.  The med kit treated her concussion and reported the steward would wake up in three hours.

Having finished clearing the garage, Prometheus and Void returned to the group HQ and turned the elf’s cyberdeck over to Bookie.  Bookie hacked into the cyberdeck and started sorting through the data it contained.  This took some time, but he was able to eventually determine that there was a third member of the runner team the decker and rigger belonged to and they were scheduled to meet up with their client Monday at midnight in a soccer field.  [The GM didn't give us the exact location, so I don't have it, but it didn't seem to be very far away from Sam's home.]

With no other active threats, the group relaxed security so Sam could continue going about his business.

Monday, December 30, 2075
1:00 PM
Alarms in the house started going off in a pattern that suggested a home invasion.  Prometheus immediately checked the monitors from all of Sin’s drones, looking for the threat.  He saw none, but noticed one of the drones appeared on a control panel, jumping up and down on the controls.  Prometheus asked where that drone was and Sin, with some embarrassment in his voice, admitted it was inside Sam’s safe room.  Prometheus immediately stopped caring about the alarm and asked Sin to withdraw the drone so the alarm would stop going off.

Meanwhile, The Fin moved into the room Sam was in to provide direct security only to find him looking confusedly at his commlink.  It seemed to be showing that Sam was in the safe room, which he clearly wasn’t.  At this point Prometheus informed The Fin over the group channel that it was a false alarm due to Sin sending a drone into the safe room and Sin was now withdrawing the drone.  On Sam’s commlink, the screen blinked and then cleared and the alarm stopped.  Sam shrugged and went back to doing what he had been doing.  The Fin left the room and then had words with Sin about the situation.

Murdoc, Void, and Prometheus went to the client meeting at the soccer field the other runner team had with their client.  Murdoc was using physical mask to appear as the female elf decker, Prometheus was hidden in the attic of a nearby refreshment stand with his sniper rifle, and Void was covering an expected avenue of retreat the client might make use of if things turned violent.

At the meeting time, a car with three people in it arrived.  One was a very well dressed human in a suit, the other two were burly orcs, also in suits, but not as high quality.  Prometheus recognized these three as members of the Seattle mafia, although he could not identify exactly which family they belonged to.

[At this point Void’s player asked if we were going to get paid twice for killing Sam after the protection job was done.  I said, “Yes.  Yes we are.”]

Murdoc started the conversation with, “The mission was compromised – your team is dead.”  This made the mobster cautious, but he only said he was disappointed.  Murdoc then asked when the contract was due and what did it pay?  After some additional talking (including showing photographic proof the other team was dead), the mobster seemed to be willing to accept a new team, but wanted proof we were good enough to do the job.  Prometheus asked Murdoc to have the mobster hold his hat up.  Murdoc relayed the request.  When the mobster did so, Prometheus shot a hole through the crown in such a way that the hole would not be seen when the mobster put the hat back on.  [I used Edge before the roll, adding four dice, and had several 6’s explode, providing 11 successes.  It turned out to be a good shot.]

Accepting the demonstration, the mobster said the job was worth 40,000¥ and required both photographic proof of death and the ring on Sam’s right index finger.  The mobster then gave Murdoc a card with a contact number and told Murdoc to contact him after the job was done to arrange a payment meeting.

End of Session

[I think the thing with the drone in the safe room was at Void's request, but I stepped away from the table for a moment and missed the reason for it.]

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