Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Notes about Prometheus

Typing up the notes for Session 7, it occurred to me that Prometheus (my character) was doing some stuff that might need some explaining.

Prometheus is heavily cybered, with an Essence of only 0.85.  He has Aluminum Bone Lacing, Cybereyes (with Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-light Vision, Smartlink, and Vision Magnification), Cyber ears (with Audio Enhancement 1, Damper, Select Sound Filter 4, Sound Link, and Spatial Recognizer), Alphaware Muscle Replacement 2, a R6 Cyber Commlink, and a Bioware Synaptic Booster.

He is the team gun combat specialist, with the highest initiative and being able to shoot virtually any weapon made with some level of skill.  He is a complete disaster in a social situation, very similar to Leon, from The Professional.

This is a bit one dimensional for a character, but as an occasional GMPC, he works fine.  When I’m running the game, the other players tell him what to do and he does it, otherwise he sits back and lets them shine.  When I’m playing, he defers to the other players until the shooting starts, then he works hard to keep his team safe by making the other team dead.

The other GMPC is Killroy and he is built along similar lines so to not be critical while the other GM is running, but he is the strongman with a narrower range of weapon skills.  We talked this out during character creation so the team would always have a heavy, even when one of was running and our character goes NPC for the run or is just unavailable.

When I'm running the game, I tend to have Prometheus be initially unavailable for the run, to get the players to see what the job is and make a plan.  If that plan requires Prometheus, he becomes available.  If not, Prometheus stays off stage.  This seems the most equitable way for the characters the GMs run to be handled.

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