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Shadowrun Session Report – The Pickup – Session 03

[This session happened on December 29, 2014.  Murdock’s player missed the session but told us to put his character to use as necessary.  We had his character sheet, so that worked.]

Player Characters
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia (low level physical adept), posh and elegant

Bookie – male elf alcoholic hacker, favors whiskey with a whiskey chaser

Killroy – male human street samurai, specializes in hand-to-hand combat

Void – female human physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily

Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it

NPC’d Characters
Murdock – male elf kilt-wearing street mage, at home with the hobos

Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm

Thursday, November 14, 2075
Prometheus spent this day in the Redmond Barrens practicing with his brand new grapple gun.  He located two points representative of the shot he was going to make in order to practice.  After a day of doing so, he felt confident he would be able to make the shot the next morning.

Sin contacted Kaylee, a mechanic he works with, to see if she could find him a vehicle for the run.  She asked for the specifics and when he needed it and then told him she’d get back with him.  While waiting, Sin spent the morning doing a few time trials to get a feel for the traffic he would be driving through to make the delivery.  He was confident that there would be enough time to make the delivery time with time to spare.  He also scouted out a few places to park the getaway vehicle that would not draw attention.

Kaylee called Sin back and said she could not get a vehicle for purchase in time.  She then asked how long he’ll need the vehicle.  Sin told her he just needed it for a couple of hours.  She indicated she might be able to work with that and needed to make a few more calls.

At Noon, Kaylee called with good news and bad news.  Sin asked for the bad news first and Kaylee said the vehicle is Cherry Red and covered in easily identifiable marketing images.  The good news is that she can get it spray-painted matte black in time and she can guarantee it won’t be reported stolen any earlier than 1:00 PM on Friday.  She also recommended avoiding pulling up next to any police vehicles as the paint might not be completely dry yet.  Sin said he could accept that and they made arrangements for the vehicle to be available for him to jump into at 7:00 AM on Friday.  Sin contacted The Fin and let her know the vehicle was arranged.

Friday, November 15, 2075
4:30 AM
Void, Murdock, and Killroy arrived at the back door to the cathedral across the street from the high school a little early, but did not find Prometheus there.  They were wearing the agreed-on jumpsuits with their equipment in backpacks.  They waited a bit and at exactly 4:30, Prometheus opened the door from the inside, pushing a wheeled trash barrel.  He was dressed as custodial staff, wearing a similar jumpsuit to the others and had an ID badge that opened the door.  Prometheus emptied the trash from the barrel into the dumpster and then had the others follow him back into the cathedral.  Inside, he left the barrel by the door and led the others to a set of stairs that went all the way up to the top of one of the bell towers.  Meanwhile, Bookie hacked into the school’s computer system and quietly placed enough marks to control it.  He then jacked out to avoid gaining too much attention.

5:00 AM
Prometheus fired the grapple gun, anchoring the stealth line onto the roof of the high school across the street.  Void, Murdock, and Killroy ziplined down to the roof of the school.  There they applied the catalyst stick to the line, starting it dissolving.  They then set up a tarp as a low tent adjacent to the roof access hatch.  Murdock magically disguised the tarp as part of the roof and the three of them crawled underneath it to wait.  Bookie was online and kept them off camera.  Prometheus, after verifying the stealth line had completely dissolved, left the cathedral and moved to a different vantage point on the opposite side of the high school.

6:00 AM
O’Dea High School faculty started arriving for work.

6:45 AM
O’Dea High School students started arriving for classes.

7:00 AM
Kaylee contacted Sin and gave him the access codes and identification for the painted GMC Bulldog.  Sin jacked in and then jumped into the painted Bulldog.  After a quick systems check, he drove it to a waiting point he had selected the previous day.  Once the painted Bulldog was in position, he jumped over to his Fly-Spy drones and moved them into positions around the school for additional surveillance.  Sin’s body (along with Bookie’s) was in Sin’s personal Bulldog near the drop-off point, with The Fin keeping them safe and watching the monitors.

8:45 AM
Sin moved the painted Bulldog from the waiting point to a location one block away from the school.  The vehicle was more exposed here, but for the relatively short time it would be here, he felt it should be OK.

8:50 AM
Bookie jacked back in and entered the school’s computer system.

8:55 AM
Murdock made Void, Killroy, and himself invisible.  Void and Killroy dis-assembled the tarp-tent and packed it away, allowing Murdock to drop that spell.  Maintaining the three invisibility spells would be effort enough for this run.  At the same time, Bookie started a tape loop for the security camera covering the access hatch.  Shortly after the loop was in place someone else removed it!  Bookie spotted another person also running on silent mode.  Bookie unlocked the access hatch maglock and then went after the other decker.  Void, Murdock, and Killroy knew something was happening as they heard the maglock unlock early, but received no confirmation that the library was clear.  Bookie tussled with the other decker, hacked that person’s deck, and shut down the deck, forcing dump shock on that person.  He then checked the library cameras and gave Void, Murdock, and Killroy the all clear.

9:00 AM
Killroy opened the roof access hatch on schedule and a bell immediately rang!  Oh – it was the class bell, not an alarm.  [Just the GM being evil here – nearly gave the players heart attacks.]  Void, Murdock, and Killroy quietly entered the hatch and climbed down the access ladder.  They were now in the 4th floor library of the school.  The only other person in the library was the librarian [no, not The Librarian], so they slowly made their way over to the elevator.  They could hear the noise of students moving between classes in the stairwells

9:01 AM
After moving the empty elevator to the 4th floor and setting it to wait there for Void, Murdock, and Killroy, Bookie decided to check his Overwatch Score.  It was 31!  He rebooted his deck to clear it.

9:03 AM
Bookie got back online just as Void, Murdock, and Killroy were ready for the elevator.  Bookie opened it for them and sent it down to the third floor.  While this happened Bookie was suddenly tagged in the Matrix – the other decker had returned!  After a tense sub hunt for each other, Bookie gained control of the other decker’s deck and shut down the other deck again.  Dump-shock Mark 2!

9:04 AM
While Bookie was busy in the matrix, the (very slow) elevator finally arrived on the 3rd floor.  Two students were waiting to get in, trapping Void, Murdock, and Killroy in the elevator.  Killroy thought quickly, slid to the side, and tripped the first kid to enter the elevator.  The kid’s friend immediately broke into laughter.  While the two students argued, Void, Murdock, and Killroy slipped out of the elevator.

9:05 AM
The runners arrived at the door to Room 305 just as the teacher was pulling it closed.  Void and Killroy, operating on the same impulse, both rolled a Neuro-Stun IX grenade into the room.  Due to the noise of the students inside, no one noticed the quiet sounds of the grenades dispersing the Neuro-Stun.  Void pulled the door closed and held it closed for one minute and 15 seconds.  During this time, Void, Murdock, and Killroy heard the sounds of the students succumbing to the gas and slumping to the floor asleep.

9:06 AM
Void, Murdock, and Killroy entered Room 305.  They found that the gas had indeed dispersed and they were able to quickly find their target and bag him.  At the same time, Sin put the painted Bulldog into motion, heading to the rendezvous point at the back door.

9:08 AM
Three things happen: Sin put the painted Bulldog into position at the back door of the high school, right next to the elevator lobby; Void, Murdock, and Killroy finished bagging the target into the extraction bag and were ready to leave; and the school’s computer system suddenly went off line, dumping Bookie.

9:09 AM
School alarm system went off, signally intruders in the school.  Void, Murdock, and Killroy were in the elevator, luckily just exiting at the ground floor.

9:10 AM
Void, Murdock, and Killroy loaded the target into the back of the waiting painted Bulldog and then piled in themselves.  Killroy heard the distinctive whine of a rapidly approaching AV and told the others.  Murdock dropped the three invisibility spells and used physical mask to make the GMC Bulldog look like a SMART car.  Sin drove away along the backside of the school, which blocked line-of-sight with the AV long enough for the team to escape the area.  Prometheus observed the AV land and a HRT team exit.  They were wearing Gentry Astronetics patches on their shoulders.  Prometheus decided to leave before they spotted him.

9:30 AM
The team arrived at in Joseph Foster Memorial Park for the drop off.  Sin backed the painted Bulldog next to the waiting Swift Wind Deliveries truck in the parking lot and the exchange was made.  Killroy heard a woman’s voice inside the truck asking what was wrong with her son, but then the door to that truck was closed and it drove off.  Sin drove the team to his Bulldog, where they transferred vehicles.  Sin then drove the painted Bulldog to the agreed upon abandonment location and left it there.

10:00 AM
Payment for the job was deposited into Void’s account.  She dispersed 9000¥ to each member of the team.

End of Session

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