Thursday, July 25, 2013

Troll Treasure

I'm trying out a set of treasure generating tables developed by someone else, partially because I'm lazy, partially because I do my best when I have an idea kernel to build off of.

The set of tables uses a mixture of d6's and d% with some modifiers based on the location the treasure was found and the treasure proclivities of the encounter in question.  The first use generated:
  • 2 doses of a herb that protects versus magical poisons for 5 hours
  • coins totaling 7 gold, 7 silver, and 34 copper
  • a set of 5 crossbow bolts with unusual materials making up the fletching and head (the shaft was normal)
  • 4 gallons of ale of unknown provenance
  • a magic item: a felt cloak with the image below on it with obsidian beads (the players have not identified it yet, so no spoilers here)
(The image part was all me, based on the actual table result.  It fits in with the campaign theme and I can't wait to see what the PCs think it does.)

 I also added two pieces of jewelry (a jade armband with a star rose quartz stone set in it and a gold belly ring with 5 red stones set in it), as that was part of my treasure description during the game.  This part could have used some additional guidance, but I eventually figured out which tables to roll on.  Compared to the D&D equivalents, the gems and jewelry is pretty much small change with values below 50g the most common, but the variety of settings and stones is really cool, so I may just jack with the values to fix this.

The random coin values tend to develop the fantasy equivalent of pocket change as the designer assumed the GM would assign actual coinage commensurate with the monster.  As we are using the Hero System, this means I essentially have to make it up or use another system's treasure awards as a basis (and by another system, I mean a version of D&D, like Pathfinder).

The herbs came off a commodity listing, which I like, but the amounts here too are low.  This is becoming a running theme, so if I keep using these, I'll need to make some adjustments to values or (more likely) quantities.  I don't want the treasure hauls to be "stuff you found in the back of a couch" plus "Incredibly Expensive Magic Items".  Plus I need to see about automating the rolling so I can get a loot bundle of whatever size I want quickly.  That may take some work as my laptop is locking up due to either a DLL mis-match from a failed update or a pain-in-the-arse virus from somewhere.  NOT happy about that as I've only had the laptop a year and a half or less.

The upshot: I'm going to keep experimenting with these tables and then probably start re-writing parts of them.


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