Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Placeholder Post and a Promise

So life has been six kinds of dog-piling on me for the last two weeks.  Long story short, I was not able to get a real posting ready in time for this week and I won't be able to for the rest of the week due to in-laws in town again (and I like seeing them when they are in town), I'm running a game Saturday and I'm not 100% ready for it yet, and I need to reload Windows 7 on my primary laptop to fix whatever is causing it to lock up at random times.  Plus, Date Night with my wife and I got two free tickets to a concert during my normal "game prep time" (these are two events, not one).  Oh, and did I mention one of my water pipes sprund a leak this evening, when I was going to go writing?  It's fixed now, but I'm not really in the mindset I was planning and lost most of my writing time.


NEXT week I promise two postings.  One will be the adventure log for the Saturday Group in my Blood, Gold, and Lizards campaign.  I don't know exactly what the other one will be yet.  Depending on how far they get, I may post the adventure location as a PDF.  Or part of it, depending upon how far they get.  We'll see.


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