Monday, July 8, 2013

Dyson Logos Makes Good Maps

Dyson Logos of the blog Dyson's Dodecahedron is running a contest for an original of a map he's drawn.  The contest page is here.  I'd like to get an original of his as his maps have helped me greatly. 

My weekly gaming group broke in a new-to-D&D DM on Dyson's Delve (follow the Dysons_Delve label at the bottom of this post to find the session reports for an example of how awesome this was) and his compilation book (Dyson's Delves) is my secret weapon when I cannot come up with a good map for my campaign.  (I won't tell you how often that is as several of my players read this blog and they might get...ideas.)

Dyson's maps are well drawn with clean lines and his distinctive hatching around the edges for the dungeons he draws.  He has tons of creativity that he freely shares, so go take a look.  Place an order for Dyson's Delves.  Dig deep in his archives and share the love for his site - it is totally worth the time and effort.


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