Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blood, Gold, and Lizards: Saturday Group

Here are the Saturday Group characters for my new campaign:

Belladonna "Frongol" Leagallow – a Halfling professional adventurer and cleric of Mannan, God of the Seas. Officially at Lucan’s Clock to support the Temple of Mannan. she may also be there to see that the Temple “has access to any resources discovered.”

Jacien Ghel-Aurum – a transmuter and alchemist of the Gold Fellowship. He’s in Lustria to establish a presence for his college (read: beachhead) and locate “usable local resources”.

Quetzal – a Lizardfolk shaman-in-training sent on a quest by the murder of her teacher. She seeks a stolen artifact of her tribe and a “9-fingered human male”.

Marcus of the Shield – a priest of Shallya, Goddess of Healing and Mercy. He is one of the few male priests and was sent to Lustria mostly to get him someplace where he “wouldn’t cause any trouble”.

Zoglug – an Orc mercenary on the lookout for food, loot, and a good fight, not necessarily in that order.

This particular group of “intrepid adventurers” will be starting in Lucan’s Clock, the official colony of the Sarcosan Republic. I have no idea of what they will get up to or where they will want to explore on the mainland, but I have many (weird) things ready for them. Starting date for this group is May 18th.

I find it interesting that the Friday group turned out wizard-heavy while the Saturday group is almost cleric-heavy (a priest, a religious rep, and a shaman-in-training). There was some discussion amongst players about what they were playing, but not enough to account for this. I’m really interested in how this plays out on both sides.


  1. I find it interesting that the Saturday group is a little "short-handed" ;)

  2. Hey, make all the halfling jokes you want - she's your wife.

    1. I was actually thinking more about Quetzal and Jacien - Quetzal is missing the first knuckle on each hand (short handed) and Jacien has an artificial left arm (1 out of 2 original hands). But now that you mention it, Belladonna does have shorter hands than everyone else (or if not - that would be really weird!)