Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blood, Gold, and Lizards: Friday Group

First, a bit of business: I’m moving my targeted posting date to Wednesday. For a variety of reasons, I’m not able to get any good writing time until Tuesday night, so I need to push back my planned posting day. I know, I know – I’ve been pretty hit or miss for the last few months and never told anyone that I aimed to post Tuesday mornings previously, but there you have it.

Now on to the actual post material.

Here are the Friday Group characters for my new Western Marches-style exploring campaign:

Albrecht Artyom – shadow wizard of the Grey Guild. Albrecht is in the Colonies to be the Grey Guild’s representative and to stay out of sight of the Witch Hunters for a while.

Alset Alokin – a High Elf lightning mage, travelling in Lustria on a whim. He’s not really avoiding his rival Nagrom DeNoc. Really. Just ask him.

Felix Lutsk – a human fencer with a secret. It is merely coincidence that the notorious cat burglar The Pawn arrived in the colonies at roughly the same time as Felix. Honest.

Hugo Underwood – a Wood Elf crow shaman who has been in the Colonies for a few months – just long enough to anger the Jicarilla tribes, forcing Hugo to return to New Zwicke from the Wedge Wood.

Fritz Schmidt – a human scout, looking for a new home for the congregation he belongs to. They do not believe that Sigmar is a god, which causes…friction. And occasionally witch hunters.

This group of fools…er, I mean “intrepid adventurers” will be starting in New Zwicke, capital of the County Palatinate of New Zwicke. I have no idea of what they will get up to or where they will want to explore on the island, but I have many things ready for them. Starting date for this group is May 31st.

Now the Saturday group will start this Saturday (May 18th), but I don’t have enough of the character sheets to list them by name as this is the more experienced group of players and they were able to make their characters on their own. Not all of them have gotten me a copy of their character yet, but that will happen this week. In fact, the one character whose name I do not have for the Friday Group also made his character on his own, which is why I don’t have his sheet (or name). This is a problem with experienced players: they can make their own characters, but you have to chase after them as the GM to make sure you get a copy.
EDIT: added Fritz Schmidt's name.

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