Sunday, May 26, 2013

Archeology in My Office

Back in 1989/1990, one of the college roleplaying groups I was part of (a group later known as "The Elders") had a Fantasy Hero campaign start reaching what in D&D is the "End Game" portion of the campaign.  The players were powerful characters in and of themselves and as a group were very formidable.  War was coming and as an experiment the GM wanted to run a large scale battle using the Warhammer Fantasy Battles rules set (2nd edition).  He also wanted to have our characters present in the battle, so he created a 3x5 card listing out the WHFB stats and how to calculate them based on our Fantasy Hero stats.

Today I went looking for that.

My new campaign is using the WHFB background, with adventures set in my own version of Lustria.   much of the color dressing is being used and I'd like to use as many of the monsters as I can (mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to re-invent the wheel where I don't have to).   I have the WHFB stats for most of the appropriate monsters and needed a handy way to convert from WHFB stats to Hero characteristics.

I have a lot of my old gaming notes, at least my college ones.  My high school stuff is much more spotty, but I'm pretty certain I have the Permanent Character Record Sheet for my first AD&D character somewhere in my office (but none of the rest of them).  So I went digging through the folders and binders on the lower reaches of my shelves, looking for the folder I vaguely recalled it being in.

Turns out, it wasn't in that folder, but a binder containing notes from a campaign-in-the-round we were all running/playing in.  It's not complete (there was a second page with some tables for figuring LD, Int, Cl, WP, and CP), but it's a good start.  I also found a bunch of old stuff I haven't really thought about in a decade or two, which is why I like doing this periodically.  I even found some photocopied pages of the summary tables of The Armory, an old weapons supplement for Champions - I need that book for my character in the Monday night campaign, so that was a serendipitous find.  Eventually I'll get a scanner and scan all my old notes and photocopies and printouts into a document database of some sort, but not any time soon (or soon enough).

So, I'm using home-made gaming tech from the late 1980s to facilitate my 2013 campaign.

Just thought I'd share.

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