Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Starting Locations

Here is the color text I sent to my players for my new campaign: Blood, Gold, and Lizards

New Zwicke

Welcome to the County Palatinate of New Zwicke!  Count Arman, Colonial Governor of the Lustrian Colonies, bids you welcome.  Please mind the laws and do NOT bring any trouble back to town and things will be most agreeable for you here.  Appointments to meet with members of the government are taken Mondays and Tuesdays, actual meetings happen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, executions are scheduled for Thursdays (in Justice Square), and legal proceedings start on Fridays.
Every full moon there is a Sanctioned Auction.  Everyone may attend and bid at the auction, but only licensed sellers may submit items for the auction.  Licensed sellers include members of the Hansa League, legal representatives of all registered guilds, and members of registered adventuring companies.  Please be aware that bidding at the auction and then failing to honor your bid is a crime with penalties including the confiscation of goods and property equal to the defaulted bid, plus 20%, and the colonial government claims the item bid on.
Members of registered adventuring companies are permitted access to [the adventurer’s quarter] where several fine establishments will meet their needs.  Please see the Adventurer’s Ombudsman’s Office for details of taxes and fees due to the colonial government by registered companies.
Once again, thank you for joining the Lustrian Colonies.  Now please move along before I have the guards remove you.

Lucan's Clock

Howza, mates!  Welcome to Lucan’s Clock, official colony of the Republic of Sartosa in these parts.  Mind the Code and deal with your own problems and things’ll go well for ya.  We don’t stand on fancy laws or drinkin’ with our pinkies out like that lot on Majica.  Anything you want to do that doesn’t leave a dead body is fair game, but that won’t protect you from angry reprisals, so watch it.
Commodore Baldomero Teobaldo Espina, Captain of The Foul Wolf of the West, is in charge of The Clock.  (That’s what we call Lucan’s Clock around here.)  The Commodore will see you if he wants, but you might get a word in edge-wise if you try talking to him when he’s at a saloon.  Or you might get shot.  Could go either way.
Every new moon there is a swap meet here at the square.  It’s not as fancy or boring as that auction over in New Zwicke, but you’d be surprised what things you can find at the swap.  Very surprised.  Be ready to haggle and deal or you might just find yourself in possession of a lead bird instead of the ancient heirloom you was thought you was tradin’ for.
One other thing.  It’s a hard scrabble to make do here, so expect to pay a pretty penny for the nice stuff.  You can get the cheap stuff, but it might turn on ya as you get what you pay for.
Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a saloon nearby that has a drink with my name on it and wench or two to I aim to bed.

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