Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Update

Sorry for the radio silence, busy with a side of drama llama the last couple of weeks.  I'm starting to get back on my feet and on something approximating a steady schedule...just in time for my in-laws to visit, my 14th wedding anniversary to roll around, and then my mom to visit.  So while I'll be taking two weeks of vacation over the next five weeks, I'm still going to be busy.

On the novel front, I've got feedback from all but one couple and have set aside large chunks of this weekend to organize the feedback and start applying it.  I'll deal with the grammar issues first, because it is the smaller component.  Then I'll break things apart, pull out scenes that do not involve the focus characters, and see what's left.  Then I'll write back in the removed content, but as seen or experienced by the focus characters.  This should address two common issues - too many characters to easily keep things straight and not enough insight into why things happening are significant to the characters.  That will become Draft 3.0 and it'll go out for a reading again.  That probably won't happen until closer to the end of the year unless my schedule shifts and tons more writing time becomes available.

Why would I need tons more writing time?  Because I'm also starting up a RPG campaign in April.  This will be a West Marches-style campaign with two groups of adventurers adventuring in the same world.  I have 14-15 interested players, which is too many to run at once, so I'll run two sessions a month, each session with a different group.  There is the possibility of some overlap as there are 5 reserved seats at each session and floater seats to bring each session to 8 players maximum.  I think the totals will be smaller due to player availability, but we'll see how it plays out.

In the meantime, I'm creating and populating the play area and setting up encounter areas.  I'll provide more details as I get things nailed down.  Next week I'll post the color text I sent out to the players introducing the two potential starting areas they have to choose from.  They are quite different and have strengths and weaknesses that I believe balance them out.


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