Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chapter 7: War Comes to Speedwell - Status Update 2

OK, I cheated.  I skipped a scene that was poorly outlined (as in "only two sentences to cover a long series of complicated conversational scenes to provide updates on the Mars War") for one that was more richly outlined and one that I've been waiting to get to since I started writing.  I've written the fun stuff, but now I have to go back and do the "hard one".  

This is a result of my reorganization of Chapter 5 into two parts and adding the necessary connecting bits before and after for the stuff I missed in the outline.  It's those "connecting bits" that are now the pain to write as I have to embroider full scenes from little blurbs that are just the gist of what I needed to go there.  These are coming out as very rough scenes and I know they will get seriously revised once I get to the second draft stage, but they are necessary to grind out or the whole thing falls apart.

But that cool scene - it was totally worth it.

Word Count: 54,397 words

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