Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chapter 7: War Comes to Speedwell - Status Update 1

OK, so things are progressing again.  It has been a busy and stressful week and a half (partly due to my wife's monthly tea being a week earlier than we thought it was) and my back acted up again, but a trip to the chiropractor has that on the healing track once again.

I had to re-write some of the material I had already written as I was not happy with it enough to push on.  I think it needs more polish and maybe to be expanded a bit, but it will have to do for now.  Plus, the domes of the Mars colony are now laid out, so I can write the scenes happening there with more detail.

The war crimes in Jupiter orbit have been written.  This involved my first space battle and took two tries at to get done as well.  I think it is better now, but will also need some embroidery on the editing pass.

After that, some more updates on the war on Earth and developments on Mars.  Then a set of important scenes that I don't want to spoil ahead of time, but I'm looking forward to writing them.  After that, Chapter 7 will start wrapping up.  Chapter 8 will be the aftermath and conclusion of the book (but not the story).  I'm starting to see the end of the writing tunnel - hoody-hoo!

Word Count: 52,265 words


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