Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chapter 5: Cincinnatus - Draft Complete

This past weekend, I finally completed the draft of Chapter 5 and I am now in Chapter 6.

Current Word Count: 30,498 words

Saturday my wife had a Women's Day Out and Slumber Party, so I hung out with a friend at his place and played Space Empires 5, an old turn-based Civ-type game.  It is just the right mix of complicated and easy to play that hits a sweet spot for us.  Plus it can be networked so we can play against computer opponents.  Assuming your laptop does not have a corporate firewall blocking all attempts to network.  Like mine did.

So I went and bought a new laptop.

Now this isn't as crazy as it seems.  While I did buy a laptop to play an old computer game, I had been planning on buying one anyway with my tax refund, which had been sitting in my savings account for a couple of weeks.  This was just the spark that pushed me into buying the thing.  Also, it came in under budget, so big win there.

Once we got it back, I had to run updates, load the anti-virus software, run updates, load MS Office, load updates, load the game, and then load the patch.  Somewhere in there we took a break for dinner.  After all THAT was done, we finally got to playing at about 8:00 PM and played until 3:00 AM.  We would have kept on playing (or at least taken a nap and played all the next day), but we had a Pathfinder game we both are players in to make at 11:00 AM on Sunday.  Needless to say, we were both slightly zombified, but caffeine helped tremendously.

Monday I spent loading and copying over a bunch of stuff (mostly my music) from my old laptop to my new one and running a backup.  That took most of the day, mostly due to moving large amounts of data through a USB port.  Plus, the cable TV went out and we had to wait for the repair guy to do his thing.  He got to the house at 3:00 PM and was there until 8:00 PM, replaced everything (even running a new cable) and still no TV.  Data was running fine, just no TV.  We said goodbye and expected to see him again later in the week.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and my wife and I spent the day on adventures across the city.  We had a really good time and greatly enjoyed the day out.  When we got home, the cable TV was running again.  Don't know how or why, but I'm not asking either.

That's it for now.  Later!


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