Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter 5: Cincinnatus - Update 2

So, as predicted, a funeral and following events cut into my writing time.  Additionally, I did research on army platoon organization (thank you, Scott S. and Mike K.) and then name 36 or the 40 people in the platoon.  I also did crash research into how modern armies are organized and how units are named.  This was not easy and so I winged part of it.  I'll run that past the aforementioned friends with actual service experience later, once I've finished the first draft.

Word count is now 24,199 words.

That said, now that my latest mini-research phase is over, I can buckle down on my writing.

Um, once the in-laws are done visiting over the next 5 days.

Random observation: Writing on laptops at coffee shops is easier on square tables rather than round ones.  Round ones limit mouse space due to the curved edge.

That's it for now.  More in a week or so.  I want to keep a steady posting schedule here as that prods me to write more and slack-off less.


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