Monday, November 28, 2011


So the weekend before Thanksgiving I had a relapse of my cold and was miserable the whole weekend and Monday back at work (which was not the best idea, but I had already turned in my time for the week and felt obliged to meet that commitment).  Then we had tons of folks over for Thanksgiving and I had to help in preparations/keep my wife close to sane Wednesday through Thursday.  I was not terribly successful, but folks had a good time and were glad they came.

Friday was supposed to be low-key, but guests had to leave due to them falling ill or folks deciding to sleep in (plus some confusion in my wife's invites), so we ended up in our jammies watching DVR'd recordings of several seasons of Ladies of Ninja Warrior.

Saturday I slept in, still shaking off the vestiges of my cold while my wife was out with a friend, seeing a movie I had no interest in (the one with the vampire/werewolf/drama queen love triangle).  I slept most of the day and watched a few things on the DVR I'd been meaning to watch for months.

Sunday was chores around the house and grocery shopping for the week.

You may notice that no where in there did I mention writing.  There's a reason for that.

Now, however, I'm over my cold and the yearly chaos-fest of Thanksgiving has passed, so I can get back to my writing.  Expect Aldelle group updates and a batch of Traveller updates so I can close out my notes on that campaign.  I'll finish that up with some thoughts on what I did wrong (too much material for too little time) and where I plan on going when I resume running it (that part is secret for now).

That's it for today.  I will post several times this week to make up for the silence of last week.  Hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

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