Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gassing Up the Ol' Starship

Life has conspired to prevent the posting of the most recent Aldelle Group adventure log by preventing me from writing it (or anything else).  I will get it written tonight and posted tomorrow at the regular time.

In the meantime, some thoughts I've had on the Hero Traveller game:

Pre-Crash, exch system had a fuel depot for ships moving through as not all ships were large enough to carry enough fuel for more than one jump, especially the smaller Jump-1 capable ships.  Post-Crash, the automated depots and stations will have suffered infection by The Virus and either detonated or vented fuel in a way to cause havok.  So, Post-Crash explorers will need to have a way to refuel and/or carry large amounts of fuel, enough to jump there and back in case "there" does not have fuel or a gas giant or they have no scoop.

As a result of this, my handout map at the beginning of the campaign will need to indicate starports and gas giants.  Additionally, the path of exploration by the PCs will need to be cautious.  Systems without gas giants may need to be skipped in favor of systems where they are guaranteed to be able to get fuel for a return trip or even just to leave the system again.  Suddenly that large slow ship that can carry a ton of cargo doesn't look as inviting, especially if it cannot carry enough fuel to make two jumps without re-fueling.  The cigarette boat might be more tempting, not because it has a Jump-3 capable engine, but because it can carry enough fuel for three Jump-1s (assuming I my memory is accurate in that Jump engins are rated up to a max and not a fixed rating).

These are things the PCs will need to consider when making their initial ship selection.  And things I as the GM need to consider when designing the immediate play environment.

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  1. As Maresfield was a spot where high-end luxury ships were made/retrofitted I see the selection of ships available along the following lines:

    1) Yachts - small, fast, gorgeous and completely impractical. These were the playthings of nobles, their guests and entourage's. So what if it only has 5 tons of cargo space, the Glaako Wood paneling and the Skink Leather upholstery more than make up for it...

    2) Luxury Liners - networking with other wealthy passengers and nobles beside the pool or at the piano bar, these liners are designed to showcase the stars in decadent luxury. Slowly.

    3) Safari Ships - taking wealthy patrons to remote, exotic locations so that they can kill the local fauna - the trophy rooms an wet bar are not to be missed!

    4) Concept Ships - rolling out the latest model year ship with all the options, this ship has it all! 12.1 Surround Sound, retractable Transparent StarRoof, the latest Power Couplings from Gardenstaasen, Gmbh. and optional iridium plating on the landing pylons. Nevermind that it's "Organic styling" makes it look like ruptured armadillo...

    5) Racing ships - a manufacturers rally racing ship. She is sleek, she is FAST, she is a "Hanger Queen". No frills here, just the absolute basics for her considerable crew. Every piece of machinery is precision aligned and calibrated - hourly - to keep her in peak operational form. The sponsor logos make her a beauty to behold!