Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The End of Verden - Soon!

So my Wednesday night game is running into an issue - the DM just got a job out of state.  Like, Ohio, so commuting is NOT an option.  We have tonight's session and then next week's and then the campaign closes. 

This is a shame on two levels: 1) I get to play, as opposed to DM like I do in two other games, and 2) it's a darn fine campaign that has been an excellent foil for my Southern Reaches campaign.  He does things differently and we are able to compare our games and learn from each other.  I'll miss both of these things.

Now I'm part of a group with four players and no DM.  I'd rather not start yet another campaign just now.  Two of the other players are new to RPGs, this being their first game and gaming group.  The fourth is newer than me, but might step up (and he's possibly reading this, so consider it a hint).  Other options are to track down a DM looking for players or switch to boardgaming.

To track down another DM, I'll need to skip a Wednesday game and see if I can find some guys I gamed with once during the first season of D&D Encounters.  They were not the group I started with, but, due to a switch in location and a car that was cranky, I played with these folks for an evening and had good fun.  I deeply regret not getting any of their contact information that night.  I don't want to post a general call as there are some folks I have no strong desire to sit at a table with again.  The other issue with a new DM is a possible change in game system.  For me this is a small issue as I'm willing to play several systems, but it might be a bit more frustrating for the newest players who are just getting up to speed on Pathfinder.

Switching to boardgames could be cool as well, as they are another passion of mine.  I think I'd rather play in a RPG, but if we end up playing boardgames, I'm good with that too.  Possibly even so Arkham Horror...  :)

All that said, I have notes for one Verden adventure log (cleaning out a hidden library) and will have notes for two more sessions (likely the assault of Fort Goblinton) and then Verden will be over.  I'll have last week's session written up, uh, "soon".  Traps pay out good experience points, especially the nail-biters.


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