Monday, September 20, 2010

Update and Fore-warning

Due to a dearth of players last week (trips and family obligations, which always trump gaming), there was no Southern Reaches game last week. Additionally, I was ill, so I missed the Verden game as well. :(

I still have notes from a previous Verden game to turn into an adventure log, which I will post this Wednesday. Going forward, I will be returning to posting only twice a week here as my baseline, with occasional third postings as I have material or, more to the point, available time to write. I'm developing more material for the Southern Reaches to start addressing some of the weaknesses of the setting, most notably a lack of NPC for the players to socially interact with. Additionally, I'm writing new material for my other game Naze Valley Rangers, which is a more traditional "adventure"-based game (rather than player-driven exploration). Finally, I have a half-written story I'm writing that I very much want to get back to as I have friends who are getting aggravated that I haven't written more since November. Plus, I want to see how it comes out at the end. :) All of that adds up to possibly more writing than I can carve out time for (after battling my nemesis, procrastination), so I need to cut back a bit here.

Plus my LiveJournal account hasn't been updated in ages...


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