Thursday, August 5, 2010

Verden: Possible New Feature

So my Wednesday night game (and by this I mean the one game where I'm a player and not a DM) seems to have stabilized into a West Marches-style exploration game using Pathfinder. This started out as a 4E D&D Encounters game, switched to Keep on the Shadowlands, switched to a home-brew setting, lost the DM (which is OK), attempted to switch to a different home-brew setting using Pathfinder, and finally switched to yet another home-brew setting, which is what we have played in the last two sessions.

Being a note-taking kind of guy, I'm sort of the campaign chronicler. I say "sort of" because unless your notes are available to others, they're just notes. I gave some thought to starting a different blog to post adventure logs on, but decided that I'd only have one posting a week, which is pretty light to create an entire blog around. Then I thought about the fact that I only post here Monday and Wednesday, which leaves a bit of a gap in the postings.

Now I originally left the gap so I'd have time to create material for my Friday night Southern Reaches game plus my monthly Champions game (The Bold and The Determined) and monthly Pathfinder game (Naze Valley Rangers). Writing an adventure log, however, takes much less time and effort as the action has already happened, I just need to write it all down. So I'm thinking about making Friday the day when I post adventure logs for this other game. If I do this, I'll likely preface the titles with "Verden", the name of the campaign (see the title of this post for an example).

So what's the point? As it turns out, an exploration game is not just an exploration game. In my Southern Reaches game, the PCs are exploring a (mostly) untouched wilderness and return to an actual town. I Verden, we voluntarily went through the gate of a Skull Island-style wall (Peter Jackson version stone walls of a lost civilization) which will not open again for three months. On this side is the debris of an ancient, cataclysmic war (the Necromancer War - fairly descriptive), a single inn, and the union house for an adventuring organization (which might or might not have more than one member at this time). And when I say "debris field" I mean "hills of broken siege machines and skeletal remains that go out over 40 miles from The Wall and along the length of the wall, several hundred miles (yes, it is a big wall).

So it's different, yes?

I think next week will likely be the first installment of the Verden adventure log. That will give me three sessions of notes and time to build up a tiny buffer.

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