Saturday, July 10, 2010

Missed Posting

On Tuesday my wife was in a car accident. She's OK and the car is (mostly) drivable, but dealing with the situation consumed all of my free time and distracted me from all my writing.

So, as a result, I missed making a second posting for the week.

We've got everything straightened out with the insurance companies and my wife is getting therapy for her torn muscles, so I should be catching with my writing.

Anyways, new adventure log on Monday.



  1. sorry to hear that--hope she feels better as soon as can be expected and the insurance people don't screw you

  2. Thank you. She is getting better, but it takes time for muscles to heal and it is frustrating for her needing help to do things.

    As to the insurance companies - so far so good.

  3. Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear this and I'm sorry to be finding out about it so late.

    My sympathies to your wife, and I hope she recovers quickly and fully!

  4. Thank you and I'll pass on your wishes to my wife. And someone who nearly cut off her thumb does not need to apologize for being late. ;)

    While she is still suffering pain when she pushes herself too far, her range of motion is much improved and she can now bend over enough to strap on her sandals. Her chiropractor is great at physical therapy and keeping her back straight so the muscles will heal properly.