Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because Zak Said So

[UPDATE: It's now June 2019.  I know there are issues here.  I'm leaving this post up for archival purposes.]

I've recently started a 4E D&D game and have been thinking about using Blogger, so I've also been thinking of using Blogger for posting adventure logs and information related to the campaign, but hadn't committed to the idea yet.

At the first session, I only had two of the players, so we did some background work and I started explaining the campaign world to them (I'll post about it later). One of the players created a bugbear defender, the other a tiefling rogue. Interesting mix and we talked about it some, working out how dwarves and bugbears fight each other like Scottish highlander clans, occasionally adopting each others orphans. The tiefling is a bit more vanilla, but we'll work on it as the game plays.

So I haven't named the campaign yet and was thinking about "Adventures in the Found World," which makes more sense when you know the background, but is still kind of "enh". Then I was reading Zak at Playing D&D with Porn Stars talk about Monsters Starting with G and, in relation to gnolls eating bugbears for breakfast, "Why isn't there a website called Bugbears for Breakfast?"

And suddenly, I had the name of the campaign.

Not exactly what he was talking about, but an awesome name I could not pass up. Plus, I agree with him totally about gnolls - they rock.

P.S. - This is just the basic site. I'll spruce it up over the next week or so - it'll be Sunday before I have time due to running two different games this weekend (one 4E, the other Pathfinder). Check back in a week and grouse at me if I'm sluggish about it. Thanks!

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