Monday, August 17, 2015

Shadowrun Skip Week

There's no session report this week as there was no game last week.  We took a week off to watch BIG HERO 6 and RED.  We watched Big Hero 6 as one of the players missed it the last time we showed it for those who missed it in the theater.  It is a very enjoyable movie and good superhero idea fodder, especially the city of San Fransokyo.

We watched Red as it is very relevant for Shadowrun inspiration and most of the group had not seen it.  I consider it part of my Gamer Geek Educational Series of movie showings.  I host one or two a year, taking a whole Saturday to show movies based on a theme and all relevant source material to gamer culture (and here I mean pen-and-paper RPG games).

Later this week I'll be posting a recap of the latest session of Pulp Hero game I'm in.  I used to post session reports for it on a couple different forums (Paizo and Fear the Boot) and then the GM didn't run for three years for valid reasons.  She resumed the game early this year, but I'm just now getting back into writing up session reports as in-character journal entries.  You can read an early one here: The Kilimanjaro Safari.  That adventure is relevant to the current one, Parks and Wrecks, and will explain the older characters' motivations.  [I'll make that a link once I have the blog posting up.]  Also, I usually make the names for the adventures as the GM doesn't always tell us what they are as they have clues in them, so if the adventure name seems corny - that's probably me, not her.

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