Monday, June 24, 2013

In-Game Rulings - List 1

This is something I'll post periodically as I have things to post.  It will consist of mostly a dump of in-game rulings I've made and will serve as a record for future use (and to make certain both groups are operating under the same rulings).

Spell Limitations:
The following spell limitations are now available:
LIM: Requires 10 pts in ______ college (-1/4)
LIM: Requires 20 pts in ______ college (-1/2)
LIM: Requires 40 pts in ______ college (-1)

This provides a structure to spells in a spell college and a rough path of progression for wizards in that college.  There should be a handful of spells in a college that do not have one of these limitations, enough that an apprentice can eventually gain 10 points of spells.  The next tier of spells require 10 points spent in the college and there should be enough that the journeyman wizard can buy at least 20 points in spells, gaining access to the next tier.  This repeats for two more tiers with only accomplished wizards with a wide range of magic being able to access the most difficult magics (those requiring 40 points be spent on spells in the college).

Magic Item Costs:
Healing Potions
Healing potions may be purchased from a Temple of Shallya for 50g.  This provides 8d6 Healing that may be taken either all at once or in sips as small as 1d6.  The potion comes in a ceramic vial with thick walls and sealed with a solid cork.  It will survive normal wear and tear, but a big fall may break it open, spilling the contents.  The cost on this item may be too low, but it is where I'm setting it for now.

Equipment Cost Modifiers:
New Zwicke
All glassware costs 3x normal due to lack of production facilities.
Certain items needing fine detail work in their manufacture are also 3x cost.

Lucan's Clock
All foodstuff is 2x cost.


  1. Do the Base Points in an EC or Multi count towards the points in College?

  2. Multipower: yes
    Elemental Control: probably - I need to review those rules, but the answer is likely "yes"

  3. 50g or 50s on the healing pot?

  4. Currently 50g on the healing pot, but be ready for a price correction to something closer to 500g.

    I am currently mulling over a point cost to money cost multiplier of 500s x Active Cost instead of the recommended 1000s x Active Cost. I think it is a more reasonable multiplier without making magic items as common as dirt.