Thursday, May 17, 2018

Session Report – Code Name: Parrot T-Rex – Session 9 - Delayed 1 Week

2ND UPDATE:  Now live:

UPDATE: Starting my new contract work has eaten up even more time than anticipated.  I'm working longer hours and that combined with travel times to the site and the need to get up very early means I have less time in the evenings to take care of errands and keep looking for a permanent job.  I need to delay this entry until Thursday, May 24th.  I'm working to keep up the schedule for the Barrowmaze session notes.  This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, a 3-day holiday in the US, and I will have time to catch up better.  I want to get ahead of schedule on the Shadowrun sessions so I don't have to skip a week again and this weekend will help.  Plus, I've finished rebuilding my business wardrobe, so I won't have to dedicate any more blocks of time for that.

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that I’ve finally starting a contract tech writing job today (May 16), relieving one source of stress from my life (no work).  There are also other, full-time employment opportunities (as opposed to contract work) appearing on the horizon, that will relieve a different source of stress once a job offer is made (having to scramble for work).  This is awesome and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities appearing before me.

The bad news is that these have taken up a huge amount of my time this week and, as a result, the write-up of Session 9 of Code Name: Parrot T-Rex is not yet finished.  Therefore, it will be delayed one day and go live on Friday (May 18).  I apologize for the delay, but paying bills has priority over hobby writing (until I can work out how to get this to pay).

See you tomorrow!

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