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Session Report – Butcher’s Bill – Session 2

[This session happened February 27th, 2017.  The Other GM was running.]

Void – female night elf physical adept B&E specialist, a shadow that blends in easily
Sin – male human rigger, knows exactly the wrong thing to say and says it
Prometheus – male human street samurai, handy with any firearm
The Fin – female human con artist and gambler from India, by way of Russia, posh and elegant

Baelthor – male human mage with a loud mouth, preaching the anti-corporate word

Monday, June 15, 2076
10 minutes later
Sin, using one of his Fly-Spies, tracked Dawg, the ork leader of the Disassembler attack on the Russian Teahouse.  [Dawg either specifically mentioned the Disassemblers or was identified by his colors – as stated previously, I wasn’t there so I’m not certain which happened.]  Dawg and his two cohorts split up quickly after they left the Teahouse, so Sin tasked two of his other drones to automatically follow the cohorts while he concentrated on following Dawg.

Dawg walked four blocks north, crossing into Snohomish, and entered a butcher’s shop [name: Bill the Butcher].  Sin had the Fly-Spy follow Dawg into the butcher’s shop, but it was noticed by Dawg, who commented on it to the proprietor.  Dawg stepped behind the counter and walked into the back room.  Sin decided not to push his luck [or endanger the Fly-Spy] and flew the Fly-Spy up a ceiling vent and around the back of the building.  Dawg never exited the building.  Sin drove his GMC Bulldog to a point nearby where he could watch the alley while keeping the Fly-Spy in place in case Dawg appeared before the delivery truck arrived.

Meanwhile, back at the Teahouse, Void and Prometheus arrived, answering The Fin’s summons.  Prometheus took up his favorite sniper position to observe the Teahouse and then called in.  Void went directly inside to speak with The Fin.  The Fin updated the two of them on the situation.  Svetlana offered to hire the Pleiades Group to express the Vory’s anger at the Disassemblers for this attack.  Svetlana will pay 160,000¥ for an attack on Dawg and his pack with a 40,000¥ bonus “if it has style.”  After a VERY quick poll of the members, The Fin accepted the job on behalf of the Pleiades group.

Sin reported in and told the group where Dawg had gone to ground.  Prometheus and Void headed there.  Prometheus took up a sniper position, watching the front and left side of the building, where there were stairs to the second floor while Sin’s GMC Bulldog watched the back alley.  Void picked the lock on the back door and went in to look for Dawg.

The back of the butcher’s shop was empty of people and had no other exits.  After looking around and finding nothing out of the ordinary, Void exited the butcher’s shop and went up the stairs to the second floor.  There she found The Big Heart Clinic, a street clinic.  She snooped around a bit, avoiding the staff and the clinic’s security by climbing through crawlspace above the clinic’s dropped ceiling.  [Physical Adept with four ranks of Light Body.]  None of the people in the clinic were Dawg.

A bit frustrated at this point, she re-entered the butcher’s shop and searched again, this time looking inside the walk-in freezer as well.  Inside the freezer she found a very well concealed trapdoor in the floor.  It took her a bit to work out how to open it without tripping any security.  Underneath was a ladder down to an underground room.  The room was large, had parking spots for four motorcycles, and a tunnel large enough to ride a motorcycle in heading east.  There are three motorcycles parked here and signs a fourth recently left.

Void explained to Sin and Prometheus what she had found and then hopped onto one of the motorcycles.  It was electric [no exhaust] and there was a convenient helmet nearby, which she put on.  She then drove the motorcycle into the tunnel to see where it went.

Sin received signals from the two drones he tasked to follow Dawg's cohorts, indicating the targets had stopped moving.  Jumping over to those drones, he found one of the gangers was in the Double-Tap Saloon, drinking, while the other was in a small apartment complex, hanging out.

End of Session

[There was some discussion between The Fin and Svetlana about the situation and what the Vory wanted, but my notes are tragically silent on the details.  My notes also indicate that The Fin wanted to contact one of our mages to set an earth elemental after Dawg to locate him, but that appears to have been lost in the shuffle, so I dropped it from my summation.]

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