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Combat Cheat Sheet - Physical Combat Sequence

[Due to a trade conference this week and the game not making last week due to all sorts of things, this week is only this cheat sheet.  We did play Session 2 of "A Dwarf in Need" this week, so there will be a proper write-up next week and a cheat sheet on vehicle chases.]

This expands on the terse description of determining the combat sequence in the Shadowrun 5th Edition rulebook.  Where they went for compactness, this version goes for clarity.

Physical Combat Sequence
Shadowrun, 5th Ed.

Process (p. 173)
1. Declare
        a. Attacker declares attack (Step 3.A on the Initiative Sequence)
        b. Defender declares type of Defense:
                • Standard Defense Test (Reaction + Intuition)
                 Block: Melee only, -5 Initiative, add Unarmed Combat dice to this Defense
                 Parry: Melee only, -5 Initiative, add melee weapon skill dice to this Defense
                 Dodge: -5 Initiative, add Gymnastics dice to this Defense Test
                 Full Defense: -10 Initiative, add Willpower to all Defense Tests for entire
                        Combat Turn
2. Attack
        a. Attacker rolls their Combat Skill + Attribute ± modifiers [Limit]
        b. Apply Wound (p169), Environmental (p175), Recoil (p175), and Situational (p176)
3. Defend
        a. Roll Defense Test (based on declared defense in Step 1.b) and apply Wound,
                Environmental, and Situational modifiers.  Compare to the Attack Roll:
                 Attacker > Defender: Attacker hits
                 Attacker = Defender: Grazing Hit – no damage, but contact was made. Touch
                        attacks happen.
                 Attacker < Defender: Attacker missed
        b. If Attacker hit:
                i. Add the Attacker’s net hits to the weapon’s damage
                ii. Apply the attacks AP (if any) to the Defender’s armor for a modified armor
                        value (AV)
                iii. Compare the modified damage to the modified AV:
                         If Damage ≥ Armor: Physical damage is done
                         If Damage < Armor: Stun damage is done
                iv. If the modified AV > 0, the Defender rolls Body + modified AV to soak damage
                v. If the modified AV ≤ 0, the Defender only rolls Body to soak damage
                vi. Each Hit rolled by the Defender reduces the damage taken by 1.  If the damage
                        is reduced to 0, the attack bounced.
4. Apply Effect
        a. For each point of damage that made it through, fill one box on the Defenders
                Condition Monitor.
                 Wound modifiers for each filled row on the Condition Monitor now take effect.
                 If damage taken from a single attack > Physical limit, the target is knocked
                 Knockdown is automatic if the target takes ≥ 10 boxes of damage.

Shooting at a Running character has a -2 die penalty
Shooting at a Sprinting target has a -4 die penalty
Combat Actions table: p163
Matrix Actions table: p214
Magic Actions table: p276

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