Monday, July 21, 2014

Update Update?

OK. So that didn't quite work out how I thought it would.  The game I was going to provide updates for actually happened and we completed the first story arc.  I even took notes, but afterwards, it wasn't clicking for me as a writing exercise.  Don't know why, but it wasn't.

So I tried something else.  About four years ago, I had a story idea and wrote for a couple of hours for a couple of days to get the basic part down.  This got me most of the way through Chapter 1.  Then I wasn't certain where to go next, so I set it aside.  I've returned to that story idea several times over the last couple of years, even when working on The Speedwell War, but nothing clicked.

Fast-forward to this year.  I needed to get back into the groove writing-wise and chronicling the steampunk-ish campaign wasn't doing it.  So I turned back to the story idea, and suddenly I knew where it was going next.  So I resumed writing on it.  

After I got most of the way through Chapter 2, I decided I wanted some feedback on it, so I read it out loud to my wife while we (she) were working on dinner one night.  When I finished reading what I had, my wife asked what happened next (because it stopped mid-scene).  I told her I hadn't written that part yet and she suggested I do so.  Soonest.  Like, now.

With that encouragement, I got writing on the story.  I wrote a couple hours here and there as I had the time over the last 2 months.  Now I've got Chapter 4 half written and most of Chapter 5 done (I had an idea for Chapter 5 while working on Chapter 3 and wrote out the idea while it was fresh in my head) and I want to get some wider feedback.

As you read it, it will become apparent that I'm using some game stuff to provide character capabilities.  Any recommendations about distancing that would be appreciated as I'd kind of like to sell this short story on Amazon and Smashwords and not run into any IP challenges.

Also, being a writer, I love to hear what you thought were the strong points and the weak points of the story.  (Writers crave feedback.  CRAVE I tell you.)

The story will post Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting tomorrow.  There will be a total of five chapters, so two and a half weeks of posts, which will be enough time for me to finish the last chapters before I need to post them.


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