Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Flu: I Don't Recommend It

I was ill most of last week, starting Tuesday evening and recovering, well, mostly Sunday, but I've still got after effects, notably a gravelly voice and occasional cough.  During this time I read  four books (including The New Death and others, a compilation of short stories I liked and recommend), which I had time to do as coughing and sinus drainage made sure sleeping in was not really an option.

What I did not have time nor the inclination to do was write a lot.  So, no ready-written posting today, or at least not this morning.  I have three sessions worth of notes for the Aldelle Group that I need to type up and post.  This will happen this week, so look forward to that, starting tomorrow.

That's it for now.


  1. I had the flu over Christmas 2010; alas, I didn't have The New Death to read, which would have made it much more bearable.

    Never mind; I'm told the laydeez like a gravelly voice!

  2. The New Death was a good read. I also read "Somebody Owes Me Money" by Donald Westlake, "Hunt: Through the Cradle of Fear" (second in a modern pulp adventure book series), and "The Falling Machine" (Book 1 of The Society of Steam) by Andrew Mayer.