Thursday, April 22, 2010

Locations in the Southern Reaches

Doubly late, but out none-the-less.

This is the first listing of locations in my Southern Reaches campaign. This listing will be a bit sparse in location description for areas the players have yet to visit. As PCs go to places on the map, I'll flesh out the descriptions here as well as on the Obsidian Portal site.

Friday will be the first running of a new group of characters, if not all new players (Jericho's player will be introducing a new character). As a result, they will not know about the dungeons under Drop-Off Tower. I believe they will be exploring the Ruins...

The Iron Hills
Rusty-red from the iron in them, some of the largest deposits of iron were found in these hills and not much else. As a result, while money can be made here, it's not as lucrative as one might expect. The Iron Duke has title to the hills and the mines and makes a modest profit from the ore. Almost everyone living in the vicinity works at one of the several iron mines currently active in the hills. Iron from the mines is roughly smelted into 100 lb ingots for shipment across the sea and further purification.

The Iron Keep
Home to the Iron Duke and everyone working the iron mines. The Iron Keep is very much a Company Store, with a 40% markup in the cost of all goods. Twice a month ships sail from the port with semi-smelted iron pigs as the cargo. Ships carrying goods manufactured across the sea arrive during the off weeks and are reloaded with the iron pigs.

There is one inn in the keep that servers only adventurers: Spider’s Bar, owned and run by an elf named Spider. One of the tables in the common room has a rough map of the area carved into it. This map is periodically updated by returning adventurers.

A moderately sized forest to the east the Iron Keep. There are several dangerous animals in the forest and several kinds of giant insects. Giant ants, stag beetles, and scorpions have all been reported, along with assassin vines. Drop-Off Tower is located inside Edgewood at the head of the Old Road. Other things might hide or lurk in the woods.

Drop-Off Tower
Labeled "Drop-Off Tower (Treasure)" on the table-map in Spider's Bar, this somewhat ruined tower is the only landmark labeled in the Edgewood. It is known that the upper three and a half floors have been investigated and cleared recently. There is a new notation on the table-map indicating the tower "needs to be dug out".

The Ruins
On the table-map, out on the plains, in a small grouping of hills about a day and a half southwest of the Iron Keep, is the notation "Ruins".

The Cave
On the table-map, out on the plains, in a small grouping of hills two days south-southeast of the Iron Keep, is the map symbol indicating a cave.

Old Stones
On the table-map, out on the plains, about two days southwest of the Iron Keep, is a drawing of some standing stones, labeled "Old Stones".

3 peaks
On the table-map, in the hills south of the Edgewood, about two days east-southeast of the Iron Keep, are drawn three mountains, nearly on top of each other, labeled "3 Peaks".

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